Cashen looks forward to being on Norwalk's school board

Former Norwalk police chief was the top vote-getter among school board candidates.
Cary Ashby
Nov 12, 2013


Retired police Chief Kevin Cashen will be undergoing a new public service starting in January. And he's looking forward to serving on the Norwalk City Schools board of education.

"Thank you to the voters who have provided me an opportunity for public service and working with the many professionals (who) provide our children's educational services," Cashen said.

Cashen was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's race to fill three spots. He received more votes (2,051 nods or almost 26 percent of the vote) than three incumbents. He will join Steve Linder and Rob Ludwig, both of whom were re-elected, to start their four-year terms in January. The other members of the board are John Lendrum and Ralph Ritzenthaler. Current board president Janet Broz failed to get re-elected.

A feature story about Cashen was published in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



swiss family

congratulations Mr Cashen... you are exactly what we need on the school board.. you did an amazing job as Chief of Police, and now I am hoping you will bring some common sense to the school board, because they seem to be stuck in the " keep asking and demanding more tax money" mode

Please make them realize that money is tight, including all of the people who are supporting the schools, their hours might be cut or reduced, or they may have even lost their jobs, It is time that the school board realizes that, and takes a different approach to funding our kids education.. I would suggest that you take a serious , long hard look at the upper levels of the school system. I can understand having a Superintendent who makes a reasonably hefty salary, but then do we really need an ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT that makes a hefty wage as well?? do e need a principal in each building, although the buildings are all withing 5 miles of each other??with today's technology, cell phones , cameras and computers, couldn't some of the Principal positions be eliminated????

Good luck Mr Cashen, please represent the people.. which seems to have been lost somewhere along the way...