Driver swerves to miss deer, goes into ravine

Paramedics treat Norwalk man for injuries at accident scene.
Cary Ashby
Oct 27, 2013


A Norwalk driver's truck was towed from the scene after he swerved to miss a deer Friday morning.

James Holiday, 38, of 3 Foxmoor Court, was northbound on Ohio 61 north of Ohio 162 about 7:15 a.m.

"He swerved to miss some deer that were in the road. He went down into a ravine. He hit some trees in the ravine," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Witnesses who saw the deer verified what happened, he said.

Patrick said paramedics treated Holiday for facial cuts at the scene, but he refused to transported to a hospital.

Wilcox Garage towed the damaged 2006 GMC truck from the scene.

The sheriff's office forwarded a report about the crash to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of filing a charge of failure to control.



I bet it was the same deer that ran in front of the deputy a couple months ago! Same vicinity and all..


That deer hates cars! Desperado deer won't use the deer crossing designated areas.

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I'm sure the truck will be ok. I've heard he uses AMSOIL..... Hope he's ok though. Those deer just come outta no where!


Charges for failure to control???? Give me a break! Anyone who drives in our area knows that deer are a constant threat. No one knows when or where they will be. Was the deputy Sheriff charged with "failure to control" when he hit a deer last week??


SHH, no one is supposed to know about that it was not a Heroin Deal, or a Deputy under the firing squad line up.. or the one that just left the department, with no Newspaper coverage. This BUS is the only county official who hangs his employees and their records out for public humiliation..


I wanna hear the story about the girl they found in the middle of the street Saturday night in Greenwich.