Norwalk cop loses job for not following 'core values'

Chief: Several things happened.
Cary Ashby
Nov 8, 2013


A Norwalk police officer has lost his job before completing his one-year probationary period for not following the department's "core values."

Jeremy W. Schick, 26, of Norwalk, was hired and sworn in Dec. 18 as a full-time officer with the Norwalk Police Department.

Chief Dave Light notified Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara about the decision to fire Schick earlier this week.

"All I know is he didn't satisfactorily complete his probationary period. I think it's up in the next couple weeks," O'Hara said Friday. "They always review their probationary period toward the end."

O'Hara referred further questions to Light.

"We follow civil service guidelines as well as department and state policies," Light said. "Several things happened. ... He (Schick), simply put, didn't make his probation.

"We want to hire and retain only the best people (who) follow our core values. I can say he didn't follow our core values," said the chief, who declined to provide any details.

"We pride ourselves on hiring people with high core values. Our community and public expect that -- and deserve that," Light added.



Actually, didn't an investigation clear this officer? Hmm? The big difference here is that during probation for a civil service job, the employee is not protected by the union. Anybody who takes a civil service job knows this is a training period and that they need to be diligent about following all the rules or they won't make it out of the probationary period.

Most Wanted

What a shame that the Reflector felt the need to print this "news". Good luck Mr. Schick. Most of us lose a job at some point in our's just not printed in the paper...because it's not "newsworthy".


I'll tell you what "core values" Mr. Light is speaking of. "Core Values" NPD style.
'Will you lie, cheat and steal to protect your fellow officer Mr. Schick"?
*Mr. Schick* " Not if the officer is breaking the law Chief"
*Chief* "You don't have the "core values" we at NPD are looking for, your fired"!


@Most Wanted- I agree with you. Why is this newsworthy? We get only half a story, and we all know when left to their own imaginations- people think the worst. I do not know him, but I know people who do, and they only had good things to say about him. Can't wait to see who they replace him with-and who they know.


Why would this be considered news? Why embarrass anyone? Why open the PD to more suspicions? Life is not always fair and good people do make mistakes so why put it in the paper? Was a crime committed? Was a local resident injured? I think publishing this article and the PD release of the information was not a wise choice.