Cops: Drunk guy runs into Norwalk police cruiser

Who put that cruiser there?
Aaron Krause
Oct 21, 2013


A local man was jailed after he staggered into a parked police car.

James P. Johnson, 23, of New London, was walking along Whittlesey Avenue at 3:03 a.m. Sunday when he ran into the cruiser, which was parked there while officers were making a traffic stop, Norwalk police said.

Johnson was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the city jail. He later was charged with persistent disorderly conduct after repeated disturbances in the jail, police said.



smooth move!


...ha - agree ...but he could've scored extra points by barfing on the windshield


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I think the headline should have been stumbled into a police cruiser.

Good 2 B Me

Headline implies a car accident.


About as bad as stumbling over a parking block and falling into a policeman.I did that in Panama City Fl.Yea,he gave me the drunk test,passed,whew!

SeƱor Clown

Jimmy Johnson crashes into Norwalk Police cruiser. Fixed that headline for 'ya.

Seriously how are you supposed to be able to see where the sidewalk ends with those intensely bright beacons and strobes blinding you?


Ya especially if your drunk LOL