Norwalk cop loses job for not following 'core values'

Chief: Several things happened.
Cary Ashby
Nov 8, 2013


A Norwalk police officer has lost his job before completing his one-year probationary period for not following the department's "core values."

Jeremy W. Schick, 26, of Norwalk, was hired and sworn in Dec. 18 as a full-time officer with the Norwalk Police Department.

Chief Dave Light notified Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara about the decision to fire Schick earlier this week.

"All I know is he didn't satisfactorily complete his probationary period. I think it's up in the next couple weeks," O'Hara said Friday. "They always review their probationary period toward the end."

O'Hara referred further questions to Light.

"We follow civil service guidelines as well as department and state policies," Light said. "Several things happened. ... He (Schick), simply put, didn't make his probation.

"We want to hire and retain only the best people (who) follow our core values. I can say he didn't follow our core values," said the chief, who declined to provide any details.

"We pride ourselves on hiring people with high core values. Our community and public expect that -- and deserve that," Light added.



yeah like role models.People that really
stand out in the community.I get it.Core values.Sounds good till you think about it. Who still works for this guy?


Good Job Chief Light. way to step up to the plate. Good Luck Mr. Schick, learn from the mistakes made, fix them and go on. You must be a good person or they would not have hired you in the first place.


Wow, kind of sad.., I seen his grandpa one day who used to be my teacher in junior high and, he was so proud of his grandson for being a police officer.


The junior high teacher with the same last name never married or had children, let alone grandchildren.


Do you know that for sure?He is now the bee expert of the area that is how I know him.Great guy !


Yes, I know that for sure. He is the bee expert (apiarist). We taught together our whole careers and we see each other regularly at an organization.


So, are you (attvsene) saying Mr. Schick lied to me?


Check your facts, IT IS HIS GRANDSON!


I want to know what the core values are, and was Jeremy Schick possibly nice to people and showed them respect, and that is why he is being let go?


He must of voted against who they wanted him too.


I know someone must have told him what the core values were when he was hired? How long is the probationary period? Do policeman have like time in the field why they are still in school to get graded on and not get paid for it? It just seems like that time went so fast. I hope someone told him before his time was over that he was having problems in a certain area so he could try and improve? I'm sorry you had to let him go. Hope he can find another job somewhere soon. Prayers for him to find another job. I'm just asking question because I'm curious how this kind of things go. I'm sure the police department did as they felt they should.


Not issuing the mandatory ticket quota?


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I am sure that he was let go for a good reason. I don't know Mr. Schick, but there must have been multiple things that led NPD to make the decision.

Should someone really have to have "core values" explained to them? Be a good person/ do the right thing and you are all good. Not rocket science.

Probationary period is a year, and a lot of the time they start out riding with another officer known as your Field Training Officer, or FTO.

NPD would work with the officer to help them along the way, why wouldn't they? They are investing time/money into this officer to represent their department/city.

This happens more than people realize.


I don't know any of the people involved, but as stated it was probably more then one thing that led up to this. Not saying this applies here but it id possible to hire someone and down the road you find out that the person is not who or what you thought they were when you brought them on. If this kid was a good cop and fired for something other, I am sure it will come out, whet stinks about it is that you would put it in the paper, and ruin his reputation like this, it is going to make it more difficult to get a job in a neighboring town. I am sure that was the point and that leads me to believe there is more to this story than meets the eye. How sad and embarrassing. I hope it is just and called for


I am sure they already have his replacement in mind. The article is very vague. I would like to know what core values were broken.


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Good point !


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Haha! +1


my guess is that his core values are not worse than a lot of people in the safety services in norwalk.
this would be interesting to know the real story,I wish this young man well and I hope it was justified

Now The Rest of...

So many with time on their hands and yet so little first hand knowledge.

HS Sports Fan

26 years old, Isn't that a little old to be a cop in Norwalk? Was he fighting with one of the younger cops over a Happy Meal toy? Maybe he tried to bust someone with heroin. What would be a core value? Sitting behind the bushes at Connie's laundromat waiting for people to leave Bluto's? Your town is now known as a Heroin Capital. Start doing what your citizens really deserve. YOUR JOB!!!!!


Apply for a job in Sandusky ! They do not have any "core value" expectations ! Sexting, wife swapping, whizzin off the docks into the lake, sleeping in the cruiser etc....the list goes on & on.


I don't need to know what he did wrong. But I would like to know what the heck their "Core values" are, that term was used several times in the paper. Like the right wing has their "Family values", whatever that means. Cheif Light, let us know what the "Core values" are, and are they in writing? Does each officer agree to them when hired?


It's a civil service job. They can fire someone at any point during their probationary period for any reason at all. Actually, they don't even have to give a reason.


isnt this the same dept who kept a officer who abused a woman?? was that a core value?


He wasn't a probationary officer.


Yeah he wasn't a probationary officer. It's only ok for the permanent officers to beat their significant others. Ya see, once you are off probation the blue shield covers you up. As far as Schick, he's a good man. Mistakes happen.