Council to get involved in solving Uptown Norwalk parking problem

Merchants have been dealing with fellow business owners and their employees parking in customers' spaces for last 50 years.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 19, 2013


It appears Norwalk city council members are going to try to tackle the uptown parking problem.

For at least 50 years, uptown merchants have been dealing with fellow business owners and their employees parking in customers' spaces.

At this week's council meeting, Councilwoman Deb Lucal sounded like she's had enough.


Stories about this subject were published this week in the Norwalk Reflector.




I think they should have a hotline that people who can't find a spot can call. When no one calls they will clearly see that parking is not why they have no customers.

swiss family

i understand that parking very near your business, takes away parking spots for customers, but, how safe is the merchant walking to their far away car carrying that days bank deposit?


Don't carry it. Walk to your car and drive back to get the cash. No rocket science here!!!


Re: "uptown merchants"

IMO, identifying the unnamed scofflaws would be a start.

I Can Read

Time Warner vans

Kottage Kat

After 50 years what's the rush? What???merchants? ??. 50 years ago there was a " downtown" with lots of stores. My grandfather had an office the citizens bank, he parked in the old Moose lot and walked to the office, or in good weather walked from home, which many did back then.
So please check to see when it became a problem. Not only I, several of the baby boomers can remember when folks walked.
Please park where you can enjoy the outdoor eating at BERRY'S and of course the ever famous Shur/ Leasch Park.


History repeats.Didn't we read this last week or was it 35years ago ?

Really are you ...

If there is a parking problem in uptown Norwalk, there is a way to fix the problem. No parking in uptown Norwalk, problem solved. The only other way to fix the problem would be a multi level parking garage. But then people would complain about parking tolls and having to walk to the parking garage. It really is a no win situation.


There will be ample parking available at the Bath House..opening April '14.


Nothing will bring downtown alive again. Those days are in the past.


Contango..I agree....print a list of who is parking in front of stores all day, and let them feel the wrath of customers and fellow business owners. @Swiss Most businesses have more debit and credit card transactions than actual cash.


Is this really an issue? Dale Sheppard can't get people in his store so he blames business owners parking uptown? Our town has a terrible drug problem, is hemorrhaging jobs, and has a mayor who seemingly doesn't know his a$s from a hole in the ground, and we are worried about Dale's parking? What a joke.

Dr. Information

Are there meters in the downtown area? One could start by putting them in with 2 hour limits during the busy hours at the rate of 2 bucks an hour.


Re: "Are there meters in the downtown area?"

Used to be, but currently there's no funding for a "meter maid."

Perhaps a private co. could be found to install and maintain 'em, but the smallness of the coverage area would probably be cost prohibitive.

IMO, better to let the merchants settle this among themselves with the city authorities acting as arbitrators.

Where’s ol’ “Jobs, jobs, jobs” Duncan on this????


For once I agree with @contango. This is not a good use for taxpayer dollars.


Truckstop...parking is an issue, but it's only an issue due to ignorance and laziness. I owned a store uptown. There were never any parking places near my store, because the ding dongs who own the businesses next to me always parked there. The entire block of business owners and their family members, and employees parked right in front of their own, and fellow business owners shops. I spoke with the woman who owned the business next to mine, and suggested she park in the city lot. Her response was that she could park wherever she wanted-she then proceeded to park her f150 directly in front of my store EVERYDAY. I asked why no one was issuing tickets, and was told the police dept did not have the man power to do that. Seems to me like it would bring in much needed revenue to have someone enforce the two hour parking limit. Print the names of the offenders..or ticket them repeatedly, and it would stop. People actually enjoyed coming to the uptown area again, and we were seeing many shoppers coming from other cities to visit our stores. Most of the shops uptown are not necessity stores, so when people can't find a place to park, they won't stop. It is unfortunate that a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else. @Dr. Information No, there are no parking meters uptown.


Re: "she wanted-she then proceeded to park her f150 directly in front of my store EVERYDAY.

My Chicago acquiesces, Augie and Guido specialize in helping to "resolve" these types of "misunderstandings."


There are a few in Lorain also !They offered to lend me money once.


If enforcement stops the problem, how would the city bring in much needed (sic) revenue? Let's focus on real problems.

Your store went out of business for lack of a competitive business model. Not due to lack of parking. I frequent the shops on that block frequently and am never for want of parking.


Only in this town do you need to discuss an issue that should be a no brainer for weeks, and get city council involved. You can't tell me that someone issuing tickets would not more than pay for their own position in fines alone, and we can't afford not to fix the problem when it has a negative effect on businesses. Part of the problem is that everyone knows no one is issuing tickets, so they pay no attention at all to the two hour time limit.


"You can't tell me that someone issuing tickets would not more than pay for their own position in fines alone..." This is preposterous.

So let's take a part-time individual making $10/hr working 25 hours/week. That means the City would have to budget $13,000 per year for the position. To make up for their wage, this individual would have to write 1,300 tickets. A quick call to the police department revealed that the last parking enforcement person wrote approximately $1,000 in tickets per year, or 1/13 of what they would need to to pay for their position. Preposterous.

Kottage Kat

Here we go again
Just sitting back
Enjoying the whine and dine
And laughing


Is that supposed to be a haiku?


I was just in downtown a few hours ago....MANY empty parking places. Is it that they are just NOT where you want to park? People are too lazy to walk a block, or two?

swiss family

surprisingly.. I agree with Thomas Jefferson..I am not sure that putting parking meters uptown again is a good idea.. I mean if the idea is to encourage shoppers to visit the stores there. why make them pay, when they can go to the "Marts" stores and park for free????

Since this has been an issue for so very long, and with most people not mentioning the apartments that are in the upstairs of some of the uptown buildings, and with them using the parking spaces as well, we need to resolve this once and for all.My suggestion again would be to close One block on Linwood, next to Pohl park, and build a multi-level parking garage, even if the city has to buy some of the Post Office parking lot to do it..setting up merchant spots in there on the top levels, and maybe even putting meters in there too, but if you pay a quarter for the spot,you get a coupon or voucher of some kind that would give you a dollar off of any one item at any uptown store...not a bad deal, lose a quarter to get a dollar off...Maybe this is not the solution, or maybe it needs to be tweaked, but it seems like people have been trying to put a band-aid on a severed artery, far too long, and a solution is needed not just for now, but for a long term..