Husband, wife get jail terms for road rage incident

Wife: "I'm very, very sorry for getting involved in this incident."
Cary Ashby
Oct 20, 2013


A New London husband and wife face separate jail terms for their roles in a road rage incident.

Steve L. Moore, 37, and Mary L. Moore, 35, must pay nearly $8,700 in restitution for the victim's medical expenses, which were the result of Steve Moore attacking the man with a baseball bat. Each of the defendants was fined $250 Wednesday and must attend and pay for anger management counseling.

The Moores earlier pleaded guilty to amended charges. Steve Moore was convicted of attempted felonious assault, a third-degree felony, while his wife was convicted of aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler called the circumstances of the incident "crazy."

What's so weird, Leffler said, is how far the husband went with going back to New London McDonald's, where the driver of a U-Haul truck nearly hit Mary Moore's new Kia sedan as she and her 13-year-old daughter were waiting in the drive-thru lane.

"This is just crazy stuff. ... This shouldn't have happened," Leffler said. "Some punishment is necessary."

Mary Moore honked her horn at a U-Haul driver who she suspected was getting too close to her vehicle. Defense attorney Jack Bradley, who represented the couple, said the other driver rolled down his window and said "some nasty things to her" before parking and going into McDonald's. He said Moore wasn't concerned about herself at the moment, but her daughter.

Moore then returned to her home at 5635 Fayette Road, New London, and told her husband about what happened.

"They got themselves all fired up at the kitchen table," Leffler said. "This is nuts. ... This is serious stuff."

With Steve Moore having a prior domestic violence charge, Leffler accused the defendant of having the kind of temperament to track down the other driver with a bat. The prosecutor said that type of action is inappropriate.

On the way to New London, Moore saw his wife's new sedan "completely destroyed" and the U-Haul driver jumping back into the undamaged truck, Moore's attorney said.

"I'm not saying Steve went about this the right way," said Bradley, who added his client should have notified the New London Police Department and let them investigate the matter.

"None of this is justified, but there is some justification," said the defense attorney, who added that Moore "lost it" when he saw his wife and daughter in a heavily damaged car.

"He didn't see the accident. He made it clear to police he didn't see the accident," Bradley said.

Moore said he has to live with the fact he should have notified police. He said he intended to go to McDonald's to see why employees served the victim and his passenger and why police weren't involved.

"I'd like to say I'm very sorry for my actions," Moore said. "I wasn't going up there to start something."

Authorities had said Moore "may have been having a few drinks" when his wife returned to their house and Mary Moore got in her new car and drove in the U-Haul's lane to stop the driver.

Steve Moore and his attorney disagreed with some of those allegations and Leffler saying there may have been "a racial overtone to this." The victim was convicted of trafficking in drugs through Cuyahoga County.

Moore's attorney said no victim deserved to be attacked, but he doubted the man suffered serious injuries. The judge said the victim's statement indicated the assault aggravated a previous injury and required surgery.

"My wife didn't go over there to stop a 26-foot long U-Haul truck with a Kia Soul; it just doesn't happen," Moore said.

"I'm very, very sorry for getting involved in this incident," his wife said during her sentencing hearing.

Steve Moore was sentenced to 90 days in the Huron County Jail on the work release program while his wife has a similar, 30-day term. The judge ruled the jail should schedule Moore's sentence after his wife's is done so there will be someone at home to take care of their two children.

If Moore violates the terms of his three years of probation, he faces three years in prison. His wife, who is on two years of probation, faces a 150-day suspended jail term.



Which is which?

I Can Read

I find it interesting that so many people buy these Korean cars. Everyone of them look like a copy of a more expensive brand. Something else I find amusing is the Kia Soul, what's the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Take the silent e out and the joke is on America, I wonder how many Koreans would drive a car named the Chevy Washington D.C.


Actually Kia was purchased by Hyundai a few years ago, and now all Kia's and Hyundai's are either built in New York or Georgia. And they've gotten to be VERY good vehicles with amazing warranties and safety track records.


