Norwalk school unions agree to pay freeze in contact extension

Unions make concessions prior to Nov. 5 election.
Cary Ashby
Oct 11, 2013


Norwalk City Schools has ratified contract extensions with the separate teachers' and paraprofessionals' unions in the district -- agreements which come with a pay freeze.

The contract, which goes through the 2014-2015 school year, marks the fourth consecutive year the Norwalk Teachers Association and Ohio Association of Public School Employees No. 269 have accepted no pay increase to their base salaries. OAPSE covers the district support staff, which includes the bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, kitchen workers, maintenance personnel and education aides.

"This is something simply outstanding by both unions," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said at Tuesday's school board meeting. "I certainly applaud their efforts."

Essentially, he said the unions are saying despite what happens with the levy in the Nov. 5 election, "they are willing to freeze their contracts."

A story about the school board meeting was published in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.



VOTE NO ON THE LEVY. Do not be misled, no raises in "four" years is not the whole story! Teachers/union still receive step increases, here are just a few examples:

Matt Lark, 2010: $57,498.....2013: 61,155

Cari Beers, 2010: $62,692.....2013: 68,355

Brad Crook, 2010: $95,211.....2013: 100,128

Amy Swope, 2010: $66,044.....2013: 70,262

Amy Bergman-Hackenburg, 2010: $47,968.....2013: 56,946

Sandra Goodsite, 2010: $96,510.....2013: 107,141.


Wow - maybe the wages should have been frozen a long time ago including step increases. Also most of the teaching jobs are part-time. Don't know about the non-teaching jobs but I suspect many of those are also part time. Hourly rates would be really helpful here so these wages could be compared with other public employees who actually work full time. Full time employees work 2040 hours a year - Teachers 1560 hours a year (part time).


Ignorant beyond belief.


No accurate beyond belief - I've checked the pay records - Have you? They are available at the School district, the County Auditor's office, State Teachers Retirement (for teachers) among other places. They are public records that they must show you and must give you copies upon written request.


Frozen pay: A short-term solution to a long-term problem.

Buying power is being eroded yr. by yr.

Stay tuned for the next act in this contract play.


Actually the long term problem is different than you think it is. Back in the day (50's) teachers and school staff were underpaid. Somehow in the intervening years the system overcorrected and teachers and school staff are now paid a lot more than other public employees with similar education and experience. Reform is coming but I suspect its going to be painful. Ohio is not in the forefront but will likely follow along with the solution. Frozen salaries are likely to be the least painful long term solution available.


Re: "Frozen salaries are likely to be the least painful long term solution available."

The point (which you're obviously missing): Frozen salaries are NOT the solution.

And while the cost of living continues to rise, you would tolerate your salary frozen for how long of a period?


I'm afraid your missing the point - These folks are grossly overpaid compared to other Public Employees of similar education. This is a nationwide problem and corrections are being proposed. If the alternative is an statewide education immediate 35% wage cut as has been proposed in the State of Nebraska or a ceiling on appointed public employees of the highest paid elected official with similar education on a county by county basis in Indiana - Frozen salaries are less painful.


Re: "I'm afraid your missing the point - These folks are grossly overpaid,"


1. The TOPIC is school teachers NOT other public ees.

2. Maintenance, Admin., transportation costs, et. al. all continue to rise. Teachers' salaries are but ONE slice of the overall budget.

3. Freezing salaries, though a prudent gesture ONLY delays the inevitable need for a funding increase.


Sarrak- who are the other public employees with the same education and experience you are comparing them to? I just can't think of other public employees that would be comparable.

Dr. Information

Yeah, I agree....some facts instead of spouting off would be nice.


At the Masters degree level there are a number of those at the Department of Jobs and Family services all of whom make substantially less than their similarly educated school employees.

At the Doctorate level all three fulltime Judges, the County Prosecutor, the County Public Defender, and the Lawyers on their staffs.

These are off the top of my head since its Saturday night and the Auditors office is closed but there are certain to be more com-parables to be found there. Probably the engineer's office would be a good starting place as well as the health department.


Yeah you may have given some places that may be comparable but you are still missing the facts. You say the DJFS employees have masters degrees and are paid "substantially" less but you do not provide examples. If you are going to make comments like you did, you really should back them up with facts.


The salaries for all those positions are available at the Auditors office. The salaries for the Judges and the County Prosecutor are set by the ORC.

Dr. Information

Easy to point the finger when its someone else's job. Freeze the wages of the complainer on here and see how they respond.


What exactly is a CONTACT extension!


What do the benefits add up to ? Three month vacation,holidays,Easter Week,Christmas Week tax payers portion of health ins etc?I just read where a family that lost their employer Ins.will cost them another $10k a year.


Stop jumping on the teachers. Many of you wouldn't put up with what those kids do every day and the teachers have their hands tyed behind their back when it comes to unruly/out of control kids.
If you really want to find a good area to look at START at the administrators and the requirements from the state.
The last 3 years a teacher I know very well has had to come up with completely new lesson plans and this years new requirements has the teachers working into the evenings and during the weekends JUST TO DEAL WITH BUREACRATIC FORMS FOR THE STATE