Repo gone wrong

Man pulls handgun and tells local woman he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys; she answers with her stun gun.
Scott Seitz
Nov 3, 2013


A Mansfield man is facing a pair of charges after attempting to repossess a vehicle Thursday at a Maple Ridge Road location.

Ronald D. Maddox, 37, was trying to repossess a van owned by a Willard couple, according to Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Patrick said Maddox arrived at the Maple Ridge Road residence and encountered a 51-year-old Willard woman who was there visiting her sister.

Patrick said Maddox indicated he was not receiving any cooperation from the woman when trying to seize the vehicle.

Patrick, along with deputies John Vogel and Eric Bardar responded to the scene.

"The woman disputed what Maddox was saying," Patrick said. "The woman said her husband had been making the payments and they were current on the debt.

"The woman indicated she would leave to get her husband so he could show Maddox they were current on their bill," Patrick said. "The woman said Maddox was free to follow her.

"When the woman attempted to leave in the van, Maddox reportedly stopped her and started banging on the hood of the vehicle," he said. "Maddox demanded the keys and told her not to leave the property."

Patrick said things went from bad to worse after that.

"The woman then backed up the vehicle and Maddox approached at the driver's side door," Patrick said. "Maddox pulled out a handgun and told her he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys.

"Maddox had a concealed carry permit, but that does not allow him to do that," Patrick said.

Patrick said the woman then parked the van.

"Once she parked the van, Maddox re-holstered the gun, but then began wrestling with her over the keys," he said. "She then pulls out a stun gun and fires it near his (Maddox) head, but did not make contact. She did give him the keys prior to us arriving."

Maddox was arrested and charged with assault and aggravated menacing.

"He did admit he used the handgun to try and get the keys from her while she was in the vehicle," Patrick said.

The woman was not charged.

The handgun was a semi-automatic pistol.

"Maddox did have the paperwork to repossess the van," Patrick said. "But, he certainly was in error in how he used the handgun."

Maddox bonded out of the jail Friday.

"The gun is in evidence," Patrick said. "His concealed carry permit was confiscated and sent to Richland County Sheriff's Office for review of the incident. The permit is now suspended pending the outcome of the court case."


so sick of stup...

who the heck did he think he was? what a idiot...


I think the media should release information on which financial institutions hires these kind of people...


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This dude is 100% in the wrong. He should be charged and locked up. He should also loose his permit for life and his job too. He has no right to force anyone to turn the vehicle over. He is lucky it wasn't me he pulled the gun on.


Watching too many repo shows on TV.

Most Wanted

Jack as$. He's lucky she was just carrying a stun gun or she might have shot that little whippy curl right off the top of his head!


...and we're chokin' on our coffee here! ...Little Whippy Curl, great handle for the guy...


proper paperwork or not this is a strong arm robbery. Using a gun while making a crime is a felony!!


Take away his freedom and his gun.Charge him as the criminal he is.If he has a valid CCW he knew what he was doing was wrong and he knows the penalty for disobeying the law.


Pulling the gun WAS your bills you dead beat and this would not have happened anyway. Think the finance company didn't have THIER paper work in order before ordering the repo...DAH....

Everyone is fam...

Oh, because banks are always right and there are never errors? I don't know if they're current or not but there are thousands of complaints against unfair repos and foreclosures.

Karma Watcher

There are many reasons why bills are late. who are you to call someone names if you don't know the facts?


Our precious Firelands Credit Union and the local bank I use offers the convenience of using bill pay to pay bills, but what they don't say is that it goes through a third party and you make the payment to the bill pay and then it can take them an additional week to cut a check to the utility or bank for your debt. I used this 2 months in a row and thought all was well till I looked out my kitchen window to what looked like my vehicle being hauled away on a Saturday. Showing proof to the repo man will do no one any good! We had to wait till Monday and raise heck and show proof that these payments were made on time according to the confirmation I had printed but the timing was what was the issue. Moral of the story is, don't use a third party thing to pay bills! Credit union ended up removing the repo fee but not after the repo man left the lights on and the battery died so we then had to call AAA to come jump start. It was a lesson learned to just pay directly to the utility or the lien holder ... Solves a lot of hassle and argument. We don't know their situation so don't be so quick to judge. They may or may not be in the clear with their debt and who is to say the husband was up front and honest with her ... She may have been under the impression all was well and he possibly thought he paid enough to hold them off. Who knows?


Sure the guy did not use ANY caution or proper procedure with a CCW. ONLY for life threatening action.PERIOD! BUT none of you say anything about the man/woman who didn't pay their bills. Which in return tells me most of you probably have had the same situation come up, and thought it was the bank or the buy here-pay here's fault for not letting you get by without paying. I am almost positive when all comes out the chickie should have just given him the keys because EVERYONE says the "the check is in the mail" excuse or whatever.


