Housemate: Shooter a 'sick 19-year-old boy' off his meds

"This was a boy with issues and not a criminal who went on a shooting spree."
Joe Centers
Nov 1, 2013


Jessisa Click said she lived with Shawn Schuett and he was not a bad person. She said he had a troubled life, was depressed and was not on (taking) medication.

She said he just snapped.

Schuett went into the Family Dollar store in Willard on Wednesday afternoon, took two employees hostage and after an almost three-hour standoff killed one of the women then killed himself.

"He was a foster child," said the 33-year-old Click. "He had two families with extreme issues that did not want him. He felt like he was unloved and nobody cared about him."

Click said she rented space in the same house as Schuett and his aunt Sharon. She said seven people lived in the house.

"He was a sick 19-year-old boy," she said. "He was paranoid schizophrenic and a manic depressive who was not on medication. He was respectful. He listened.

"We all do not know who this person is they are portraying in the paper. He was not like that. We had no idea anything like this was happening until it happened.

"He was not on medication. This was a boy with issues and not a criminal who went on a shooting spree.

"We do not condone anything he did or try to dispute anything. We are sorry for everybody who got involved and the loss. But he is not a monster."

Click disputes reports that Schuett forced a woman at gunpoint to drive him to the Family Dollar store.

"I dropped him off in front of Ace Hardware and went to school," she said. "I came back and saw all of this craziness. He said he was moving away on Friday and had to get some stuff. He didn't have anything with him. He went to the Ace Hardware after I dropped him off. I do believe that is where he purchased the weapon. He did not have any weapon in this house prior to that."

Holden said the gun did not come from Ace Hardware.

"I told the police I was the one who dropped him off and I was there until they busted in the doors."



Nope sorry he was a 19 year old adult who bought a gun and went to find women to kill and videotape for Facebook.


Thank you for calling it what it is. They can try and candy coat it all they want. When they start throwing around all the "clinical diagnosis" it makes me wonder how "sick" they really are when they can plan and calculate an attack. He bought a gun, forced a woman to drive him there, wanted to use a phone to post to FACEBOOK, make a video, ordered Chinese takeout, and some other things. If so many KNEW he was "sick", KNEW he was off his meds, why was something NOT done before all hell broke loose? I am sorry if I know my roommate or loved one (husband, son, brother, whoever) is ill and not taking their meds I would be the FIRST one to call the authorities and ask for help. All the people that were worried about him are coming out of the woodwork after the fact now. Too bad they didn't want to help BEFORE this happened.


Lady from my understanding, you can't force an adult to get mental help or take meds as long as they do no not appear to be a threat to themselves or others. And from the article he did not show himself as a threat. What I would like to know is, was he diagnosis or is this just someone opinion cuz they looked up symptoms on the internet.


The illnesses listed in the article are pretty significant to "backyard internet diagnosis". It was also listed somewhere that the medication he was missing was methadone???? Is that the proper treatment for those illnesses. Again it was a RUMOR I read on other comments. I am not saying that is true. All the same if my loved one had those illnesses I would take extra special care of them. Sounds like this individual didn't have the best homelife or care. That in itself might have added to the problem. It is a sad situation all the way around, but does not justify the end.


I dont see how anyone can justify or make up excuses for holding 2 innocent people hostage for 3 hours then killing one of them. He was a twisted person that took the cowards way out.. they should of put the bullet in his head before he had the chance to kill that poor lady.


I don't think anyone is making excuses for him, she is stating the facts of the situation at hand. Obviously he had some real issues, you don't just one day wake up, and decide to go kill innocent people and yourself at family dollar, if you are mentally stable. He has had no prior signs of vilience or aggression according to the police or the people he was living with. Then you have others saying his loved ones and family should have known or git him help? It clearly says he didn't really have anyone that cared, loved, or even looked out for this young man...this is a true tragedy... don't think that I am making excuses, or taking anyones side in this, I am just taking the facts and piecing the hole puzzle together. I wish for the victim and her families sake someone would have noticed something, this tragedy is devistating to whole lot of people.... my wishes and prayers are with all


if a woman gets raped people say she must wanted it- if a young girl gets molested they say maybe she pretended to be older- if a woman just doing her job gets murdered they say he wasnt a monster he just forgot his meds. I SAY BULL CHIT its time to stop finding excuses for the criminal and start supporting the victims!

Everyone is fam...

Frankly, the KILLER does not deserve an article focusing on him. How about an article honoring the VICTIMS? Why should a child blooded murderer, sick or not get any publicity? In my opinion, seeking sympathy for him is a slap in the face of the true victims that deserve sympathy.


How many more people are wandering around without meds? that's a scary question. if they have to be medicated to avoid stuff like this then we have a serious situation on our hands. lock n load!

Really are you ...

Here is the question. What was the criminal before his or her actions labeled them that way?
I am not defending what people have done at all. Having done a lot of watching what has been going on the last couple of years, this is what I have seen. It is easier to find fault, spread hate, put down anybody, make life miserable for everyone, and lie if it serves a purpose. Where is the love, help, emotional support, and truthfulness?
O'i know shortly someone will say something to the effect of that was then and this is now. And I would have to say they are right. Yesterday was hooked on phonics, today is hooked on drugs. Hit your thumb with a hammer, we got some drugs to fix that. Have a headache, we got some drugs to fix that. Feel like hurting yourself or others, we got some drugs to fix that. Anything that doesn't make life peachy for you, we got some drugs to fix that. Sometimes medications are needed for actual survival. But all this other not really needed medical prescription and illegal BS is making it heII everywhere. Then people are getting hooked on pain pills, prescriptions run out then what do they do? Steal pills, buy pills, deal pills, once the pills no longer suppress their self induced pain releaf they go on to illegal drugs.