Police say couple drugged, photographed sex acts with 4-year-old girl

Man and woman, both in 30s, being held under $1 million bonds.
TNS Regional News
Oct 30, 2013


A New Franklin man is accused of conspiring with a Barberton woman to drug a 4-year-old girl and then photograph the child being raped.

Jacob L. Singleton, 33, and Cecilia D. Lower, 30, were arrested Oct. 23 by Barberton police, court records show. Each is being held in the Summit County Jail under $1 million bonds.

Lower is charged with two counts of rape and a single count of pandering obscenities involving a minor. Singleton is charged with complicity to rape and pandering obscenities.

Barberton police say Singleton stole a prescription antidepressant from a family member and gave it to Lower to administer to the child.

Singleton then instructed Lower to “engage in sexual contact of various measures” with the girl, photograph the activity and forward the images to his cellphone, police said. Court records show the crimes occurred in July.

Police say Lower also gave an unidentified prescription medication to another juvenile. It is unclear if the second child also was abused sexually. A department spokesman could not comment.

Detectives said they obtained a search warrant for each suspect’s residence and recovered cellphones, sexual devices and drugs.

Attorneys Don Malarcik and Scott Rilley, who were appointed to represent Singleton and Lower, respectively, declined comment Tuesday night.


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Yeah....ANOTHER SEX STORY hot off the WIRE!


not even our area....


The Sex Reflector strikes again! It must be because of the ads.


Like we don't have enough of a problem around here with molestors, the reflector has to dig them up from everywhere else too. Yeah and what the heck is up with these ads on here?

Maria Fortunata Viti

NR, please explain to the citizens of Norwalk & immediate surrounding communities why this article would interest us? It's 60 miles away, so you aren't protecting us from neighbors who might be committing the crime. You don’t mention they are from our area, so you aren’t implying that molestations might have taken place a year ago to our family or friends.
Am I the only person who thinks that there also may be people reading about this criminally, disgusting behavior but secretly harbor feelings that it is acceptable and might actually enjoy reading every little detail listed? You are feeding their addiction if you continue post articles from out of our area. By “area” I mean outside our county sheriffs or our local police departments, our county court system or our local court systems.
Advice I offer: Don’t ignore the “small people” who make a negative comment online or ask for feedback from you. Don’t be insulted because we ask questions. Don’t think you are justified in deleting our comments because you don’t want to answer. And please don’t come back in anger or with response that make us look ignorant just because we “dare” to ask the “whys”.
Finally, yes I am 1 of the 3 persons making a comment. This does not mean there aren’t more people who feel this way, but just choose not to make a comment. The NR online is gaining a reputation of sensationalism and with articles such as this on page 1, 5th article down this reputation will continue to grow.


Cleveland is 60 miles away. Does this mean you don't watch the news? Gonna need more sand in the area for everybody who likes to stick their head in it.

Anonymous Enigma

Whether it's our area or not... the solution to this problem? Take them out back behind the prison, and put one in the back of their head. If that's done, there's no chance either one of them will EVER hurt another child, ever again.

...Or better yet, take it back to when getting taken to the gallows was a public display.


If this story does not catch your attention you have something seriously wrong with you. any news paper or verbal is obviously going to cover this. this is beyond disgusting!