Sheriff's office continues to sweep southern Huron County for drugs

Pair nabbed on heroin-related charges.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 12, 2013


Huron County sheriff's deputies continue to sweep the southern portion of the county for drugs.

Two more individuals were recently arrested on drug-related charges during these increased patrols.

Sheriff Dane Howard, retired chief deputy Dave Battles, Detective Josh Kaufman and Detective Sgt. Josh Querin were on duty in New Haven on Nov. 7 when Kaufman and Querin stopped a vehicle on Ohio 61 near Plymouth when the driver failed to signal.

"We found the occupants of the vehicle in possession of numerous syringes and two digital scales," Querin said.

Arrested were Jonathon L. Stover, 29, of 2720 Prairie St., New Haven, and Zachary Puckett, 20, of 5905 Townline Road 12, Willard, on charges of possession of drug-abuse instruments and possession of criminal tools.

"About $375 was seized in the vehicle," Querin said. "Stover admitted they were headed to Mansfield to purchase heroin.

"Stover is well known to the detective bureau and we've received quite a few complaints regarding his involvement with abuse and trafficking heroin," he said.

Deputies weren't quite finished with Stover and headed to his New Haven home.

"We searched the residence at 2720 Prairie St. in New Haven and seized heroin, 40 more syringes and all kinds of drug paraphernalia," Querin said.

Stover faces an additional charge of possession of heroin after the search.

"Children's Services was also contacted and responded to the scene because there were four children at the residence, ranging in age from 4 to 14," Querin said.

The children's mother was also there, but was not arrested.

"The children were living in pretty undesirable conditions," Querin said.

Querin said Stover initially resisted arrest.

"He was taken to the ground by Sgt. Steve Shupp," he added. "He began to pull away from the officer and stated he wasn't going to jail."

A resisting arrest charge will be forwarded to the Norwalk law director for consideration.

"That was good police work that night," the sheriff added.

Howard said the extra patrols are made possible by a state High Visibility Grant.

"We're going to keep up the pressure," he added.

Howard said he gives deputies simple instructions.

"Find the bad guy and arrest him."


Dr. Information

Trash breeding trash. Sterilize these losers.


There is a valid point here. Sound harsh? Simple facts. Some people do not deserve the right to bring children into the world. Our culture touts love and sensitivity and caring for our fellowman BUT some people choose to victimize the rest of society. There should be harsh penalties not just coddling the predators. A drug addict is the lowest of the low yet they have our society supporting them.


Chubs is on it! Go Chubs!


What I really find intriguing is that the 110 comments on Stephanie snitch Broz Cleveland's article are no longer visible and can no longer be seen! Why is that NR was someone getting their panties in a bunch?! If her comments were removed why not everyone else's???? Still waiting on an answer to the email I sent in regards to this!




Nov 7 issue ran story but no comments left on-line. Granted many get carried away with comments but we do have free speech locally. I thought we did anyway. What do the censors have to say? Public shaming is a good deterrent for drug abuse. Ask the experts. No one wants to be a pariah of the village so why were comments deleted?


100% in agreement.


Absolutely right! Public shaming used to work. Had people striving to do better. Even look at the simple food stamp program. When it was monopoly money people shopped at nite and bought sensible. Now in the day an age of everyone swiping, one's own bank or government bank acct. NO ONE KNOWS.. shame gone..enrollment skyrocketed..


I think they removed the comments on those that jumped off the railings at the jail also.


If you dont think the Norwalk reflector is in bed with the county then I feel sorry for you
Digg deep find truth

believe it

Keep up the work!


Our community needs to come together and pray, pray, pray to end the heroin abuse because it effects everyone. I hate seeing everyone life being ruined from this terrible drug and if you ever had anyone close to you with a heroin problem you would not know what to do wondering if they will be alive tomorrow or dead form a heroin overdose and with needle tracks up their arms. I had a high school teacher tell me its in the schools, kids with needle tracks on their arms. So community stop being in denial thinking it won't happen to your kids! Putting them in counseling and jail is not working. Everyday there is a new face in the paper being arrested for heroin abuse.


put them in jail for a long enough peroid of time.


Not in denial here for sure! I have had to deal with such situations, referring to drugs and do pray for those who can't or won't get away from the crap! It is sad that our community is in such a sad state but that doesn't mean that certain actions should be justified by this. They still choose to do what they do! Yes it is a disease but it is still a choice in which they are aware of the problem at hand and they choose not to do anything to resolve it. There is help out there that wldnt cost them but instead of choosing to get straight they choose to get high instead.


Yeah.. let's all PRAY because god will fix it... duh. Just about as dumb as putting everybody on drugs in jail. Yeah because when they come out they will never do it again. And all our tax money is wasted. Just leave them be. If all they are doing is hurting themselves leave it alone.. if they rob somebody then yes, that's different. I don't want my taxes wasted on somebody that is killing themselves.

Scranton Tibbs

Another subject of the Huron county "Catch & Release" or "Snitch & Release" programs. By the time Russ Leffler and dealers rights activist Longo the public defender get done with this, these people will be back to dealing in no time at all. The system has failed.


What would be funny is if the NR went to the face book format. I bet most of you would not even show your face on the things half you say. Unless you make up a fake facebook page up. However, the NR would lose alot of followers. Can't stand the Mansfield News Journal now, the facebook format and the 7 day free trial crap that comes up. STUPID.


Everyone on here thinks this is some big joke until it happens to your family. One day this could be your brother, sister, or best friend. Everyone thinks that addicts come from trash, but unfortunately that isn't true. If it were true, my family would be much happier. I have a family full of hard workers who love their kids more than you can imagine. These kids were raised by great parents. I know one of them personally. He may not have been the best behaved, but he was always a smart and kind young man. He loves his little girl to death and she does not live in poor conditions. She is very well taken care of.

the bull

Highly unlikely chief. No one in my family is a degenerate drug user.


i agree you cant always blame the parents! sometimes yes the parents are a bad influence but many times a parent is a great parent its just you can teach your children right doesnt mean as they get older they will follow it