Federal shutdown means local farmers cannot receive gov't checks

Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency shuttered
Aaron Krause
Oct 7, 2013


This is the time of year when farmers open their mailboxes to find annual federal government checks.

"They can count on it, it's a government check," said Diana Strouse, county executive director for the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency.

This year, as long as the federal government remains shut down, producers won't be able to count on those payments, Strouse said.

She said she wishes she could help them, but she's unemployed.

"Our office is locked tighter than a drum," she said.

That's because the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency falls under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Strouse, who writes a weekly column each Saturday in the Norwalk Reflector to remind producers about payments, deadlines and other agricultural information, cannot even write that until further notice. She added that if she writes the article, and it's published, she could be fined $5,000 and receive a two-year jail sentence because she'd be breaking a federal law. She said she cannot use any government equipment to do work related to her job. She added she can't even write the article or do any other work from home.

"It's not good news," she said. "I would love to do my newspaper article so the guys know what's going on," Strouse said.

A story about the shutdown and effect on local farmers was published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.






Paying an aging farmer to not work or grow something seems to be a very silly way to manage the farm industry. As a non farmer, I just do not understand it. Except the government wants to keep the price of commodity up, so they make sure there is not over production.


You can go to ewg.org and see what farmers recieved. Top farmer on huron county recieved over two million bucks


2 million between 1995-2012.

2012 was only about 70k

Scranton Tibbs

Oh noes we are all going to starve to death now. :-(


The majority of Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, the President signed the legislation, and the US Supreme Court found it constitutional. Now, a fringe group of the GOP aka the Tea Baggers, who make up less than 25% of those elected to Congress, have successfully shut down the federal government. They do not believe in democracy or majority rule. It's their way or the highway. Their tactics are comparable to a small elitist political party that rose to power in Germany in the 1930's.

Beware Americans. Your freedom and liberty is being stolen by these ignorant elitists. In Germany, they blamed the Jews for all their problems. In America, they blame the liberals for all our problems. Both are wrong. You may find that you agree with one or two of their issues but if you look at their whole agenda, it's anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-democracy.


I agree with about 50 percent of what you say, but have you read the Constitution or Bill of Rights? Find me one time the word Democracy is mentioned in either document. We are a Republic, a Nation of Laws...we are not a Democracy...our Founding Fathers were clear to state that we were never to be a Democracy where majority/mob rule wins. Our Founding Fathers belied in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, limited Government and Freedom of the individual. Read the Bill of Rights and note the common words of the first 10 rights...Congress shall not. Fast forward to today where Congress passes whatever they want and we have to do whatever they say. The Founding Fathers believed in limited government and we now has government in our faces 24/7.


No, we are not a complete democracy but a republic. Decisions are made for us by those we elect. However, when we elect a group of people to decide issues for us like School Boards, City Councils, State Legislatures, and Congress, they decide based on majority rule. The Tea Baggers are trying to subvert this process because they are fundamentally opposed to democratic principles and majority rule. They reject the notion of "WE THE PEOPLE". Like the elitists in Germany, they believe that only they have the true solutions to our problems no matter what the majority thinks. It's not about mob rule but people power exercised by the consent of the governed - not political power exercised by the ideologically "pure" Tea Baggers.


jas, you need to educate yourself instead of regurgitating the liberal propaganda.
The tea party wants the US to go back to the constitution that limits the government not empowers it.
This Nation is a democratic republic precisely so we do NOT suffer "majority rule"
Old example of that is-
Three men and one woman operating as a democrocy and the men vote to rape the woman who voted against that. Just because the "majority" voted for it she now has to allow the men to rape her?

Now The Rest of...

The Supreme Court ruled that the obzocare penalty was a tax and congress has a right to both pass and rescind taxes. The left wing party also has a close cousin in Europe, the U.S.S.R. who controlled all aspects of the lives of their citizens and who enslaved half of Europe and imprisoned their own people for over 60 years all under the guise of the collective good and class envy. Americans your freedom is being stolen by these far left wingers who's redistribution of wealth is destroying the American way of life, where hard work is rewarded, not handouts.


