Man in 'bad shape' faces 6-month suspended jail term for drug crime

Local resident with health problems takes plea bargain, admits to first-degree misdemeanor.
Cary Ashby
Oct 16, 2013


A North Fairfield man pleaded guilty Tuesday to a first-degree misdemeanor for attempting to forge his Percocet prescription.

Nicholas R. Music, 37, of 2182 S. Old State Road, faces a six-month suspended jail term if he violates the terms of his two years of probation. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted forgery.

As part of a plea deal, Huron County Public Defender David Longo agreed to withdraw his motion of Music to be considered for intervention instead of being convicted. The defendant originally was indicted on illegal processing of drug documents, a fourth-degree felony,

Music's conviction is for a Jan. 25 incident when the Norwalk Police Department received a call from a local pharmacy. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said Music presented a forged prescription originally written by his doctor, which increased the prescription from 40 to 60 Percocet pills.

"The pharmacy called police. They also called the doctor's office," Kasper said. "The doctor had been trying to wean (Music) off such a high dosage (of pain medication). ... This was his prescription he forged."

Medically, Longo said his client is in "bad shape." He said Music has a "severe case of Krohn's," had several surgeries and also has epilepsy.

Music, who was fined $250 Tuesday, has no prior felonies and his misdemeanor record, which includes some traffic offenses and a marijuana-related case from 2004.



Geez if the guy has all these things wrong with him why does the doctor want to wean him off the pain meds? I understand that Krohn's disease is incredibly painful. I know I would want something strong to kill the pain. Yes he was wrong in what he did but I don't know if I wouldn't be tempted to do something crazy like that if I were in that kind of pain.


I have known this loser forever, and here is my opinion. He may have some medical conditions, but his biggest problem is that he is a doper/junkie!!!! He has been a pothead for years! He claims disability and has for a long time, only because his lazy A** cannot get off the couch to find a job! It runs in the maternal family! I know a few folks that have Krohn's and do not abuse pills and whatever else they can get their hands on! Bottom line this guy is a loser junkie that us tax payers support!


Dear Greenwichian, I don't know who the hell you are but let me tell you something about this loser! He has had 15 plus surgeries for his condition! He not only has Krohn's he has a blood clotting disorder, he has a heart condition, and he now has a seizure disorder. The only reason he pleaded to this damn trumped up charge was because his so called Doctor was covering his own A$$ because he never expected him to live long enough to answer to anyone on why he was writing Nick so many scripts for pain pills. Not every person who takes pain pills is a junky! I would like you to walk one minute in his shoes and live with the pain he has for the past 15 years! And as far as him being lazy and it running in his maternal family, screw you his family works their butt's off to take care of him. And as far as you being a tax payer and paying for Nick, you do not, he has had private insurance for years and his family picks up the bill for the rest. So you Greenwichian pays for nothing!!!


"disability" "SSI" in NOT a private insurance. While I agree he is in bad shape physically... You need to agree he was, IS and always will abuse drugs and the system.


Just like his uncle.


Really you want to talk about someone who has passed! I hope there is not one single person in your family who is not perfect! Judging the dead, your mom raised a great person!


Wrong uncle-big family.


No when I say private insurance I mean private insurance! NOT SSI or Medicare or Medicaid! I would invite you to walk one minute in his shoes to see what he goes through every single day. He may not be perfect but we will never know what kind of person he would have been had he not been dealt the hand he was given. Until you have a terminal illness you have no room to judge or talk about someone else's struggles. And yes his illness is terminal!


"screw you his family works their butt's off to take care of him." You said it ha ha ha to funny. Audience please notice that his family works for him and gets paid by us! Junkies are us! Obamacare at its best! To freaking funny and all to real!


Oh one last question. Why would a dad disown a son that is so unhealthy and as you make it sound dying of his conditions. Hey I have the answer! His dad knows his son is a loser, liar and a junkie. His dad is smart and the rest um hmmmm geee well here it is not so smart and losers themselves! Hey kick grandma out lately? :O)


I don't know where you are getting your information from but OBAMACARE is not paying for anything in his house. And the last time I checked that's what family means you take care of your own!!!! I have figured out who you are GREENWICHIAN and OMG you have some nerve talking about his dad! Cause you know what his dad is all about!


Unfortunately, this guy IS a drug addict. Dealing with and working with recovering addicts in the area, his name has come up many times. Not all drug addicts start out smoking pot and move up to prescription drugs. Many people will be injured in an accident or have a genuine disease and the doctors will try to "treat" them with medication. However, I feel that some doctors are irresponsibly writing these prescriptions.