Janesville workers asking for residents to show their support

Petitions circulated around Norwalk seeking residents' signatures.
Joe Centers
Nov 13, 2013


Kevin Fenwick isn't giving up.

Fenwick, 46, an employee at Janesville Acoustics for almost 19 years, just wants his job.

Fenwick and 290 other employees at the plant learned in late August their jobs would be phased out by the end of 2014 and the plant would close. The work would then be shifted to a new plant in Kansas City, Mo. or Nebraska.

"I did plan on retiring from Janesville Acoustics, or as long as I was in good health," Fenwick said, adding he isn't going down without a fight.

He's been parking his car -- covered with signs blasting GM and Janesville -- on the road in front of the plant since the announcement. Now, he and others have passed out petitions around the city for residents to sign and show their support.


A story about this subject was published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.




I'll support. but in a different way? If you love what you do for a living and do not wish to find anything else! I am sure you will be packing up the wagon for KC,MO or NE. I can help with some cash for a good running fridge you may want to unload to help cover the move. ALOT of people have chased there job thru the years. Heck, most auto plant guys have transferred atleast once.


Move forward. These childish moves only put a black eye on Norwalk with future employers. Hanging signs in public cutting down the company you are still working for just doesn't get it. Find constructive ways to talk to your company. Don't forget, that company paid you for the work you did.


Bashing GM and Janesville is your idea of convincing the company to stay? How exactly is spewing hate and anger going to gain you community support?


I have to agree with all of you to this point.

Get all the signatures you want you can't make Janesville do anything. Time to spend all this energy on the future.

Ventra in Sandusky is hiring and I know of quite a few Janesville employees that have been interviewed and/or hired.

For so many years Janesville provided revenue for Norwalk and employment for hundreds (thousands?) of residents. Janesville is doing what they consider is best for their company and all their employees nationwide.

Employees are not entitled to anything other than payment for services rendered.

Happens to all of us. Buck up and move on.


its over move on


I just went out to show my support by buying a new Chevy Silverado. Honestly, if this guy put out as much effort trying to find another job, he would have been hired by now. My hunch is that he'll wait til the very last day then suck his unemployment dry. Then when that runs out we will see his name in the paper again whining about how he can't find a job and how it must be Bush's fault. LOL. After all that's what the UAW will tell him.


AnAmerican? Geesh Who needs city services or jobs, Norwalk does not. er

swiss family

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As a former employee i can agree with almost every comment on here. It all comes down to politics! Follow the money trail and you will find the truth!
Wheres the Unions voice? Wheres doug warrens two cents on this story? Hmmm! the union took in millions of dollars over the years from this place and all of a sudden they have no comment? People were visilby shaken was the answer to that question.
I worked there when a strike was about to happen and a few strikers were assalted by the local police and justice was never served on that matter.
Don"t think for a second that the hierarchy didnt know this was coming!
I understand Mr.Fenwicks pain and frustation! Im surprized he was employed for 19 years, most people who stood up to the oppression there were terminated for one reason or another.
If your a reader and never worked there I can attest that there were many wrong doings there and to give so many years of your life to that place and have the rug pulled out from under your feet after you spent half your life there is almost beyond repair!
Sure they got paid but the employees made that company grow and expand and a person only has one life to live, its easy to say just move away. after you spend 20 or more years there, we cant set our lives back to 25yrs old again.
I support Mr.fenwick for having a backbone and voicing his opinion. although it wont change the outcome of the matter. It happened to NFC, mayflower, ipc, tenneco etc...I hope the city of Norwalk will adopt legislation for any New business that comes to town to sign an agreement with the city to prevent this from happening for future generations to come.
Good luck to all my former janesville co-workers and god bless you all! r.i.p chris & maurice


IMO, Mr. Fenwick has the right to protest and JA has the right to move production.

Numerous Norwalk manufacturers like Fisher Body once supplied production to the auto industry - all gone.

That cow left the barn a long, long time ago.

