Alleged heroin-dealing brothers indicted by Huron County grand jury

Law-enforcement officers called it one of the biggest local drug busts in recent history.
Cary Ashby
Oct 13, 2013


A pair of local brothers was indicted Friday in connection with the "protective sweep" of a Greenwich residence by the U.S. Marshal's office drug task force and Huron County Sheriff's Office.

Gary A. Polachek Jr., 35, most recently of Greenwich, is charged with having weapons with disability and possession of criminal tools, both in connection with a July 16 incident.

His brother, former Mansfield resident Scott R. Polachek, 33, of 1055 U.S. 224, Greenwich, faces one count each of possession of heroin and trafficking in heroin, both in connection with a July 16 incident. He also was charged with possession of criminal tools in connection with an Aug. 16 incident.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler gave a breakdown of what law-enforcement officers called one of the biggest drug busts in recent history. He said U.S. Marshals notified deputies they were looking for the Polachek brothers at a Greenwich residence on Richland County drug charges.

"They run into Gary at the front door," Leffler said.

The suspect is accused of lying about where Scott Polachek was, Leffler said, which led officers to doing a "protective sweep" of the home. He said authorities found 104 suspected heroin balloons in Polachek's pants pocket, some Zanax pills in his possession and "numerous weapons" elsewhere in the house.

"There are only two of them living there," Leffler said about the Polacheks. "(Gary) has prior drug convictions."

Officers also seized 20 suspected crack pipes, crack cocaine, six firearms, including a loaded AK-47, and numerous rounds of ammunition, Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said soon after the incident. Querin, Detective Eric Bardar and the Greenwich Police Department assisted U.S. Marshals with the arrests.

"The heroin balloons might actually be doubles, meaning it would be more than 125 balloons. ... The street value is around $4,000," Querin said. "This was potentially a dangerous situation with all the firearms inside, including the AK-47."

Leffler said authorities suspect Scott Polachek had been misusing the Zanax pills because he only had a handful of pills "when he just got the prescription."


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Need Change

I don't always agree with how we're dealing with addiction but in this case these men need to be put away for along time. It's sad to see how far people will go to feed their addictions. It's sounds like they were capable of anything with the amount of weapons they owned. Good luck gentlemen and get the help you need when you get's never to late.


30 years for each, nothing less period! And if one person they sold too dies, they need to be charged for murder.