Last of meth trio pleads guilty

Norwalk man's 3-year-old child was in his Bouscay Avenue apartment when meth lab caught fire, leading to felony convictions.
Cary Ashby
Oct 16, 2013


A local man was convicted Tuesday of allowing his toddler-age child to be in the Norwalk apartment when his co-defendants were making methamphetamine.

Allen E. Mobberly, 33, pleaded guilty to attempted child endangering and possession of meth. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a third felony charge of permitting drug abuse.

Mobberly and his 3-year-old child were in a Bouscay Avenue apartment March 29 when the Norwalk Police Department used a search warrant about an active meth lab there, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Officers, while using the warrant, patted down Mobberly and found a straw with meth-related residue on it, Woodruff said.

Mobberly's two accomplices, James J. Arthur II, 29, of New Haven, and Mansfield resident Paul D. Prince, 34, are serving a seven-year prison term each for their roles. Each of the defendants earlier pleaded guilty to manufacturing meth while Prince also was convicted of one count each of possession of meth and possession of criminal tools.

"They were manufacturing meth there and he (Mobberly) was there with his child," Woodruff said, referring to the apartment. "It was not his apartment. It was somebody else's."

Early in the investigation, police identified Mobberly as the father of a boy who was there when the March 29 fire started and being "the person who had control of the apartment where the methamphetamine was being manufactured."

Authorities found the active meth lab when they raided the apartment with the warrant. A fire started during the incident and Norwalk firefighters -- who were called to the area to be on standby prior to the raid -- quickly extinguished it.

Police have said Prince, when fleeing the upstairs bedroom, admitted to knocking over some of the meth-related byproducts, which started the fire, which was contained to the bedroom. The contents in the room were a total loss.

Mobberly faces six to 18 months behind bars for attempted child endangering, a fourth-degree felony. Possession of methamphetamine, a fifth-degree felony, is punishable by six to 12 months.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said the "most likely result" is Mobberly will face some sort of community control sanction since he doesn't have a prior felony conviction. Defendants convicted of fourth- and fifth-degree felonies can't be sentenced to prison if they don't have an earlier felony conviction.

Mobberly, who will be sentenced Nov. 27, is out on bond.



maybe somtime in the pen might wipe that smurk off your face? "Father of the year".


He won't go to prison. They'll let him go just like all the other low life's who get their kids in dangerous situations. People like that should not be allowed to breed! LOL Seriously there ought to be a law that if you get convicted of any dangerous felony crime you should be castrated and women should have their tubes cut! Maybe then there wouldn't be so many kids in foster care because mommy and daddy are in prison.


Stu anxiously awaits the gal that defended Bouscay a few months ago to come back and take a bow.


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Ok I get why he is not getting prison time. But what about the child. Apparently the cops had the fire department on hand because they know what the danger of cooking meth poses... does he still have access to the child unsupervised?. what about the danger he put the other residents in there. Nothing but community control sanction (of which he probably won't follow ) is all he is getting out of this? How about he has to sweep all of uptown Norwalk with a sandwich sign on him stating the danger he put his child and other in. something like I'm brain dead from all the meth I do, I don't care what danger I put my child or others in as long as I can get my drug of choice that I love more than my child.


I'd say he sung like a canary . Watch how many bust go down now.


This is a really shame that these guys dont get more from their actions
Ohio Law should take a better look at this and make it so these people that show no concern for others including their own children will not have a chance to do this again .Something needs to be done and a lot stiffer laws need to be enforced .There is so much of this going on and I dont feel like there is enough being done to protect the law bidding


This just amazes me, and ticks me off also,
You have ones not doing as bad if things with NO CHILDREN and no previous record and they get a lot time and strict probation for years , yeah that is why the cocky smirk is on his face people like him repeat criminals have the system figured out, pathetic


Was Mobberly's dad a Captain with N.L. Police?

Kottage Kat

Justice system in Huron County leaves too children " left behind" to endure these parents.


That isn't a smirk. He was stoned and someone who takes the pics at NPD must have a strong talent to make these people smile for a mug shot. Either way, it makes one cringe whether they smile or give the bad butt frown.

It is to cause disgust for the accused.