Another inmate jumps, injures both his legs

LifeFlight helicopter flies local man to UT Medical Center in Toledo.
Cary Ashby
Oct 31, 2013


Another inmate has been hospitalized in connection with recently jumping from the upper stairs in a pod in the Huron County Jail.

Emery R. Slone, 29, of 4039 Weirs Road, Willard, was in custody on one count each of theft of drugs and tampering with evidence. The Huron County Drug Task Force arrested him and two other suspects in connection with an Oct. 15 buy-bust on Walton Avenue in Willard.

Two days later, about 2:30 p.m., Slone ran up the stairs from his cell, climbed up the handrail, grabbed the top of the fencing there and climbed through the small space, said Maj. Mike Cooksey, the jail administrator.

"It's kind of a pie shape up there," Cooksey added.

North Central EMS transported Slone to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. A LifeFlight helicopter then flew him to the University of Toledo Medical Center in Toledo.

Cooksey said the circumstances are virtually identical to those surrounding Daniel M. Legg, 23, of 20 Mill St. That jumping incident happened just after 9 p.m. Friday at evening lockdown when inmates are confined to their cells for the night.

Legg also was flown to the UT Medical Center after first going to Fisher-Titus.

"Mr. Legg is listed in good condition," said Aimee Falk, spokeswoman for UT Medical Center.

Cooksey said Thursday he had no updates on Legg, but he said he believes Slone was "waiting for surgery" at some point.

"I haven't had any updates (recently). There was talk about putting him in a nursing home," he said about Slone. "They were waiting for the swelling to go down as of (Oct. 19)."

No patient condition was available Thursday for Slone.

"He had injuries to both of his legs," Cooksey said.

Authorities suspected Slone had some fractures to his vertebrae, but Cooksey said those injuries didn't appear to be as bad as first expected.

"He was moving when he hit the ground, so he wasn't paralyzed or anything," the jail administrator added.

Slone didn't give any indications as to why he jumped. He fell between 16 to 17 feet.

"To put it lightly, (he said) he did something stupid," said Cooksey, citing a Facebook post that corrections officers discovered.

Slone was in G pod, designated as "administrative segregation." When asked to explain, Cooksey said the area is for "troubled inmates."

"He's been in here before. He was there for his own safety," Cooksey added.

Legg was serving a 100-day term for criminal damaging and assault. The convictions are for an Aug. 21 incident investigated by the Norwalk Police Department.

Authorities have decided Legg would be released from custody once he's released from the hospital, but must return to the jail to serve the remaining 34 days of his sentence.

Just before Legg jumped, corrections officers had moved onto another pod. The inmate fell about 24 feet.

"He apparently hadn't shut his door the whole away. He ran out, ran up the stairs and jumped," Cooksey said.

Legg had surgery on one of his feet Saturday.

"He's going to have to have multiple surgeries," Cooksey said earlier. "Apparently, he had just broken up with his girlfriend. We haven't found anything right now to say it was a suicide attempt. He was distraught over breaking up with his girlfriend."

Slone, like Legg, has been released on bond.

After consulting with Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel, Cooksey said it was decided to dismiss the two charges against Slone for now.

"We will recharge him later," Cooksey said.

Christophel confirmed what the jail administrator said, but added that Slone's charges were dropped due to his behavior in the jail.

This isn't the first time an inmate has jumped from the mezzanine level in the pods.

Former inmate Joshua M. Aumend sustained injuries to his lower extremities that didn't appear to be life-threatening after a mid-June 2008 incident. He jumped about 11:45 a.m. after corrections officers had done their hourly checks.

About 2 1/2 hours before he jumped, Aumend spoke to a mental health counselor for an undisclosed reason.

Soon after Sheriff Dane Howard took office in January 2009, Huron County commissioners used permanent improvement funds to have fencing installed in all the pods to prevent other prisoners from jumping.

"We're trying to find out why this has been done," Cooksey said Thursday. "If an inmate wants to hurt themselves, they're going to hurt themselves."

Corrections officers interview each inmate when they are being booked. Cooksey said if there's a "red flag" for certain questions, officers immediately notify their supervisor and a mental health counselor.

