BREAKING NEWS - Worker injured by forklift

Police and firefighters responded to the report of a warehouse worker trapped by a forklift at a Cleveland Road business this morning. A medical helicopter later flew the patient from Fisher-Titus Medical Center to another facility. Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said the forklift tipped over as Palazzo Bros. Inc. employee Rob Counts pulled a trailer out of a building. The cause is unknown.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Police and firefighters responded to the report of a warehouse worker trapped by a forklift at a Cleveland Road business this morning. A medical helicopter later flew the patient from Fisher-Titus Medical Center to another facility.

Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said the forklift tipped over as Palazzo Bros. Inc. employee Rob Counts pulled a trailer out of a building. The cause is unknown.

“The forklift fell over and he fell off,” human resource officer Dee Hinant said. “We originally thought it was worse than it was. … The forklift fell over and we were all scared to death.”

She believes Counts tried to catch himself as he fell from the forklift. Hinant stressed that Counts was not trapped by the forklift.

“I think he just wrenched his back. I’m not personnel; I can’t say for sure,” she added.

“He was contained in the driver’s cage,” Hipp said, but wasn’t trapped.

Hinant said it was unclear if Counts was trapped when someone reported the accident. Counts was outside working by himself with his supervisor inside at the time, which is typical for his daily responsibilities.

“Someone came in and said we needed to call,” Hinant said. “There’s never been a problem before. I don’t know why it turned.”

Dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 10:02 a.m.

As of about 10:15 a.m., Counts was conscious, but Officer Kevin Schaffer had no other information. When the Reflector then approached the accident site, a Palazzo Bros. employee ordered a reporter and photographer off the business grounds.

Hipp later confirmed Counts was conscious.

“I think they were concerned about (his) back, leg and neck,” he said.

Hinant speculated there may have been a dip in the pavement. Hipp said the asphalt parking lot surface looked smooth.

“I don’t know if he hit it wrong,” Hinant said, calling the job Counts was doing “an every-day situation.”

“It was very surprising for us,” she added.


What? (Anonymous)

Life Flighted?

X-Lt. (Anonymous)

later flew.

nosey nellie (A...

Shame on your Reflector, you were ordered off of the scene but you still had to get your picture for all to see. I guess you need new material for the blog. Cary you are a moron get a life instead of being a vulture. OH and if the only people who showed up on the scene was the fire dept and the police then why is it that i see 1 firefighter and 3 PARAMEDICS???? oh wait there's the police behind the mirror!!

Get a life (Ano...

How would you like your every word scrutinized by everyone. Im sure you have never made a mistake on your job.

What??????? (An...

All that money spent on that hospital and they fly a guy out with a wrenched back......... Are you kidding me. Why even take him there in the first place!!!!!!!! Did someone forget to order a new X-Ray machine? Hope he is OK!!!!!!!!

Duh!!!!!!!! (An...

Obviously he did more than wrench his back

Thats Crazy (An...

I can understand he may have had a little spill there but now he's air lifted? This is the kind of stuff that keeps the insurance rates high. This is the same thing people were talking about in the other blog. Norwalk has a good sized Medical Center. Just what is it they do there?

Believe everyth...

This is Dr.Norwalk Reflector reporting from on the scenes, we believe the patient was flown for a sore back can you believe it????

Re: What????? (...

I'm with you! I think we may need a new director out there at the hospital. They spent lots of money out there and for what? You can't be treated there and they have to life flight you out? For GODS sake get some doctors out there!!

someone (Anonymous)

Fisher_tituts is a awesome hosptial but not a trauma center. Fisher-Titus has the best doctors around. the president is one of the best people around if you don't know anything about it don't move your mouth..idiots.

Re: Someone (An...

Didn't sound like trama to me. To bad we'll never know the rest of the story. If F-T can't handle this why wouldn't they take him to Sandusky? I know the President at F-T make $100,000.00 a year and they didn't have a Dr. that could handle a wrenched back!!

Here's a though...

Fisher Tituts should pay for the Chopper ride do to the fact they couldn't provide medical service. Just take $10,000.00 out of the President's pay. Oh and they can eat that bill they were planning on sending that poor guy!!

"lil" Milan (An...

Vain vain vain. Anything to be looked at. The whole medical / life saving community only prove Milan's earlier posts.

to nosy nellie ...

If you been in Huron county a few decades you've had to see the changes in Midwestern attitudes and customs. It might be like that elsewhere, but this I know: people seem to always have to be worried about someone else. They need more respect.

1234 (Anonymous)

Her name was Bertha - Bertha butt. Awesome photo NR. AhahaHahaha.

Milan (Anonymous)

Thank You Reflector for proving my point!

Now Now... (Ano...

Lets not pick on the EMT's It looks like they were in the clean on this one. But we'll be watching!! Any updates on the guy? Perhaps Cary and Lou can swing by his house!!

Dave Rimmer, Li...

I am interested in the "Health and Ssafety" issue of this story, so forgive me for not commenting on the issue of transporting the patient to hospital by air ambulance (chopper). Can anyone tell me, do you need a special licence in the US to drive fork lift trucks, if so what training is involved? Any info would be much appreciated.