Please try to use facts when you're arguing and not Republican propaganda.If the Supreme Court had found Obama care is unconstitutional. The Republicans would NOT have ran home and closed our federal government.Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave knowing that his party has stooped to an all-time low,of cowardice and treason.

Now The Rest of...

Its you who either need the facts straight or at least the facts not as the far left promote. The supreme court upheld the penalty section as a tax under the Commerce Claus, as a tax the congress had the right to levy, hence they also have the right to rescind, sorry when the facts are against your far left wing process.


The Tea Baggers don't have enough votes to rescind the Affordable Care Act, they've tried and lost, so like a spoiled brat, they resort to taking the ball and going home. They don't believe in democracy and majority rule just like the Nazis.


jas, in your previous comment you claim that the tea party is fighting against majority rule and now in this comment you accuse them of using majority rule.
Looks like you are a willfully blind liberal parrot squacking what you have been programed to say.
You really need to educate yourself.


No, like a spoiled brat, the President wants his way or the highway. He will not negotiate. Now he is saying he did not say that. But I heard him. Every president has had to negotigate political rules and laws. Through out history, if the Senate and House Bills do not agree, the bill either dies, or they fix it and then pass the bill. The president has to be president, and negotiate to make both the House and the Senate agree. He is acting like a dictator. The US government is not meant to be led by a dictator.

Now The Rest of...

The left wingers continue much like their communist brotherhood with class envy, attacking personal achievement and government ownership and control of our private lives. Once again we are not a democracy, we are a republic.....


Jas,,you sure are uninformed.You better get some history books.This Adm is taking over all your freedom and you are being ruled by the majority,all the freeloaders,illegals,Blacks,nutty liberals,media,Latinos,extremists,gays,unions.Who elected this Bozo,there they are !Some one better say no more !How many poor farmers,do yo know?Last year one I know of made 150k in the land bank.Talk about freedom,how about chaplains can't have service during shutdown.That is being a power play by your King Bozo !They aren't even allowed on the base !


Thanks, that makes sense. But do you know how they are getting around the fact that in the Constitution the House of Representatives only has the power to legislate a tax?


Cracked, you sure are.

Sitting In The ...

"Americans your freedom is being stolen by these far left wingers." Come on really because none of the wealth in America was redistributed by Republicans. Something you won't hear on Fox News is the Republicans are the reason this whole mess happened, not the "Far Left Wingers".


Well in fact, only the House of Representatives can legislate a tax. The Senate is not supposed to be able to legislate a tax. So if the Supreme Court is the law of the land. Then something has to be changed with the Affordable Care Act. If a tax, then only the House of Representatives has constitutional authority to pass it into law.


No, the majority of congress did not pass the Affordable Care Act. The Democrats in the Senate passed the Senate Version of the ACA. The majority of the House of Representatives passed a different bill. The Senate then took some of the language in the bill out that the House of Representatives passed. The Senate version of the bill was again sent back to the House of Representatives to be approved. The House did not approve the Senate version. That is what is going on. Please please learn about how bills are made so you can argue with something other than what you learn on CNN or NBC.


We shouldn't pay farmers not to grow certain crops anyway. capitalism means if they over produce the consumers can afford to eat healthy food. Instead of the GMO crap!


"GMO crap" is the shining face of capitalism. With unfettered capitalism companies like Monsanto, etal, are free to create Frankenfoods.


I am with you on the GMO crap. At least they did not pass the act to protect Monsanto from lawsuits.


Great! Lets keep stopping handouts!


Does this mean, no more free phone? LOL


Rural water also falls under USDA, why is the water not shut off?


otherwise known as critical service?


Rural water has never been critical service. It was put in place to get people on the hook to the govt for more money. Most people had wells or cisterns before rural water the only reason they bought into rural water was for convenience. Imagine what will happen when the govt needs money and raises rates at their whim for the water that is so critical.....