Federal shutdown will delay Ohio reports on joblessness

Last time there was delay in release of state employment data was 1996.
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Oct 16, 2013


Whether the rise in Ohio’s unemployment rate this year continued in September will be a mystery for the time being.

The partial shutdown of the federal government means that the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services won’t be issuing an unemployment report as it typically does on the third Friday of the month. The same goes for county-by-county data and the metropolitan unemployment numbers that are due on Tuesday.

The state depends on federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data to assemble the report, and both agencies have been affected by the shutdown.

The last time there was a delay in the release of state employment data was 1996, which also was the last time there was a government shutdown.

The report will be released eventually, but no date has been set, said Benjamin Johnson, a Job and Family Services spokesman.

“For right now, it’s just wait and see,” he said.

The last report, for August, showed the state had an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent, the highest rate in more than a year. The state’s unemployment rate has been moving higher for much of the year.

Economists say the lack of a government employment report and other economic data creates more uncertainty for businesses that count on that information. Without that information, they are inclined to do nothing until they get more clarity, they said.

“At this point, we’re waiting and hoping everything will get resolved,” said Dan Meges, an economist with Chmura Economics & Analytics in Cleveland.

Meges said a delay of a month, however, shouldn’t be much of a problem.

“If for some reason this goes on a little longer ... then it could start to matter,” he said. “ Everybody kind of depends on this data — (the Federal Reserve), banks and little firms like ours."

Similar data is available from other sources, but it tends to be more expensive to obtain or the information might not be collected the same way, which can make comparisons difficult, he said.

“There have been several times over the past 15 days when a census stat would have been handy but was unavailable,” said Bill LaFayette, owner of local economic-consulting firm Regionomics. “ There are work-arounds, but they are limited and clunky.”

The shutdown also delayed the release of the national unemployment report for August.

One other possible source for economic data is payroll provider ADP, which provides a monthly report on private-sector employment that is based on transactions by the company’s clients. This spring, ADP began to provide reports for many states.

“That’s something I’ve been paying attention to for the last few months,” LaFayette said. “I guess that’s better than nothing.”

ADP’s report for September, released last week, showed Ohio gained 8,080 private-sector jobs, including a gain of 2,080 manufacturing jobs. The gain was well above the average of the past year of 4,000 to 5,000 jobs a month.

“The job market in Ohio appears to be stronger,’’ said Ahu Yildirmaz, ADP’s senior director of market insights.

She said ADP reports are benefiting because of the government shutdown.

“Traffic to our website is up,” she said. “We’re the only game in town.”


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Total BS. Nobody counts the disenfranchised who stopped looking. If they did, the unemployment rate would be closer to fifteen to twenty percent.


The unemployment number is a relative measure. It would be too expensive to track down every single person who wasn't working and what good would knowing a more exact number actually do? The number of those getting unemployment insurance is an already known number so it costs relatively little to collect the information for other purposes. The unemployment number gives an adequate measure for the government and Wall Street to help gage the health of the economy.


Re: "track down every single person who wasn't working,"

See another employment methodology: "The Household survey."


Also, many use the U-6 number as the "true" unemployment rate. Currently at 13.7 nationally.



I can't believe our Representative Jordan voted to keep the government closed and to default on our obligations. It is so disappointing that he would rather see our country's economy destroyed than to let people have access to affordable health insurance.


Re: "see our country's economy destroyed than to let people have access to affordable health insurance."

Just 'cause the legislation has the word "affordable" in it don't make it so.

Destroy the economy now or later?

The only difference is that "later" will be more onerous and at a time not of our choosing if the U.S. continues on it's fiscal path.


I salute him !It is not about the economy ,it is about Reid and Bozo getting their Liberal Agenda to socialize this country.You don't think that Libs care about the economy as long as they get their paychecks, Bozo went golfing, instead of trying to cut the budget. He won again by deception and fraud and lies. He will triple the debt once again before he is done !


A better gage of the employment health of the U.S. is the labor participation rate which is at 30 yr. lows.

Aug. 1983: 64.4%

Aug. 2013: 63.2%


"you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"

- Bob Zimmerman


This is just an FYI.The brand new Air Force C27J aircraft at a cost of 557 million each is going from production directly to David Monthan Boned Yard ,and these idiots are going to run our Health Care program.