UPDATE: Shooting on Sherman-Norwich Road

Woman flown to Toledo hospital
Cary Ashby
Nov 8, 2013


A 35-year-old Willard-area woman was kept under heavy sedation at a Toledo hospital after suffering a gunshot wound Thursday night.

“Through her father, he is reporting she’s in stable condition. She is alert and responsive,” Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said Friday morning.

Howard and four deputies responded to 4299 Sherman Norwich Road after receiving a call about the shooting at 10:06 p.m. Thursday. Howard said the caller was a “male party at the house,” but he didn’t have any further information about the man.

Howard, Sgt. Steve Shupp and retired Chief Deputy Dave Battles were the first officers on the scene.

“I was out on another detail and I was nearby,” the sheriff said. “She was not alert (upon arrival).”

Citing the ongoing investigation, Howard declined to say if the incident was accidental or a suicide attempt.

“The early indications are it was self-inflicted,” he said.


Whiskey Tango F...

This is called Due Process and it is what a respectable law enforcement agency does. We can all wait to see the truth rather than drag names through the mud with gossip.

enough of the bs

If that's the case Dane Inc. must be trying something new here. Wonder how they will get the photo op's in without 10 stories on the matter...


Have been looking for a house to buy and couldn't figure out why Willard homes were so cheap (and nice). After the past couple of weeks I see why. Jeeze. Hope this woman is okay.

Richard Russell

Also hoping that this woman is okay.  Sherman-Norwich Road is about six or seven miles from Willard, even if it has a Willard address. I'm hoping that once the full story comes out that this is an isolated incident. IDK - Feel free to shop the houses here -- Sherman Township is a wonderful rural setting and you have your choice of school districts, since Bellevue, Seneca East and Monroeville are all here. If you do move here, be sure to look me up and I'll introduce you around the neighborhood.




Rich,doesn't that run thru Havana ?

Richard Russell

Jackel - Close by. Sherman-Norwich runs east-west less than a quarter mile north of Havana. You could say it's in the north suburbs of Havana - lol. Here's the google maps location of the address listed: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=4...

believe it

Hearing it could be a possible suicide? If so, what can anyone do about that really?(If there weren't any glaring signs that this person was going to commit suicide)


To: IDK,
Something here you MUST consider...The shooters and stabings, and such that you read about in the paper that happen in Willard...are committed by people from other cities and other states. It has really given Willard a bad name.. Personally I believe, the bad elemnts, that are doing these acts, know that Willard, is a drug haven, and they think they can come here commit these crimes and the very first thing that comes to any Law enforcements mind is.."It is probably drug related." Latey I have seen alot of "New" faces in town that simply scare the &^%$ out of me.... But as I have said...all we have to do is be fully aware our surroundings and we will be fine...and so will you. The stuff that is going on here...can happen anywhere..


No, Willard has a bad rap because of Willard!


Right! The things that are happening there can happen anywhere,,, but they aren't they are happening... no where is safe any more... Willard is nothing like it use to be... The stores... the school... the factories... the over~all environment.... I'm surprised we aren't seeing bars on windows yet. If it turns out to be self inflicted that's too bad... so much sadness and tragedy in today's society. And with health care on the decline... no hope for mental health issues...

believe it

The factories? Pepperidge Farm is adding a $90 million expansion. Donnelley's? The numbers might not be as high but they are adding work from the Jefferson city plant that closed and MTD is still rolling strong. The schools? They're building a brand new, $60 million school. Brand new hospital just opened in the last two years. A new dialysis place is being built right now. I would say it's not as bad as you're making it out to be.

Cliff Cannon

@believe it : Did you see Joe Centers essay this week ? He interviewed Willard police Chief Holden who concluded his interview with this totally true statement : " We are all in this together "

And so we are. Despite, living in Norwalk and as such, have been beaten by your Willard teams so often that I can't count it. I,like so many, root very hard for the economic engine of Huron county--Willard.

Here's hoping, some how some way, all of us in the area, realize the underlying truth in your statement--- Willard is a very cool, on the move place, that we al should proud of.

As part of that on the moveness come problems.Problems, that were unspeakable to most of us as children. However,that is not Willards fault,as those problems ---that are so much a part of todays America----- that anyone who doesn't agree with what Chief Holden said " We are all in this together ". Simply isn't paying attention


Someone mentioned location,location.That is true whether you realize it or not. The muck is located there and brought in lot of needed help.Along with that came a lot of baggage, no matter who they are.You have the same thing around military bases.I have family that live there and when I visit, I am glad to come back to Norwalk. We all like to come home. If you grew up in Willard that is home !


the factories won't hire full time, hire through sperion so they can pay minimum wage and not have to offer up benefits... The hospital is new but has no birthing wing cause they don't want the illegals coming there to give birth because they can't pay... I would be afraid to go down town after dark... or to the Dollar store for that matter... and I would love to know what the percentage is of kids who actually go on to a higher education after graduating. Similar to the rest of the small towns Im sure... but how many times do my kids have to get lice in the public school system... I would just be curious what the ratio is per amount of kids getting head lice every year compared to Plymouth schools, or Attica, or Seneca East... and as far as the new school goes... how many times did they try to pass that levy... I still really question if it passed or someone "made" it pass... Not bashing Willard but its just not the same place it was when I was a kid... as is other towns Im sure..


Attica is in Seneca East Schools.

believe it

Lol..."Not bashing Willard"...umm your whole post was bashing. And wrong on pretty much every "point". I love your reasoning for the hospital not having a birthing wing. Lots of facts I'm sure to back that one up. Lice? Maybe you should wash your kids hair better. If your kids are the ones that continue to get it wouldn't that be a hint? And someone "made" the levy pass? seriously? So you think the levy actually failed but someone was able to manipulate the system to make it pass? Now I've heard it all. Kudos to you.

Yall Make Me Sick

No, Willard has a bad "rap" because of the idiots that live in it & don't have common sense. I've lived in Willard since I was 11. So don't go there. When I was growing up Willard was a great town but now you've got idiots bring drugs & other nonsense into the town. Stop ragging on Willard & start getting the bad people out of the town. Geez.


best employment situation in county,good schools,the crime belongs to whoever brought in cheap apartments years ago,willard got a head start on norwalk and bellevue and druggies breed druggies so it goes on and on


You nailed it earlduck. Outside people like Jerry Stackhouse who brought the Metro to Willard.....glad he is doing his time.


I lived in Willard for a couple of months and that was enough for me! We got an apartment there off 99 and got all our furniture and boxes in and the first night we were there the cops were there doing a drug bust. Then there was the domestic violence calls for a couple of the apartments. The cops were there every other night it seemed. So we never bothered to unpack. We took out a few dishes and just the few things we would need to get by and our clothes and left the rest in the boxes. As soon as we found another place we were out of there!!!!

believe it

Ever heard of the saying "location, location, location"? Well based off of where you are saying you were located, maybe you should've gotten an apartment somewhere a little better. That was your first mistake bud.


I'm not meaning to bash anybody's home town. I understand crime happens everywhere...no town is perfect. I guess I was just curious why such nice houses were so cheap. Then I start seeing all these articles about drugs and shootings and what not. I've never been to Willard that I know of but I'm sure it has its nice qualities.