Woman shot while being held hostage has died and been identified

She has been identified as Kimberly Kelley, of New Washington
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 31, 2013


The woman shot in the head Wednesday night during a standoff at Family Dollar in Willard has died, police said.

The woman has been identified at Kimberly Kelley, of New Washington. Kelley, a mother of three, is believed to be about 47 years old, Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said this morning.

Shawn Schuett, 19, of Egpyt Road in rural Willard, was the gunman who shot her before shooting himself at the end of the three-hour standoff.

Willard police said the woman was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital and then flown by helicopter to another medical facility. Officials received word of her death shortly after 11 p.m.

Pictures of the hostage standoff are posted HERE.

Look for the full story in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.



Has the whole world gone crazy?


Not the whole world yet. Sad that we have to fear leaving our homes.


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what the?

Yes, I think it has.....Time for society to get a grip and turn things around.


I think store clerks should be trained and allowed CCW.

what the?

While I agree to some extent, we as people need to be held accountable for our actions. Society has changed and it has changed a lot. Listen to today's music, watch what's on tv, listen to the words, look at the video games people play today and the violence that is used. We have become more accepting as a society in this area and this is what it leads to. If you read the Advertiser Tribune article out of Tiffin, this kid wanted to "make a statement". He wanted to video the killing and put in on facebook for all to see. THIS is what's wrong with us today!


It does no good to be held accountable AFTER the fact. He's dead. He won't be punished for his actions

The Massive damage has already been inflicted by him.

The lady who worked there is dead.

More of these punks who get shot the less it will happen .

Long term prison sentences do nothing but waste tax dollars.

These types of people cannot be reformed.

Blaming media doesn't work, either.

They've been doing it for decades.

Like I said; Clerks should be allowed to carry CCW. Since they are the ones who are in the direct line of fire.

what the?

I wasn't talking about accountability for "him", rather everyone in our society.....try reading the post again


I did read it, try not blaming society for everything.


I am a christian and I believe in heaven and hell. I believe he will be punished for his sins.


My condolences to the family.


If you look back at most of the shootings around the country, most if not all had some sort of mental problem. Its a shame the victom died but I think this was handled the best that it could have been. I think the Willard Chief did a very good job along with eveyone that was deployed, and there were alot of them!


@ Dusty THU, 10/31/2013 - 10:34AM
"If you look back at most of the shootings around the country, most if not all had some sort of mental problem"

Do you have any support for such a statement? Not picking a fight; just wish to know if your thoughts or if these can be supported with data.


Obviously if you shoot someone chances are you are phucked in the head.


I disagree, if that were the case then there is an excuse to everyone who commits murder. There are just EVIL people in this world and often times we/medical field make excuses for them by saying their have mental issues.

I remember when a friend of mine killed his wife just a few weeks back and then shot himself. He wasn't mentally ill at all, just selfish and vengeful.


Truth, from which college did you graduate? How many classes did you take in abnormal psychology? Did you study forensics by chance? If so, I would try and get your tuition returned.

EVERY person that commits crimes like this one (that are not crimes of passion like what you mentioned regarding your friend) are the very definition of mentally ill. The word evil is about as far from scientific as possible, it is an adjective that can describe people that commit heinous crimes.

So is the problem that they are "evil'? How would you quantify that? The human brain and psyche sits upon a tenuous ledge that can fall apart at any moment, and if you want to call the acts that follow evil....then fine. But to dismiss the scientific fact that some humans are mentally unstable and blame their heinous acts on some supernatural "evil" is silly and does not get to the heart of the problem.

If you don't believe in science, fine. You can blame head colds on bad spirits, murders on some "evil" and health problems in general on someone giving someone else the evil eye(though to be clear OUR culture does not believe in such things though many do) all you want. Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing.

After all, if you want to live in a world that talks not about the real and testable issue at hand with murders like this (mental illness and ease of access to guns by said mentally ill), it is your right. But to those that have stepped out of the dark ages and into the scientific age, just blaming bad things on some "evil" within a person is ludicrous.


Well said!



proud mother of 3

This is horrible, that 2 families have to deal with this yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What's worse is that there are people who would rather make jokes and slam people on here than having empathy and pray for our fellow man. These families have been tore up in a matter of a few hours, and NONE of them deserved any of it! I do not know any of these people, what I do know it hurts my heart that we have these kind of headlines in our communities. Comments such as what is posted on here is not what is needed in our communities, and I am ashamed that my neighbors have such vicious mouths and disregard!


Very well said! I know the family of the victim - I feel their pain, but I also know that the family of the gunman is going through their own pain. People need to think before they speak.


Maybe they have been removed, but before your post I read no comments that were rude, insensitive or mean. Just saying.


Here's the link to the Tiffin Advertiser Tribune --sounds like a 911 dispatcher really dropped the ball --why isn't NR reporting this side of the situation? http://www.advertiser-tribune.co...


Presto, your link sent chills into me.. very sad.

Really are you ...

Thanks for the link. It is disturbing in the least. We can send METRIC and the Huron County Sheriff's Department for a couple growing a pot plant in their house. Then a lady calls 911 to get police help, in a passive way, trying not to upset the man holding a rifle near her. And the dispatch says ma'am this is an emergency number, if you keep calling we will have to send the police to arrest you.


I would have told them...yes PLEASE send the police and arrest me! I would have kept calling them and told them even more outrageous stories.


Yes the family of the shooter is in pain. The family is dealing with their own grief and issues. BUT, when the family comes on here and makes EXCUSES for the gunman it does not help others to come to grips with what he did, it only angers them. You cannot make excuses or explain it away. It does not make it better, you can not make others understand them. The family should also think before they speak. The general public is hurting, they are outraged and trying to deal with the reality of someone taking the life of another. Making excuses does not help anyone. That is exactly what they are trying to do. He was troubled, he didn't take his meds, he was out of his mind. Excuse, Excuse, Excuse. NOthing anyone says will make it better or change it.

HuronCo Resident

If you have to be on medication in order to NOT kill someone, then you should be locked in a room with a gun, alone for 48 hrs without your meds...and let therapy run its course. Prayers go out to the Family Dollar Associate who lost her life. God Bless her and her family. She did not deserve to die. I also hope the 911 Dispatcher who thought she was getting pranked when one of the hostages was trying to call for help, gets reprimanded.


Agree. ^^^


I just feel like how could the whole situation fail any worse than it did?
A hostage calls 911 repeatedly for help & the dispatch "thinks its a prank" and tells her she'll be arrested for pranking if she keeps calling 911!?! Finally help arrives and she escapes but then 2 hours pass and everyone's dead :( Maybe swift deliberate action instead of negotiation and allowing the shooter to basically run the show might be a different tactic w/ different results. At least he didn't get the chicken he demanded. So sad and frustrating for everyone!


Also--does anyone know if this shooter DID put stuff on Facebook?? Article says he got on Facebook with one of the clerks' cell phones after he barricaded them all up inside. Did he get on his Facebook page? Did he upload pictures of any of this situation to Facebook??? It is all so gross!