Grand jury gets kidnapping, rape case

Naked woman found bound and gagged along roadside.
Cary Ashby
Nov 12, 2013


A rural Bellevue man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman could be indicted this week, authorities said.

Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver presented the case to a grand jury Friday -- the same day about 25 law enforcement officers were searching the Strecker Road property where the suspect, Brian M. Jury, 38, had been living. Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said he doesn't think Jury had been staying there for long periods of time, but had called the property at 10701 Strecker Road home for "at least a year."

"He'd been purchasing the property on a land contract," Sigsworth said. "We understand he may have been living with a fiancée in Lorain at the time he was arrested."

FBI agents, Sandusky police detectives and two cadaver dogs from the Geauga County Sheriff's Office assisted Erie County sheriff's deputies with searching the property Friday.

"We were there about six hours," Sigsworth said. "Those (FBI) agents were made available to us at no cost. Their wages were being paid by the FBI."

Sigsworth said the search was done to make sure there weren't any items buried there "related to any other criminal activity." The sheriff said authorities found some animal bones buried in a plastic bag as well as some personal clothing which was identified by the property owner.

"We contacted the FBI evidence search team," Sigsworth said. "It was a large parcel of land and required a large amount of officers. It was about 15 acres there."

After Friday's search, deputies took a tarp and the animal remains to the sheriff's office for further examination. Sigsworth said if more processing is required, those items will be forwarded to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

FBI agents identified the animal bones.

"They were able to email an anthropologist with the FBI, who made the identification," Sigsworth said. "They did not find any human remains."

Jury, the suspect, was arrested Nov. 1, hours after a passing female motorist found a 31-year-old Vermilion woman naked, bound and gagged on the side of Strecker Road in Groton Township. Jury is accused of binding the victim's hands with zip ties and holding her at gunpoint from Lorain to the Strecker Road address, where he reportedly raped the woman five times in a small camper.

The woman told deputies she was walking in the Lorain area about 9 a.m. when Jury allegedly drove alongside her and offered her a ride. According to the report, the victim recognized the man from a previous, but undisclosed encounter.

"She told us he told her repeatedly he was going to kill her and was going to bury her," Sigsworth said.

After Jury left the camper, the victim was able to crawl out and roll to the side of the road, which was about 20 feet away.

Jury was arrested by Lorain police about 6:15 p.m. after a short chase in the city.

Presently, the suspect is in custody at the Lorain County Jail. He is charged with two felony counts of carrying a concealed deadly weapon and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing official business in connection with a Lorain Police Department investigation. Jury had been in the Lorain city jail until he was transferred to the county facility Nov. 4.

"We have a holder on him," Sigsworth said.


Really are you ...

This Is not right, but considering the circumstances. Once Mr. Jury lands in prison for atleast the first 6 hours, put him in a cell with Big Bubba. Prior to Jury entering the cell, give Bubba some zip ties and a gag. That way for the rest of Jury's stay, he will know exactly the emotional and physical distress this poor lady felt. Mr. Jury will always remember Bubba from their encounter.


The only problem with your thought? Is you assume others in prison see crime against women as some cruel thing. There are murderers
's rapist, robbers, etc. and you really think bubba gives a rats butt..? all bubba will worry about is how much cash in the account his new cell mate has for ability to bum some smokes or candy bars..


There we go again blaming the guy . .


How is the guy not to blame!? Really? Oh she was dressed to sexy oh she agreed to get in the car blah blah even if these things were true it still don't give him the right to do such a horrible thing! Disgusting! Also there maybe rapist and murders in prison they belong there! The ones who are not there for such they don't take kindly to this and he will know it! Even if "Bubba" don't care if that were to happen this Sicko still wld get a dose of it!


Dude are you stuck in the roaring 20's? or way too many hollywood movies? you really think modern day prisoners still uphold some kind of convict code of crimes which determine right and wrong? get real


Dearme...must be an idiot. That's obvious.


Dear me , i feel is being sarcastic, so relax.

Scranton Tibbs

It never fails that when there is a story where a crime has been committed against a woman or child there are a half a dozen comments about "big Bubba and what he is gonna do to this guy"? Who is this mythical "Bubba" character? Is he like the prison Jesus? Righting all the wrongs for the penal system? Alot of prison experts on here. Kinda scary.


Spot on.


those who defend men who attack abuse or rape women usally do the same thing themself and just havent been caught