Have you seen her?

Arrest warrant issued after drug defendant skips sentencing hearing.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 25, 2013


A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a Bellevue woman who didn't come to her felony sentencing hearing Thursday.

Jessica R. Pannell, 36, of 5245 Ohio 113, pleaded guilty in September to possession of Clonazepam. The conviction is for a Dec. 20 incident.

Because Pannell has a prior felony conviction, she faces six to 12 months in prison when she is sentenced. In August 2010, she was sentenced to 22 months in prison for two counts of trafficking in crack cocaine.



Well, imagine that she didn't show up!
Why would you let her walk if she's going to jail? The Courts are just a freaking joke!

Lin Williams

This girl used to have so much going for her, sad she has turned out to be like this!




Ahh yes... Another druggie from bellevue in trouble w the law. Seems to be a common thing anymore.

Dr. Information

More hand slapping, and more failed "Ill let you go if you promise to be good" policies by our judicial system in Huron County.


Isn't this the third time in a month that something like this has happened?
Was it Judge Conway's court again?
OOP! Just seen the other article, make it the fourth time in a month.


She has never had it going for her. In trouble since early teens, constantly in trouble. Constantly enabled, bailed out. Pic is 3 yrs. Old. Heavy drug user,physically the heavy drug use doesn't show like on most ppl that use alot. She does what ever it takes to get money or dope an she does. Nothing going to change as long as she is enabled as much as she is. It is a shame