And with another black mark added to it's abysmal track record, taxpayer dollars continue to be used in order to help fund the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. why?


I have seen a lot of people who suggest "just find a new job" or "transfer". As far as I know, no transfers have been offered and I personally know someone who works there, the closest job interview they've had to their current pay was $4.87 less then what they make. It's not about just finding another job, how many of you could afford to take an almost $5 pay cut? Have a little compassion for all of the families this is going to affect.


Well lets see?? $5 hr pay cut would be $800 month rite? stay with me. With appx. $10 grand less a year. I would bet to say, a lower tax bracket? possibly low enough to squeak into the bracket for free lunch money for your kids and under the Obamacare limits. (kick back breaks) but then beyond that. Drop that car pyt from a $500 to $300. or better yet sell and take equity for a cash car. Rid your home of the premium channels, lower your cell phone minutes a few hundred. Just one day a week when you think about taking your family to McD's for 20-25 bucks, go home and fry a burger with tater tots and cut that cost in half. Buy Busch instead of Bud, If you smoke STOP for god sake your killing yourself plus rise in health care and not to mention the $55 a carton, super saver ice cream instead of tofts, etc. etc. Ok i will stop as to not bore you.(or tick some off) Let's just add this up. I'd say around minimum of $500 a month. not a big life change, sure it's not the $800 month lose in wage but add in the lower tax bracket. Probably a wash???.. NOW GO BACK and REAPPLY for the job, tell them you were sorry that you felt the job was beneath you. and all the while continue to search for another, which can bring you the income you would like.

Now The Rest of...

Move on and quit blaming others, the union killed your future here. BMW in Greenville SC adding 1000 assembly line jobs with benefits, no union dues, expanding from 7000 to 8000 jobs. Two gun manufactures building plants in Horry County SC moving from Ohio and Massachusetts. What does these jobs have in common, a right to work state, friendly to business and the 2nd amendment (for the gun manufactures), not to mention better weather.


Better weather in Massachusetts?

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Reading comprehension not you strong suit? The company moved to South Carolina (Horry County)from Massachusetts.


corporate greed,the buzzword of organized labor,some of us would call it good business practice,its very hard to keep a business profitable.
now while we had corporate greed in the US the old Soviet Union had government greed.
so for comparison to see which works better get into your car and drive around the US and then go to the old Soviet Union and rent a horse cart and drive around,then maybe you could appreciate corporate greed a little


KnuckleDragger really is a mental midget. What does does Bush and the UAW have to do with this. And no, most auto workers HAVE NOT relocated at least once because they followed a job. Misinformed idiots trying to sound like they are intelligent.

Now The Rest of...

His point was that the UAW and many unions loves to blame Republicans, aka Bush for their trouble and lose of membership instead of democrapper buddies and their own greed that killed jobs. Many Ford workers within the last few years were forced to pick either Chicago, Illinois, or Louisville, Kentucky if they wanted to keep their jobs, I personally know many of them.


After 30 Plus years of management in the automotive manufacturing industry, most hourly workers did not follow their jobs. Some in this area did, but they are in the minority. Story was about Janesville, not political, not UAW. Oh and one more thing. I have been involed in more contract negotions that I care to remember, and when the misinformed want to blame the unions, I have to laugh. More times than not, the company only gave their employees what they knew they could, and had planned to from the beginning. I was involved in a 1970's ten week strike (Detroit), and labor was requesting less than we had planned to give from the beginning. But we had a huge inventory of vehicles, and by making them strike, it put our "shutdown" on their back. This tactic happens more than people think.


Now that is the rest of the story.


All of these negative comments are disturbing. These workers should stand up and fight! They and hundreds of thousands of other workers should stand up and fight! For all who say move on, get over it, take a $5.00/hr pay cut... Where does it stop, where is the bottom that will no longer be acceptable, when is enough? How much do workers have to give before it will no longer be acceptable. Do not be fooled, this is not about a unprofitable Company or Union greed. This is Corporate greed robbing the livelihoods of working people one plant at a time.