Grand jury indicts pair of alleged heroin dealers

Man and woman in their early 20s face felony charges.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 12, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has indicted a pair of local residents who were arrested by Huron County sheriff's deputies on drug-related charges in August at the intersection of Pleasant and Main streets, not far from Pleasant Elementary School.

Dylan T. K. Mundy, 23, of 1700 DeRussey Road, Collins, was indicted recently on two counts of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on July 30, 2012 and July 31 of this year. The indictment comes with specification that the defendant reportedly used a 1996 Honda Accord to commit the offenses.

Elizabeth B. Long, 21, of 7 Minard Place, was indicted on two counts of trafficking in heroin, both in connection with a July 30 incident.

Mundy and Long were stopped in a vehicle on Pleasant Street just off Main Street by a host of sheriff's cruisers.

Both Mundy and Long were subsequently charged with trafficking in heroin.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the pair being arrested, click HERE.)

"We had received information that the two were traveling to Norwalk to sell heroin," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"There were six suspected heroin balloons (three doubles) recovered at the scene, along with $120 in cash," he added.

Querin said, based on intelligence, more heroin was likely at the Ohio 113 location.

"So we proceeded to 6005 Ohio 113, assisted by Erie County and seized 28 more balloons of heroin," he said. "That has a street value of $1,000.

"Also seized were numerous Xanax pills, multiple syringes, marijuana, and various other drug paraphernalia devices," Querin said.

Their vehicle was taken to the sheriff's office.

"We're going to file for a search warrant on the vehicle so we can do a more thorough search," Querin said. "We'll also file for forfeiture of the vehicle."

Querin said Long has been an alleged heroin trafficker for quite some time.

"I feel we have several strong cases on her," he added.

Sheriff Dane Howard said the detectives worked hard on this case. "We will continue to step up the pressure," the sheriff said about bringing drug traffickers to justice.



I don't know about Dylan but Ellie is still selling dope and hanging out with a man who recently was released from prison. I know Dylan has told before, makes me wonder who they will wire up on next


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Scranton Tibbs

Another subject of the Huron county "Catch & Release" or "Snitch & Release" programs. By the time Russ Leffler and dealerss rights activist Longo the public defender get done with this, these people will be back to dealing in no time at all. The system has failed.


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