UPDATE-Suspect sought in manhunt found

Man stole truck, fired shots
Joe Centers
Oct 24, 2013


Local law enforcement officials have found a man suspected of stealing a truck and firing a handgun at people who tried to confront him.

The search took place near Derussy Road, two miles south of Ohio 18 and ended in a home, where authorities found the suspect hiding.

See Friday's paper for more details.








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Is this man hunt still going on?


I understand that the individual has been caught, can you update this???? so we know - being it is a "Breaking News"....


Sheriff just posted they have him on facebook.

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They should have called in the nearby Norwalk Kid Cops with their cap guns and super soakers.


I for one, am thankful for the work of law enforcement on this case.


The full article is on the register site. For some reason the local paper doesn't have any info although they are ran by the same bunch. Hmmm