Come on Deer Dave, you must know something on this subject


Catch UL8ER......nos da

Get Over It (An...

To "Re: Someone"...Fisher Titus Medical Center is not a trauma center and neither is Firelands Regional Medical Center. As was stated in "Paramedics" response to the article about LifeFlight...the State of Ohio sets the Trauma Triage Protocol that EMT's and Paramedics must follow based upon mechanism of injury and chief complaint. The Trauma Triage Protocol states that certain designated mechanisms and complaints must be transported to the closest TRAUMA CENTER! As ground transport to the closest Level 1 Trauma Center would be at a minimum 40 minutes...air transport is the fastest option. A trauma patient has something that is called the "Golden Hour"...the 60 minute period after an injury; it is the maximum acceptable time between the injury and initiation of surgery for the injured trauma patient. Take into consideration that after the incident occurs...someone has to recognize the incident and report it; emergency crews have to respond, gain access to the patient(s), assess the patient(s), make a transport priority decision, request additional resources (LifeFlight), extricate the patient, begin treatment and possible transport, and hand off care to LifeFlight; the patient is then transported to the Trauma Center where the Trauma Team assess the patient and if needed - surgical interventions are started.

Unfortunately there are laws that prohibit healthcare workers to tell you the details of this persons injuries. But rest assured, LifeFlight was necessary or it wouldn't have been used.

Fisher Titus did not make the decision to LifeFlight this person...the above mentioned Trauma Triage Protocol made the decision. This is not difficult to comprehend! I think the issue here is that many people in this world aren't happy unless they have something to complain about.

Thoughts & Prayers are with Counts & his family.

I think (Anonymous)

Very well said but I'm not buying it.

I think the issue here is that many people in this world aren't happy unless they have there hands in you pocket!!

No one said (An...

that you have to believe it. It is the truth. Feel free to check out the Ohio Department of Public Safety's website...

If you can't find it there, I'm sure there is a contact list on there that will provide you with the names of plenty of people who will be willing to set you morons straight.

I'm familiar with the situation and KNOW why the patient was LifeFlighted and who made the decision...sorry that HIPAA prohibits me from providing any of that information.

what was said (...

Is seen. From the earlier story.Paramedics needed sure. Lifeflight coming to area needed? Maybe. Mandate this Mandate that. can't live in the past & yet did very well without so many things. Not amish but very independent.Survived many things because of desire.

to get over it ...

As was mentioned earlier some try to stay informed of news/current events. Regardless of subject content one can see that there is to attitude here. Read Dr.Smith's book Home to the Flowers. Some themes are still the same.

sorry (Anonymous)

should read there is an attitude here

Deer Dave, (Ano...

Good morning, DaveR. and friends! The REAL Deer Dave, here. I've not been here in a while, saw your question posed to me, and I'll do my best to answer it, hopefully, if I'm wrong, someone on here will put me in my believe you have to have a fork lift operators license-I know most companies that require you to use one have an on the spot training program, enabling you to get your license for that particular job. I believe that they are good for a year, perhaps more. I worked for a company years ago that required a fork lift operators lisence, and they gave the associates the training required and the test was done on the spot. They wore a 'tag' to let people know they had been certified, and when their license expired. Then, like a drivers license, it has to be renewed...but I don't know if it's up to the company or the state on the renewal issue.

Good to see you're alive and kicking, my friend. Very busy work season for me right now, limiting my time on this pc. It's almost 6 am now, and I feel as if I'm running late already! Will look for a post from you later this afternoon! Have a great day, all!

swiss family......

i am very glad that this story ended happily, where the employee was not seriously hurt.. but i don't understand the actions of the Palazzo employee... why did he order the reporter, and the photographer off the property?? it sounds like the company had something to hide, maybe not, but i think that their actions sound suspicous

Re: Swiss (Anon...

I was thinking the samething, If you read between the lines it sounds like the tow motor was on that drop deck trailer in the background. They were moving it perhaps with out it being chained down and it fell off the trailer. It takes a lot to tip a tow motor over unless it fall off something. I could be wrong but thats what I'm thinking happened being we didn't get the detales of the story. Once agian this is only a guess!!

Dave Rimmer,Liv...

Hi Deer Dave, nice to have you back. Many thanks for that info, sounds more or less like the system we have in place over here. I thought you may have had a better system over there that we could implement over her. The only difference seems to be that our license is renewed every three years by having to take a 2/3 day refresher course.

Hope you have been well and had a good new year.

Catch UL8ER and once again thanks for the info.....TTFN



Just checking t...

OK now, Lets follow the money...NCEMS's CEO is none other than Pat Martin. Who is also the President of FTMC. Who is Partnered with St. Vincent threw "United Health Partnership". NCEMS picks you up takes you to FTMC who in turn fly's you to St. Vincent. Not a bad little set up if you ask me!! Partnership is a type of business entity in which partners share with each other the profits or losses of the business undertaking in which all have invested.