Local man injured in one-car crash

Driver, 21, taken by ambulance to hospital.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 7, 2013


Emergency personnel responded to a one-vehicle injury crash Friday afternoon on Exchange Road.

Cody Westcott, 21, of 13 Sycamore Drive, was transported from the scene by North Central EMS, where he was treated and released, according to the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

The New London fire department also responded.

The crash took place at 1:08 p.m.

A citation was not yet listed in the crash report.



Did Deputy Shuff handle this one too?? New London - No Citation Issued.. Must've been a relative of one of the firemen in NL.


chopperpilot, This has nothing to due with Deputy Shupp, why you have to make comments like this is just stupid...Cody is a young father, who works, he lost his fiance just months ago to a medical problem. It was just a accident, Pray Cody heals fast and returns to his small child, who needs his father now that his mother has passed away. Thank the lord for Cody's parents who have stepped up and take care of the little one, while Cody works. The family needs prayers not you attitude Choperpilot..


okay first off, it never said a citation wasn't issued, it just said a citation was not yet listed at the scene. there is a difference. second, you have no idea what happened. I have no clue who this guy is, but 245 says hes a father who just lost his fiance' recently, which tells you right there he's under A LOT of stress, could be depressed. maybe he's working a 3rd shift somewhere and was on his way home? and Deputy Shupp is a really nice guy who made a mistake, everyone does. I'm sure you've probably made one or two in your life! if I'm not mistaken, Deputy Shupp's wife just survived cancer or a brain tumor or something not too long ago? so I'm sure he's probably still under a lot of stress as well and made a mistake. something that he FIXED and IS forgivable. don't turn him into a bad person over one mistake. grow up