Cops say ‘dangerous dog’ no longer in village; not so, mom says

Wolf-hybrid bit boy, leading to hospital visit.
Aaron Krause
Oct 14, 2013


A wolf-hybrid that allegedly bit a 15-year-old New London boy is no longer in the village, police said.

However, the victim’s mother said Sunday that isn’t the case.

“It’s my understanding from authorities that the dog is no longer in our neighborhood. However, for the past two days we have seen the dog at the residence,” said the New London mother, whose son was bit last month.

The biting incident reportedly happened about 9 p.m. Sept. 26 in the 100 block of Third Street in New London. The boy, in a statement to police, said he approached the residence to receive payment for cutting the homeowner’s grass. After being bit, he was taken to the Oberlin emergency room, where he was treated and released.

New London Police Chief Mike Marko said the dog’s owner, Michelle Lindenau, has been cited twice for dog at large.

A story about this subject was published in Monday's issue of the Norwalk Reflector.



So this "owner" is going to RUIN the possibility for others to own this type of dog/hybrid. Yet another IRRESPONSIBLE owner. She should NEVER be allowed to own another dog/hybrid again. When will people learn. Good Job, Michelle Lindenau....way to prove your IGNORANCE! If you cannot properly own a dog or hybrid, find someone who can! You ruin the opportunity for others!


Why one would want to take on the liability of owning a wolf hybrid is COMPLETE ignorance.


I would, after proper training, education and understand of the breed. But people like this IDIOT who just thinks it is COOL will completely RUIN that chance for anyone.


Being a victim of two separate dog bites, one at 8 years old bitten in the face and again just four years ago. I can feel the fear/pain and anguish of this child and family. Hope the family sues them, hope the prosecutor goes for attempted murder charges on this owner if it attacks someone else!

Without common sense laws justice never prevails, if someone is charged concerning their dog and they hurt someone then felony charges should prevail, feed the owners to wolves if they continue to keep a dangerous dog!

I sued the last owner whose dog took a six inch piece of flesh out of me, it took almost a year but we won, but sadly the family never had a visit from the County dog warden OR THE POLICE OR THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT !! Seems were paying for services that are not being rendered, how about they send us back our taxes, or better yet don't vote for any more Health Department levies until they take the laws seriously and follow up on dog bites. And yes, the hospital reported it and I even called them! Still, no follow ups.


So the Police Chief don't know what's going on in his own community? LAZY! I see from the address that's an apartment. Wonder if they have renters insurance to cover the dog, Better yet wonder if the property owner has insurance to cover it. It's not really the dogs fault I'm going to blame the owner. And people wonder why Landlords say no pets. Well this is why! Anyone know what the rules are for dangerous dogs are these days?


Most insurance companies will not insure you if you have what they list as a "dangerous dog". Chance are they either don't have renters insurance or they have lied and not told them. In some cases, if you've had the dog since it was a puppy, its' been to obedience training, and it has no bite history they will make an exception. Irresponsible pet owners....smh


funny they always want to put the breed down if it can be called a scary breed... ignorance.. any dog can bite.. period.. it doesn't matter if its a wolf hybrid or not.. and wolf hybrids are not aggressive.. the nature of wolves is actually one of shyness that is one reason they don't make good guard dogs.. I do know the laws inside and out on dogs... and have helped end Breed Specific Laws in many areas.. this only made the papers because of the word wolf.. if it had been a Chihuahua would have never made the paper.. and Chihuahuas have the highest bite rate for huron county.. just saying, next in line cats

be for real

Yep any dog can bite and the ones that do need to be killed!!!!

retired and happy

Dusty I noticed you like to pick on the Police Chief and the Police Dept from previous comments. Did you read the article? He stated the owner was cited twice. Obviously he knows what is going on, its you that don't and by the way that is not an apartment!


If it has a 1/2 in the address it most certainly is a apartment. What would make a reasonable person think that this kind of pet is a apartment size animal? It caught my attention because he said the dog was no longer there when it clearly is. And not on a chain once again. But hey that's his story and he's sticking to it.


I don't think anyone should own a wolf hybrid. Wolves are wild animals and are NOT meant to be pets. No matter what kind of training you give them there will always be that underlying wild side that could come out at any time. The best solution is to not breed this animal in the first place. I mean what's next a kitty cat/tiger hybrid? I wanna see the litter box for that one!


^^like^^ hehe...that would be an impressive litter box! ;)

North Fairfield

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I'd be a little more worried about the dog owners children. If they've taken to keeping that dog in the home I would think the home owner might want to check on his or her investment. The story said the dog was inside and escaped.


I really think there should be background checks for people before you can own an animal of this nature or any animal as far as that goes. ALL animals have the capacity to bite, fight, etc. It is our job as a pet owner to watch out for them and not have them in a position where they could be a problem. Don't have an animal if you are unwilling to be responsible with it!


Ok...did anyone read the actual story in the paper? My mom did and she said it read like the kid showed up at like 9pm collecting for the lawn mowing, the owner opened the door a crack, the dog got out, the kid started running and got bit. This makes the story a little different in my opinion...the dog didn't savagely maul the kid. The dog chased him...not good, but understandable. Most dogs WILL chase you if you run...and you are not going to out run them. Parents need to educate their kids on what to do if a strange dog approaches them. NUMBER ONE DO NOT RUN!!

While the dog still shouldn't have bitten him, I can understand how this happened. This being said, I'm really not in favor of anyone owning a wolf hybrid as a pet.


I find it incredible that most of you can say such immature things. If you don't know the dog or the family, maybe you should educate yourselves a little. I know both, the dog and family. They are amazing people and the dog is very calm and loving. I'm going to assume that you also don't know that kids walking past had been throwing rocks and other hard objects at him while he's been tied out to use. the bathroom. Grow up a little please. Michelle is well educated on the breed of her dog and he has been a very good family dog.