BREAKING NEWS - Worker injured by forklift

Police and firefighters responded to the report of a warehouse worker trapped by a forklift at a Cleveland Road business this morning. A medical helicopter later flew the patient from Fisher-Titus Medical Center to another facility. Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said the forklift tipped over as Palazzo Bros. Inc. employee Rob Counts pulled a trailer out of a building. The cause is unknown.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Police and firefighters responded to the report of a warehouse worker trapped by a forklift at a Cleveland Road business this morning. A medical helicopter later flew the patient from Fisher-Titus Medical Center to another facility.

Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said the forklift tipped over as Palazzo Bros. Inc. employee Rob Counts pulled a trailer out of a building. The cause is unknown.

“The forklift fell over and he fell off,” human resource officer Dee Hinant said. “We originally thought it was worse than it was. … The forklift fell over and we were all scared to death.”

She believes Counts tried to catch himself as he fell from the forklift. Hinant stressed that Counts was not trapped by the forklift.

“I think he just wrenched his back. I’m not personnel; I can’t say for sure,” she added.

“He was contained in the driver’s cage,” Hipp said, but wasn’t trapped.

Hinant said it was unclear if Counts was trapped when someone reported the accident. Counts was outside working by himself with his supervisor inside at the time, which is typical for his daily responsibilities.

“Someone came in and said we needed to call,” Hinant said. “There’s never been a problem before. I don’t know why it turned.”

Dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 10:02 a.m.

As of about 10:15 a.m., Counts was conscious, but Officer Kevin Schaffer had no other information. When the Reflector then approached the accident site, a Palazzo Bros. employee ordered a reporter and photographer off the business grounds.

Hipp later confirmed Counts was conscious.

“I think they were concerned about (his) back, leg and neck,” he said.

Hinant speculated there may have been a dip in the pavement. Hipp said the asphalt parking lot surface looked smooth.

“I don’t know if he hit it wrong,” Hinant said, calling the job Counts was doing “an every-day situation.”

“It was very surprising for us,” she added.


Re: Just checki...

you make a valid point which would be even more so had you used spell check. "threw vs. through".

to Milan & Dr.S...

forget spell check. If this is true it proves What Milan & others were saying before THIS story. Is service really the main thing? Sounds like big egos & money @ play.

Just thinking.....

I'm just sitting here wondering... How many flights will that helicopter have to make just to justify having it in the Milan station? What was the cost 4.5 million? 24 hour staffing for the crew. Cost for the hanger. Fuel has to be $4.50-$6.00 a gallon and I'm sure she burn's the fuel!! Replacement cost!! Mind boggling!!

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for those of you who are supportive and thankful of what is available out there, even if you don't ever have to use people are soooooo appreciated...we need more of you out there in the community

okay (Anonymous)

I can't quote the good doctor, but Mr. Smith said something about the attitude of those in the medical arena needs to be such as not above reproach.To the 5;20 poster stop whining.If you don't like your job change it by training up or quit. When you deal with public expect not much courtesy regardless of your vocation. I hope you pay a fair wage if you have a babysitter.You do love your children right?$7.50 per hour? Sounds like you need a union. Talk to any cop/sheriff you probably don't have it that tough.

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Broadcast your hate. See if you can find a happy pill to take.

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Wow you are sure professional. What happened to your life? Flunk out of med. school? Bad divorce? You make me drive more careful & take better care of my body. Don't want you near me.

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Under the picture above it says Plaza Brothers Inc. and in the article it says Palazzo Bros. So which is it and what is it??

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Man you need to go get yourself a real job!! With an attitude like your's I'm shocked your getting that much an hour!! Try McDonalds with you advanced training you could be crew leader in no time!! I know for a fact the "GOOD" EMT's make more than you do, so I'm guessing there paying you based on you skill's of washing the ambulance and emptying the trash. If I had a employee like you on my staff you'd be FIRED!! Now, get the wash bucket and get busy!! And pick up that paper!!

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did you know that the 20-year paramedics that show up to your house are paid less than $20/hr?

unbelievable what these people have to go through and that is all they are paid

thanks to all the emts & paramedics out there...i am so thankful for people like you

Back on the top...

the EMS story is on another page this is the worker gets injured by forklift. Again is it Plaza Brothers Inc. or Palazo Bros.?? What do they do there? I thought Palazo Brothers were electricians?

Sorry... (Anonymous)

Palazzo Bros.

Hey Now!! (Anon...

I don't think anyone here is picking on the EMT's. It's the corporate end most are having trouble with. Life Flight is a Great thing!!! Well staffed Ambulance's are a great thing!!! So....Thanks to all of you!! With the exception of the 5:20 poster, You can go sit on a defibrillator!!

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this guy is luckier than the kid in Fremont a few weeks ago. He was in a forkift acc. at his work and didn't make it. He was only like 18 or 19.

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U R A POSER. (Okay maybe an ambulance jockey). That was too easy but I couldn't resist it. Gotcha!

Found on the we...

Palazzo Brothers Electric, Inc. is a leading electrical contractor servicing the new construction, renovation

and electrial service needs of big-box retailers.

The Company was founded by Joseph Palazzo in 1991 initially as a specialty contractor performing mall up-fit work,

sign service and installation, residential, pre-engineered metal building wiring, design/build, restaurants and other small


Well (Anonymous)

We don't know what happened to this guy the Reflector never did a follow on the story. He could be dead... Alive.... We just don't know at this time. I hate it when Cary just lets a story go like this!!

Why do you care...

Maybe I missed the part of the story where they hog tied the patient and forced him into Life Flight.

Either he was incapacitated and incapable of making his own decisions or he was just fine with the decision to transport him via Life Flight.

If you are involved in an accident and conscious and capable of making an informed decision and they want to take you via Life Flight you are more than welcome to refuse. They can’t force you to go. I’m not a doctor, nurse or EMT but it seems to me if you are in an accident and your are not conscious then that’s probably a good indication that you might need a level 1 trauma center.

Well (Anonymous)

We don't know if he was hog tied or not. They sent Cary and Lou packin when they got there!! Theres a lot of parts missing to this story. Where going to have to give Cary a D- on this one. Payroll deduction 20 bucks!

GOOD CALL!! (An...

I'm guessing he was tied up, After looking at the photo I did see straps on the stretcher!! GOOD CALL 11:13 POSTER!!

Richard (Anonymous)

You will notice that the photo does not actually show the injured worker, just the EMT's doing a fine job at the scene.

Cary's story covers most every angle there was. If he doesn't have a follow-up yet, it's probably because medical follow-ups are not available, due to the HIPPA laws. If you don't know what that is, ask your medical provider or your HR person. Or any of the hundreds of companies that mail you a "Privacy Policy Notice".

I'd say pretty good work for getting thrown off the property.

swiss family......

has anyone heard how this man is doing?? is he out of the hospital yet?? i hope that he is ok.. i am sure that he had the scare of his life though, tipping over in a tow motor has to be really scary ...i hope that he is ok

which one (Anon...

Is the ambulance jockey?

Re :Swiss (Anon...

Trust my the only reason they didn't get the photo is they got booted out of there! I would think someone that knew the guy would post his condition. I'm not sure if he was in the towmotor one on the trailer with the tow motor I do see a saws all there perhaps they cut him out of the cage

Say What?? (Ano...

Why in GODS name would NCEMS stop in the North bound lane on 250 between Fitchville and Olina today 1-16-08? 2 ambulances one in the drive way one in the N. bound lane with heavy traffic. 250 is the last place I would what to stop a ambulance! They were putting EVERYONE at risk with a move like this. And thats why there called Ambulance Jockeys!!