Police: Teen fabricated rape claim

Woman could face charges of filing false police report.
Aaron Krause
Oct 22, 2013


Authorities could charge an 18-year-old Huron County woman with filing a false police report after investigators determined she made up a story that she was raped.

County authorities had been investigating the alleged rape of the 18-year-old female by an 18-year-old male within the last two weeks.

Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick has said the two were living in the same foster home at one point. He added during initial interviews it wasn't "clear cut exactly what did take place."

On Saturday, Detective Bill Duncan and Sgt. Steve Shupp re-interviewed the alleged victim, who admitted she lied when she said she was raped. It turned out the sexual activity was consensual as the alleged suspect had said, Patrick said.

"Now it's a matter of whether she's going to get charged for fabricating that story," Patrick said. He added authorities will send information to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Patrick commended Duncan and Shupp for uncovering the truth.

"They did a phenomenal job," he said, adding they used different interview techniques to before the female teenager admitted she fabricated the story about a rape.

"Her story wasn't adding up," Patrick said.



She should absolutely be charged, in my opinion! If she is not charged she is just learning that she can lie with absolutely no resulting consequences.



This happens all the time.

It's like crying wolf.

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I thought they could publish names if you are 18? Its a sad world we live in, any woman can say that a man tried to do this or that and even if they are not guilty, their lives are already destroyed just because she said something happened. The penalty should be a lot more for her, but this is Huron county, maybe the same place the drug dealers go will help lol . What a joke!


First you want the names printed, then you say their lives would be destroyed already even if they aren't guilty. Not so much, if the names are not printed. It helps somewhat anyhow.


He wants the name of the accuser printed!


They should print her name at this point. She is not a victim, but a criminal. Any other criminal would have their name plastered all over the paper. This way young men out there know to steer clear of this one.


She should be charged...and her name released! I commend the Norwalk Reflector for NOT releasing the boy's name this time. Too many times the man is named and then it comes out the woman lied and her name is never released. People don't remember the liar...they only remember the guy who was accused!


Agree with "itsnotme" Citizens should know her, shows she has a complete lack of responsibilty.


Throw the book at her!IT,s bull that her name is not in this!


Why isn't she named by name? The accused gets named before even going to trial and she gets the privilege of remaining anonymous for the mess she created?



first they were in the same foster home...was she raped by someone else? sometimes a rape happens and the wrong person gets blamed because it is safer than accusing the actual rapist. this is a scarey sad situation it needs to be investigated more and if there was no rape at all then prosecute and get psych help


Read the article...it was consensual. She needs to be outted. It's people like her that make people doubt real rape victims stories.


Starryeyes is right. This happens all the time and most of the time the woman gets away with it while this mans life will always be questioned as to whether he did or didnt do it. I was accused of a domestic 20 yrs ago. She lied and eventually the charges were dropped costing me thousands in lawyer fees and the selling of personal items to pay for it all and still today people ask me if I did it... It will never go away for this guy....


Wow,what a jury !


This is why they should in all cases either a. publish NO names until they have been convicted or b. publish ALL names. Not fair to those who have been unfairly accused.


I don't even think they should have published any article at all, this one or the one the other day about it.

I'm wondering if libel suits are the reason the name of the young man wasn't published.


Where is the mugshot?


She needs to be charged, convicted and do time. False reports hurt and ruin lives!


Hey Reflector.....are you gonna write a story on that moron that jumped off the stairs in the jail and broke his back and both legs????


Now that idiot would be the snitch.. Emery Slone. What a D bag.


Yep :))

Scranton Tibbs

Yes I'm interested in that as well. He is on Facebook excited because he is getting oxy and other drugs at the hospital. All on the taxpayer dime. That story deserves a follow up


Oh. My. God. I know this is probably going to be deleted because it has nothing to do with this story, but I just checked out this guy's facebook...and all I can say is...wow. I have a headache from all the misspellings.

Scranton Tibbs

That is your brain on drugs....he needs a "meracle". :-/


R.L stien fabricates a story he gets paid! This less than reputible character does and she is a b! Ch