"Neither of them had red flags," he said about Slone and Legg.

The jail is in the middle of filling in the small spaces between the fencing on the mezzanine and the stairs in the pods.

Cooksey has been contacting 25 other jail administrators via a network email about the jumping situation.

"They're all experiencing the same thing. It's not just Huron County," he said.



COME ON MAN!!!!! Do something with those stairs! Taxpayers are prob. paying out a fortune in tertiary medical bills? ching/ching/ching......... SMH


I've spent a couple nights here and there in jail. By no means am i an angel, but there is fencing that goes down the stairs and down the catwalk for the upper cells. People climb around the fence and jump thinking it'll get them out of jail. Works at the moment, but they still have to come back. And yes, unfortunately tax payers have to pay for his ride, but the county gets around paying his medical bills by 'bonding him out' so technically he isn't an inmate anymore, so we don't have to pay his medical expenses. you should do a little research before you start ranting. Everytime i've ben in there, i've been treated fairly and with respect. They do a good job there, not their fault the inmates have seen this "tactic" work time and time again.

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Monkey see, monkey do

Scranton Tibbs

There is incompetency at every level in this dept. Deputies wrecking cruisers. Corrections staff that can't control the inmates. Can't believe the state isn't investigating by now. Drug dealer will convalesce at a nursing home on the tax payer dollar. Get more free drugs. Then just escape and end up at square one. One question. If an inmate gets injured and sent to the hospital how are they able to spend their free time on a cell phone telling the Facebook community their problems? The whole system in this county is a complete joke.


Slone the snitch.. he should of did everyone a favor and landed on his head so he wouldn't be able to snitch anymore or thieve from people.. worthless.


I saw it on paper. Not going to get into detail, but wore a wire WHILE IN JAIL. Thats some balls.


Oh i know he did.. and i know the person that he wore a wire on while in jail.. his initials are S.W. and it doesnt take balls.. it just takes a punk snitch like Emery to do that.


Yup, wall-e is my dude. I got out the day before this happened. I'm just sayin takes balls to do that, the jail gossip goes around really quick. They negated to blackout his info on the discovery. We probably know each other too.


LifeFlight??? Are you kidding me? Absolutely ridiculous, even if they are wards of the county at that point. A nice long ride in the back of an ambulance on a bumpy rural road is what's needed there. Isn't the rate of just a standard helicopter ride like thousands of dollars-let alone one with a medical team on board-AND the need to a deputy to ride along? Leave them locked down-especially in Ad Seg. C'mom Sheriff!

HuronCo Resident

I can't help but wonder if inmates do this because they know if they receive a substantial injury they'll get pain peds prescribed at the hospital? The Sheriff's Dept. does a great job. I hope they figure out a way to close off the area that is allowing the inmates to jump.


More often than not they do this to get pain meds and outta jail for awhile. Don't do the crime if ya can't do the time!


He is definitely going to get some kind of pain mess, depending on serious of injuries he has, and they seem pretty seriuos. Broken legs or ankles that require surgery along with broken vertebras, other back and spinal issues. He must have been pretty jacked up to ger that 10,000 $ dollar chopper ride. As mentioned above that is why he has been bonded out, so the county doesn't have to pay or be responsable for any additional cost or complications that may arise. He will probably be getting pretty strong mess and possably for a long long time. This just gives him a pass to test positive for opiates for the rest of his life, which maybe a little shorter than Expected depending on who he has been telling on.

Scranton Tibbs

This db thinks he is hard. Four illegitimate kids. In and outta prison for his life. If you had a five gallon bucket if human waste it's name would be Emery Slone. Obviously the justice system is broken and this loser can't be rehabilitated. Best hope is someone takes him out.


I couldnt have said it any better Scranton... worthless loser and always will be. That and a snitch. Theres a couple more from that town that need taken out.. One that is selling and doing dope with his prego girlfriend.. No one would even care.. it would be helping that town.

hit the road jack

They took him for a life flite ride and didn't see him jump out at 800 feet? what the hell is wrong with this picture,if he wants to jump,let him jump from waaaay up and maybe he will get his wish.


Being he was stupid enough to jump, he deserves all the injuries and pain that goes along with it. Plus... all the bills!