Catholic school teacher accused of ‘sexting’ nude photos of herself to student

Teacher, who is 26 and married, sent her pictures after 17-year-boy sent photos of his genitals at her request, police say.
Oct 15, 2013


A Fisher Catholic High School choir teacher has been placed on paid leave while Lancaster police investigate a report that she sent nude photos of herself to a student’s cellphone, an act commonly known as “sexting.”

Principal Sean Kenney, who reported the allegation to police on Sunday, confirmed yesterday that he had placed the teacher on leave, according to a story in the Columbus Dispatch.

According to a police report, the 17-year-old student identified the 26-year-old teacher, who has been at the high school for five years.

The student said he sent a couple of photos of his genitals to the woman at her request, after she sent nude photos of herself to his cellphone, the Dispatch reported. She sent more nude photos of herself after he sent his photos to her, the report said.

“The next day, (the student) states he stopped the texting with Kathleen because it was freaking him out,” the report states. “He deleted all the pictures that were sent between the two. … Later on, while discussing it with a friend (the student) became concerned that people might find out about the incident and wanted another picture of Kathleen as evidence. He texted her for another picture, and she sent one of her naked.”

The student also told authorities that the teacher, who is married, rubbed his leg with her foot when the two of them were alone in class, the Dispatch reported. The teen said he became uncomfortable and left the classroom.

Police took the boy’s cellphone and plan to examine it for relevant evidence, the newspaper reported. Police have the email of the most-recent photo that the teacher sent to the student.

The principal reported the allegation to police after a parent approached him at a football game on Saturday and told him about it, the Dispatch reported.

The teacher has not been charged, and the investigation is continuing, police told the Dispatch.

To read the Dispatch story, which includes the name of the teacher, click HERE.



Another sex story HOT off the wire!!! Is there not enough in Huron county ???


Why would the boy tell?? If my teacher sent me pics, and she was hot, I wouldn't tell anyone!


WHAT 17 yr old becomes "freaked out" when a 26 yr old rubs his leg? She must be REAL ugly or he must be meant for a "San Francisco" lifestyle. or the friend was jealous? and purposely scared him and set her up. Either way.. DAh


Maybe this 17 year old boy has better morals than you, truckin. Just because he got freaked out doesn't mean he didn't like it. Maybe he's actually been raised properly & realized what was happening was wrong.


Thank you, IDK. Truckin' never has anything nice to say so he was probably raised that way. I am sure there are plenty of 17 year old boys who were raised with morals. The kid shouldn't have sent the pics. However the teacher is just plain stupid to think she could get away with it.


Maybe so, but i can bet i had alot more fun than you at 17!!! It is what it is.. You a man (i suppose) who want to put me down, sounds kinda like a fat girl who called the cheerleader names, because she didn't get looked at by the hot guy..all about morels?? OK..your story


Yep, i am a man and yes, I did have a ton of fun as a young man. Served my country. saw a lot of the world, and got a college education after. Have a great job and beautiful family, so no, it's not a jealousy thing. I had plenty of dates with respectable girls at 17. I am not sure why you are complaining about putting people down when that's all you seem to be able to do. Can you say anything nice?


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Does this surprise any one with the Profs they have teaching in college?It was probably a required credit !Did she graduate from Berkley ?


This happened in Monroeville a few years back and it was never reported, it would be interesting to know if this teacher went on to do this again at another school. Maybe the schools should be held responsible if they dont report incidents like this. It seem some schools don't want the publicity and allow the teacher to resign without further consequences.