Business owner: 'It will be more difficult to survive'

Lengthy bridge replacement project in Fitchville closes U.S. 250 today.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Oct 7, 2013


A lengthy bridge replacement project on US 250 in Fitchville could prove to be a challenge for the Fitchville Market owners.

The Ohio Department of Transportation closed the roadway today for an estimated 210 days to complete the project and the detour could potentially take a lot of the market's business with it.

Gursharan Singh and his wife, Kiranjit Kaur, have owned the Fitchville Market, 1596 US 250 South, for three years.

"It will affect a lot of our business," Singh said. "We hardly survive in the winter and then with this, it will be more difficult to survive."

A story about this subject was published in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



Is RT 13 still accessible??


IF they are FOREIGN and have come to this country and not born here, they don't have to pay taxes on their new business for at LEAST 5 years..some as long as 10.. so if that is the case then take your tax break and pay for your business.. I as a Born American do not have this advantage. Stop whining. And yes I assumed this from their name.

Sitting In The ...

Do you have a link to back this statement up?. You assumed this solely on the name and not on the photo? right.


Dude....your news sources are failing you...badly! And you are so consumed by hate that you believe this crap. That is so very sad, that this country has stooped so low.


You are absolutely wrong on this Wasp.


I know the man personally, yes he is from India. He does get tax breaks for 5 years, not 10.


Wasp....get some professional help dude


WASP 71 , in general, is absolutely correct, about the taxes, That's why a lot of foreigners keep putting it in other family members names. This practice has been going on for years with these business grants.

Thank you to the US government just one more program which has a lot of fraud.

Google it; Lord, knows there's been numerous news stories over the years on it.


This is not true....


I did google it. I find NOTHING that confirms what you are saying. I will continue to treat those claims as nonsense as should everyone, unless you can prove it otherwise with IRS tax code or other proof (other than a quote from


I wonder if these two stay in one of those teepee's just north of the gas station. Depending on which tribe they're from, I'm sure they're not hurting financially.


Yes it is, CNN has done reports, 60 minutes has done reports. Rueters has. ABC has done investigative reports. ICE has had on the their websites. Go on believing what you will though, can't believe you people are that damn niave.

FYI: I'm not from the area

hit the road jack

Well,he couldn't do any worse than the guy who owned the old Clark gas station on Benedict Ave that just up and left town and we're still looking at that pathetic mess.