They are assembled there but the main suppliers are in South Korea. Every wonder why they are so cheap to build? South Korean Free Trade Agreement. I know this because I ship parts into The GA facility and process the shipments with CBP.

Señor Clown

Do keep in mind that it's a global economy in which we live, comprised of multinational conglomerates, and that of the 'big three' domestic automakers, one is a subsidiary of Fiat, and the other two are publicly traded on the NYSE with global investment firm shareholders. Even the 'big three' products that see final assembly in the states are built from globally sourced component parts.

I don't know how many Koreans would drive a Chevy Washington DC, but I'd guess that it wouldn't be many. It would probably be built on the Avalanche / Suburban / Silverado platform and get 14 mpg, and I don't think Koreans are taking out financing on trucks and SUVs for the sheer novelty of owning a big vehicle. Strangely enough, if you watch any Korean television, you'll notice everyone using Apple products, a company based in California that builds everything in China, rather than Samsung or LG.


Typical republicans


The U-Haul driver should be the one to go to anger management!

Moore did society a favor, I bet the foul mouth POS driving the U- Haul will think twice before swearing to a mother with a 15 year old in the car! The judge should have seen the U-Haul driver to jail as well, HE STARTED the fight with his big mouth and lack of driving skills.


The f-bomb deserves a beat down that send you to a hospital?

What does being totally f-ing stupid get you?


Truth2u~ are you even serious right now?? I don't care what the driver of the U Haul said it does not justify someone beating him with a baseball bat. I also find it ridiculous that this guy was allowed to plead to "attempted" felonious assault...he clearly did more than "attempt" to assault the guy.


very serious, you swear and make a threat on my wife or daughter you better not stop to eat.

As I said, we as society don't have to worry about this jerk with a U-Haul swearing at women again.

50 years ago if you used the F bomb or anything close to it in public more than one would put you in your place and a good cop would turn their back to it. In todays 'political' and 'tolerant' society, those with righteous indignation are considered the criminals.

As another said, give the dude a metal@!

Dr. Information

^Keyboard warrior^ alert.


Truth2u ~ I think you need serious mental help.

This situation is like a drunk idiot in a bar wanting to beat someone up for "looking at him wrong". I'm SURE the woman merely honked her horn and didn't say A word to the U Haul driver...(that's sarcasm there, in case you didn't get it)

In any case, I think they both should have gotten a way bigger fine AND more jail just can't go around beating people with a bat because they said something.

Clark W. Griswald

He beat up a drug mule? Give this idiot a medal


These people are complete idiots. Nuff said.


This story is very confusing. First I read where she almost gets hit. Sue blows her horn. The fellow gets out of the U Haul says a few choice words and goes into Mickey D's. Then it says she and her daughter went home and told hubby. They sit around the table and he gets really mad and heads into New London. That's where the story really gets confusing, cause now it says that the U Haul hit and totaled her car. which is it. Did it get his or not? Either way, sounds like all involved acted like children. Yes even the victim when he rolled his eyes and said a few choice words. Everybody grow up!


If I remember the original story correctly, the accident actually happened when the husband and wife returned to McDs and the wife tried to cut off the U-Haul to get them to stop and the U-Haul could not stop in time.


I meant She not Sue. lol


I think the second part was him saying he imagined that's what could have happened and it got him even angrier. Still doesn't justify him attacking someone with a baseball bat. If she were so outraged by what he said to her why didn't she just call the police?


Because they're trash.


FYI: I saw the aftermath of this fiasco, the accident actually happened north of town on Rte 60 in the northbound lane. The Kia was southbound in northbound lane (smashed pretty good) and U-haul was northbound with driver sitting on ground with drivers window smashed out. Kia never made it back to Mc-D's.


If she was so offended why didn't she just call the cops first, why go all the way home to get her old man riled up , unless she wanted to start a fight on purpose.

Sounds like a couple of morons need to grow up.

A 15 year old has heard and used worse language.


I agree...but what was she going to say?? "That guy said mean things to me??"

The original incident did not warrant police involvement. I'm sure her version of what she told her charming husband was embellished from what really happened.