Pair arrested on drug charges after 'partying at campground'

Man and woman "on their way to Cedar Point" when they were stopped for speeding.
Scott Seitz
Oct 17, 2013


A pair of Michigan residents were arrested after a recent traffic stop by Huron County sheriff's deputies.

Emily A. Hoffman, 23, and David T. Hargitt, 22, both of Granville, Mich., are facing various drug-related charges after being stopped by Deputy Shannon Lyons on Greenwich Milan Townline Road.

"They were down here in Ohio partying at a campground and then on their way to Cedar Point," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Lyons stopped the vehicle, driven by Hargitt, for speeding Sunday.

Deputy John Vogel then assisted at the scene with a K-9 unit.

Hargitt was found to be in possession of marijuana. He said he had a medical clearance card for the marijuana from Michigan, said Querin, who added that doesn't permit Hargitt to have the marijuana in Ohio.

Hoffman, a passenger, was found to be in possession of numerous suspected Adderall pills for which she didn't have a prescription.

"Brownies, containing hashish, were also found in the vehicle," Querin said.

Hoffman was transferred to the Huron County Jail on possession of marijuana. The fifth-degree felony is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars.

Hargitt was charged with speeding and also issued a summons on possession of marijuana.





Huron County Jail is no camp ground but enjoy your stay,its on the tax payers of huron county!


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I couldn't agree more.


Freakin' mary-jane busts in Smack Co. , OH.


Why was the drug dog called in for a speeding violation? I wish we could get a complete story. Was the driver being suspicious? Did Deputy Lyons smell burnt marijuana?

"There were down here in Ohio partying at a campground and then on their way to Cedar Point," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said

"There were"? He couldn't have actually said that. That was suppose to say, "They were", right?


You lead a sad boring life. Who cares about the details of this story! Don't you have a life to live?

SeƱor Clown

In this day and age, being out in public in Huron County is probable cause to bring in the drug dog.


This is newsworthy?


You remove my comments? Why, because it tells the truth about the wasted time, resources and money? We are in the midst of a heroin epidemic and toy want to arrest some college kids for pot brownies.... and on top of it all, plaster it in the paper like it us a successful drug bust... it is a total crock of crap, and a smack in the face to a community that wants results.


Stupid auto correct

Richard Cranium

AEversole- Every single incident with the HCSO is a "major" drug bust. If they would have found just two marijuana seeds, then they would have still reported this as a significant drug bust and listed them as two major players in the cartel. Give them their minor misdemeanor citations and send them on their way. (to cedar point). A couple of pot heads is all you have here.

The other problem is this newspaper needs to realize that every time you sensationalize small and petty busts like this, any business thinking about locating to this area will see nothing but petty drug busts in the paper and decide to stay the he#$ out of here. If there is no news to report, then don't make nothing into something.


marijuana is not the problem,heroin is quit wasting time & money on something so trivial. pot will soon be legal and they will waste the tax money generated by it like they do now persuing it!Wake up & smell the smack!

Dr. Information

MJ is illegal. Argue all you want.


He had a medical clearance card and he got caught what 30 miles across the state line. I'd like to see how the Judge is going to handle this one. AEversole - You make a good point anyone looking to locate to this area be it a business or to buy a home could very well be turned off by the "Drug Bust" Most of these are so small its not worth the paper work to get them in the court system. How about solving some real crime Like the Regina Hicks Murder or the Migrent worker that was murdered this summer. How about the tons of breakins we had this summer?

Dr. Information

Because Huron county doesn't have a major drug issue, said no one from Huron county ever.


Wow, he had some MaryJane, with a permit from MI. The Storm Troopers may have stopped a Serial Killer!


Adderall pills and hashish are not just pot.Keep hate n,why don't dusty and aversole just move to where dope is legal? Good job cops.


yea, when the 5-0 are searching for heroin and during their travels they find pot, what are they supposed to do just let them go. get real!!! The deputies are doing a great job, keep it up guys!!!

Ellis dee

Pigs suck