Traffic stop nets drug, alcohol charges for occupants

Woman, 19, charged with underage alcohol possession and speeding.
Aaron Krause
Nov 12, 2013


Two occupants of a speeding vehicle were charged in connection with a traffic stop early Monday.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Jim Montana stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Benedict Avenue and Elm Street at 1:20 a.m.

The driver, Daneshia M. Octavia Rice, 19, of Sandusky, was charged with underage alcohol possession and speeding. Montana said he issued her a summons on the charges, advised her of her Norwalk Municipal Court date and released her.

The passenger, Chaz R. Jackson, 19, of Columbus, was charged with possession of marijuana, trafficking in drugs and tampering with evidence. He was transported to the Huron County Jail to await a bond hearing.

Sgt. Tom Cook said the officer found a small amount of marijuana on Jackson, who didn't indicate where he got the drugs. He said the tampering charge is in connection with the suspect attempting to hide some pills.

"I can tell you he didn't have any prescription on the bottle on him," said Cook, who didn't know if the pills had been prescribed to Jackson.



I always, just love the "tampering with evidence". That, in this situation is so lame and apparent. Of course the guy is going to try and hide it. You busted him...he didn't hide it good enough... isn't that enough? or must every single possible charge be thrown in, so hopefully something sticks? when a car theft stashes the vehicle in a barn. Wasn't he trying to hide it? Never hear of "tampering with evidence" on that.


...and where does the trafficking charge come in? "Sgt. Tom Cook said the officer found a small amount of marijuana on Jackson"


I agree with you both on this.

Scranton Tibbs

Another subject of the Huron county "Catch & Release" or "Snitch & Release" programs. By the time Russ Leffler and sealers rights activist Longo the public defender get done with this, these people will be back to dealing in no time at all. The system has failed.