Convicted heroin dealer pleads guilty, set free from jail

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to dismiss 2 counts of trafficking in heroin.
Cary Ashby
Nov 5, 2013


A Norwalk man who pleaded guilty Monday to selling heroin has been released from the Huron County Jail.

James C. Bogard III, 24, of 147 N. West St., will be sentenced Dec. 18 on one count of trafficking in heroin. The conviction is for a Nov. 30 incident involving a confidential informant.

"It was a controlled drug purchase," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Authorities in Mansfield tested the heroin.

As part of a plea deal Monday, the state agreed to dismiss two counts of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on Aug. 14 and 17.

Bogard had been unable to post 10 percent of a $5,000 bond. Huron County Public Defender David Longo requested the court consider lowering the defendant's bond since he now only faces one charge, had been in the Huron County Jail for several months and appeared to have a line on a job.

Judge Jim Conway ordered Bogard to be released on a personal recognizance bond and told him he takes defendants' employment status into consideration when they are sentenced. A PR bond means Bogard signed a court document, promising he would appear for his sentencing hearing without having to post any money.

Bogard is subject to random drug screens.



I have an idea! How about we inject these clowns with a huge dose of what they are selling! Then we could film the process of them going through overdose treatment at the hospital, then take it to all the schools and show what this stuff does to you!!


As part of a plea deal Monday, the state agreed to dismiss two counts of trafficking in heroin The message is cops why are you even trying? Charges will be dropped,your efforts mean nothing to the judge or prosecutor.Remember when trafficking in heroin was a crime? Our law makers don't need to make drugs legal the judge and prosecutor are doing it for them.


well said, must be very disheartening for law enforcement to see all their efforts to bust these clowns is all in vain.

so sick of stup...

I agree..these drug dealer dont care...they know they are not gonna get nothing...but by god yell racial slurs and go to prison for 2 yrs...dont understand any of this


An OR bond? More like the 'S&R' bond. Snitch & Release. Drop charges for that guilty plea. Let him out to get more people. It's like a ponzi scheme for drug charges. For the 2 they drop, they'll get a handful more. Then they hope the next people will do it too. This is how this lovely system works.




So by pleading guilty he gets out of jail?



Attention readers. I know there are people out there not just spouting off and venting. If there is anyone who has a clue why this is an acceptable situation would you PLEASE explain it to me?
How in the world does this even began to define justice for all?????


I am beginning to feel like Huron County residents are being victimized by the system and the addicts and dealers.


You are not going to prison for your first felony 4 and 5 that are non violent. It is just the facts, get over it...... they drop a few counts of the trafficking charges in return for admitting his guilt and saving the county 10,000$ for avoiding a jury trial, where a good attorney could possibly get him off all together. Now that he will be on probation if he messes up he will go do time for sure. Weather its cbcf, a half way house, or the joint, depending on what he gets violated for... the judge is not going to send a young kid to prison when he doesn't have a record, his job is to try and get this kids life back on track, now if the kid squanders his chances that is his fault. I listen to all you people rant and rave about the judge when you don't have a clue how the system works. Sending these nickle and dimers to prison is not going to clean up these streets and stop this epidemic. You have to get the major suppliers and hit um with super stiff sentences. You have to climb the ladder as okay mentioned, instead of being happy with these little nobody bust that I see in the paper everyday. You have to educate the youth. You have to create jobs and get these kids educated


The only reason you get out of jail, hands clean is because you're a snitch.


So you think you should blame the victim yet again?

""You have to educate the youth. You have to create jobs and get these kids educated""

The average citizen is paying real estate taxes to educate the youth. Taxes also pay the system expenses. This is not and has not and will not work until ACCOUNTABILITY is enforced. To use drugs is a choice. To sell drugs is an intentional pre-meditated crime. The snitch and run free procedure is a very poor approach. Look at the stats and then try to excuse the dope addict, drunk driver, and repeat offender.
Typical addict excuse to blame the rest of the world for their problem.


Oh yes Emily is that why the levy passed,,, ohh yea that's right all people do around here is wit a bi$%# and complain about things and in the mean while an entire generation is being destroyed with drugs and lack of opportunity's s understandable for you to think like the rest of the sheep in the herd its not your in the meanwhile Huron county has the 8 th highest unemployment rate in the state. Coincidence, I think not. Drugs and depression has over taken an area, smitten with poor education and nearly to no chance for a successful life. Its not excuses its just a reality. Does that mean all kids and young people are going to fail and do drugs, of course not. But it does however mean their chances of getting involved in that type of behavior is alot higher and they are more susceptible to that type of lifestyle...In poor communities you will have drugs and crime, they go hand in hand and that will never change....


Smiley bee not emily


you are so full of you know what. Blame the education system, blame lack of jobs, blame everything and everybody but the dope head. Wah. Wah. Wah. In reality people grow up get a job and shoulder the responsibility they chose to take on. The cry babies sit and wait for someone to take care of them or any easy money scam. I have 4 kids no drugs at our house not so much as a call from sheriff. I am one of the lucky parents. I take this real serious.