Drug thief sentenced to prison

Rural Norwalk man is sentenced immediately after pleading guilty
Cary Ashby
Nov 6, 2013


A Norwalk man was sentenced to 14 months in prison Monday for stealing several prescription pills.

Kevin E. Knott, 24, most recently of 1224 Peru Olena Road, pleaded guilty earlier in the same Huron County Common Pleas Court hearing to theft of drugs, a fourth-degree felony. As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss a third-degree felony, tampering with evidence.

"Mr. Knott would like to be sentenced immediately. It was his idea originally," said Huron County Public Defender David Longo, who jointly recommended the prison term with Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff.

Knott is on intensive probation through Norwalk Municipal Court. He told Judge Jim Conway that municipal court officials are aware of his felony case, but he wasn't sure if they knew he would plead guilty.

On Sept. 11, Knott stole 18 Tramadol pills from a prescription bottle and put them in a plastic baggie, Woodruff said. Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Evans later recovered the pills on Hartland Center Road.

Longo said Knott might have faced misdemeanor charges if he didn't panic and left the pills with him instead of putting them in a ditch since it's possible authorities wouldn't know where the drugs were.

Knott apologized for his actions. He said he hopes to get into the transitional control program in prison so he could get a job and be successful once he rejoins society. Conway declined to address transitional control at Monday's hearing, but said he would address it later depending on the defendant's record in prison.

Knott, whose driver's license was suspended for six months, faces up to three years of parole once he's released.



Nice neck tattoo skippy, I bet that smile goes away when bubba comes a calling.




Tramadol????Really???? Heck they probably would of just gave them to you....I had some for a ankle sprain and they seem like tylenol....just wow


That is what I thought. Tramadol is a synthetic narcotic. Made to wean people OFF of opioids. Dr's use it in place of narcotics so you do not become addicted! LOL. Never work for me either.

free and clean 2 yrs

not everything is what u read.. j.s. kevins own sister told me she gave them to him to help with a injury. but when the dr. called for a count of all her meds.. she said her brother stole them so she wouldnt get in trouble. but he has been in trouble before. is why im guessing this actually stuck. pretty crappy of a sister... hope you feel ok sending your brother away for 14 months... i have since quit talking to her and the cops didnt want a statement. crappy


I have been on a lot of meds. I have also been a patient at the Pain Clinic at St V's in Toledo. I have NEVER been called by the doctor for a count of my meds. Sounds like she must have ALOT of stuff and go through MORE than I do.