Local man arrested on heroin-related charge

Suspect wanted by authorities gets apprehended in Richland County.
Scott Seitz
Oct 7, 2013


A Greenwich man was arrested Friday morning on a pair of drug-related warrants.

Scott Polachek, 33, of 1055 U.S. 224, was picked up by Richland County deputies who then transferred him to Plymouth police.

Huron County Deputy Shannon Lyons later transported Polachek to the jail at about 7:12 a.m.

Polachek's active warrants included possession of heroin and having weapons under disability.

In July, in what law-enforcement officers called one of the biggest drug busts in recent history, Polachek and his 35-year-old brother, Gary, were arrested at their South Street residence in Greenwich.

"The Polacheks ... were found to be in possession of 125 balloons of heroin, numerous Xanax pills, hundreds of syringes, about 20 suspected crack pipes, suspected crack cocaine, six firearms, including a loaded AK-47 and numerous rounds of ammunition," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said following the arrests.

"The heroin balloons might actually be doubles, meaning it would be more than 125 balloons," Querin said. "The street value is around $4,000."

Querin said $179 in cash was also seized.

"This is one of the largest heroin busts in Huron County during this administration," Querin added. "This was potentially a dangerous situation with all the firearms inside, including the AK-47."

Court records indicate Scott Polachek has yet to be indicted by a Huron County grand jury for his alleged role in the July drug bust.


what the?

I don't think that this guys does any drugs at all..........just look at him!

Scranton Tibbs

Bye the looks of this guy I'm surprised he left any drugs to get confiscated.
How many strikes do you get these days anyway?
Another repeat offender drug dealer:



Remember, it's not Conways fault these guys get the minimum! BS!


The judge picks and chooses who he wants to let off easy. And its ppl like this who he let's off with a slap on the wrist. Smh. What a shame.


Dude...uh...dude...haha..oh man...I'm so stoned.....hahaha...(just a look into this guys thought process.)


So let me get this straight. We can make fun of this guy because he is 33 years old. But when we make comments about the 19 year old we are called bullies and the comments are all removed. They think we are picking on a "child". I think the moderator of the Reflector needs to check the "rules" I didn't know there was an age limit. Isn't 18 the legal age? So why the difference?