Two teens arrested at Norwalk homecoming dance

Pair face theft, child endangering charges.
Scott Seitz
Oct 7, 2013


A pair of Norwalk teens were arrested late Saturday after an incident at the Norwalk High School homecoming dance.

Aaliyah M. Warnke, 19, of 80 St. Mary's St., Lot 12, and Andriana Leach, 19, of 40-A Corwin St., are currently in custody at the Huron County Jail.

Leach was charged with theft and also arrested on a separate undisclosed warrant.

Warnke was charged with theft and also endangering children as she was found to be in possession of a 2-year-old unrelated to anyone involved in the incident. The child was returned to the mother, who resides in Elyria.

The arrests took place at 11:15 p.m.

No other information was available.



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Bleeding hearts.. again.. and I see they removed all of my comments wow.. why? cause im speaking the truth.. I mean look at the thing.. hey Norwalk reflector if you don't want people making fun of a boy looking thing then don't post there mug shots on here.. just saying.


You are the corniest, most pathetic excuse for a person there is....I would rather my child be in here for stealing than have you for a child..... grow up. Your comments are ignorant, pathetic, disturbing, and I think you need to talk to a shrink, to get to the root problem you are obviously dealing with, if you ever want to grow up and be a decent human being I hope you get the help you are screaming for


I agree with you 100%! It breaks my heart when I see the news and I hear of a 14 year old child has killed themselves because kids were making fun of them, and we hear this all the time. My own daughter wanted to kill herself, because she said she was so ugly. It broke my heart to hear that. People are so cruel, but God has a way of giving it right back to those cruel people, and he gives it back 3x harder!

Scranton Tibbs

Censored my comment so let me rephrase it in a more PC fashion. Let's say I run into "her" and "she" says hi, which eye would be the appropriate one to look into as I say Hi back?


How she looks or chooses to dress has nothing to do with the charges she faces. However, I hope both of these teens are held accountable for their actions and pray they can turn their lives around. Anyone that attacks a person by the way they look, while hiding behind a screen name, should be ashamed of themselves. Just like these two should be, by what they did.

Scranton Tibbs

Save the rhetoric and preaching for Sunday school. Anyone who preaches and tells other people what to say while hiding behind a screen name is guilty of hypocrisy and should likewise be ashamed of themselves.




Needin' some mirror time, fed?


Thank you Aeversole.. I appreciate your compliment lol. The next time I see a he/she I will think of you (:


To all the people in here making fun of the way a child looks, you are pathetic! You obviously do NOT like yourself, and have low self esteem, because you feel you need to make fun of a persons looks to make yourself feel better! Being mean, and making fun of the way someone looks, only shows how ignorant you are! She is still a kid! She hopefully has a family who loves her and will guide her down the right path! You don't know what her life has been like! My daughter is gay, and I love her no matter what! I don't care who she loves, as long as she is happy. You must be a very insecure person, and I'm going to bet a lot of people have made fun of you in your life, because people like you, bullies, have been bullied before. I bet if your picture was up here, there would be a lot of comments that would have to be taken off. So, go look in the mirror, and keep your nasty comments to yourself!


I made a comment earlier in the day stating a mistake in the paper. They once again did not EDIT the paper and made a PRINTING mistake. My second comment stated I did NOT care what any one looked like or what they did or didn't do in their private life or bedroom. I was more worried about the CRIMES. I also questioned the "possession of the 2 year old child not related" Committing a crime with a CHILD along is even a BIGGER issue. Stealing from other children while they are at a high school dance is a problem for me.

Scranton Tibbs

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I didn't know [transgender ] was so offensive of a word. PC world and all. Just put it out there as a possibility ,that's all.