OK "truckin" so what if you are paying on your semi for awhile. And you only have one payment left. After you have already paid close to 500 thousand dollars. And some guy just shows up at 2 am and backs up and "steals" your truck. Would you not try to do something about it? Because 95% of the time they don't knock on the door. You could be 3 hours late on your last payment and they will try and come take it. Soon as that fax comes in they know they can get their 500$ plus towing fee. And that's why even cops hate repoers.


ask anyone who knows me, i have successfully and with life lesson planning, am in the position and have been for sometime, to pay cash for my semi and personal vehicles alike as so many should be after years go by, and even 3 hrs late on a pyt ?? is TOO late. I even pay close attention for a renter that always seem to pay at the 8-9th day of a 10 day grace period clause. They do that month after month, wouldn't it be just as easy to pay on the 1st. time after time? and use the grace when something as you speak of is needed, but NO i am excepted to be nice and understand. Laws are written more on the side of the failure's. They seem to punish or turn the succesful into some bad person, greatly due to the growing government dependant society.


I have absolutely no idea what you just tried to say. Read that back to your self.


Exactly! People want to live outside of their budget, and when they procrastinate payments, and eventually stop making them all together... its always someone else's fault! Man up and pay your bills. Pretty simple.


do want to clarify. paying cash for stuff does not constitute to being or even thinking i'm rich? More of just a maturity and mindset to buy what/as need. What can afford, etc. etc. But then again that will probably go over your head?? you probably as most,, have the sense of "ALWAYS" "DESERVING" the best the newest. Like some deserving entitlement, and when things go south, people and institutes "should" be more understanding.


truckin, use common sense please. This guy was wrong period. Know the laws in this state as well too. Bill paid or not is not the point. What he did was illegal, criminal and uncalled for period. Strong arm robbery, criminal confinement, harassment, physical threats, are against the law and so is pointing a gun at someone without just cause. And in this case, there was no just cause period. He let his head get to big and thought he was above the law. He needs to do some real jail time.


Don't deny?? Everyone just seems to look at the prism in front instead of seeing the whole picture. WHY did all this happen?.. WHY did this guy have such a short temper toward people? Instead always looking at the poor person who can't pay there bills as some 100% victim.


Once again you are showing your closed minded thinking. This man chose this profession as his job. As a fellow ccw carrier he knows the laws. The moment he drew his weapon without life threatening cause, just to get the van from her, he went from being a repo man to an armed robber. As ccw carriers, we are supposed to be able to identify just causes in order to use the weapon. In this case, he was just a thug. What you are not seeing is the fact that those people just might actually be caught up wih their payment and are defending their property. Your what if's are pretty astounding to me. As well as your justifications.


CLOSED minded? Where have i denied anything that the "repo" guy acted absolutely against the law? Very aware of ccw guidelines and even informed on the repo legalities. Just ALWAYS seems to me certain class of people seem to ALWAYS have trouble surrounding them. and with that, ALWAYS seems it's anothers TOTAL wrong doing. Kinda like when someone accuses a cop for excessive force? Who told the suspect to run.. to begin with? If a person coming to pickup a vehicle the person is usually fully aware of the probability, and if pyt. was "recently just" made and communication is to blame, there are alot of legal avenues to seek to have resolved. The END on to next.


Are you sitting there stomping your foot? Closed minded because you never even think to stop and consider that maybe, just maybe mind you, that these are hard working people that might have fallen on hard times due to the economy and all of the jobs that have left and are leaving the area. Maybe they are doing everything they can. Buy here pay here places will repo your car if you miss a single payment. Closed minded because you don't think that a person that has planned ahead but had set back after set back eat away at their nest egg. Some people are just very unlucky and douche bags like yourself that sit behind the computer and have every answer to everything and have an "holier than thou" attitude make me sick. I don't know these people but have had a vehicle repossessed due to divorces and loss of job. I just gave up the keys though because I knew I couldn't afford it at the time and I was behind. I climbed out of that hole though and am a successful business owner. Just ticks me off that because a person falls upon hard times that someone like you is going to put them down because of it.

Karma Watcher

well said! truckin obviously is ignorant to some degree.

Kottage Kat

U put,
Thank you. Well said and spot on.


Hush Kat.. some people take great pride in being prepared/saving for hard times. So it's never really a problem to get straightened out, unlike some who have always been able to go to sleep with no worries, because they get an SSI check due to mental, and food has never been an issue due to the paper money delv by the mailman??? sound like anyone we know? so of course you wouldn't understand what true pride is.

Kottage Kat

Not me
Correction: NO SSI I am retired own my home and my car.Not sure where in your deluded thought process you come with all the nonsense, just more of your verbal diarrhea from a BS truck driver.
Have a wonderful week, ataúd safe anda God Bless you


Well if you say?? but hey if you do run into bad times at least you can get wheels for your car, from under your home. or vice versa.


Duh..2wrongs don't make a right. Seen this before. "I got a handgun - I think I'm hard." No you aren't.