Local ex-cop arrested on sex charge

Man, 41, reportedly admitted to having sex with 17-year-old girl.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 6, 2013


 -- A former Bellevue auxiliary police officer was arrested Wednesday on a charge of sexual battery.

According to reports, Bradley McMahon, 41, of Fremont, admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old girl on three different occasions.

McMahon, who was arraigned Thursday, is being held at the Sandusky County Jail.

McMahon is due for a hearing at 8:30 a.m. Monday at Bellevue Municipal Court.

The sexual battery charge is a third-degree felony.



I remember seeing this guy ride around town listening to that garth brooks song shameless.


If this wasn't a cop he would have way more charges! Example if it was you or me we would have 3 sexual battery charges for each time we had sex with this girl... Atleast.



This is prime example of "you should not always assume what you hear or read is true." This product of the male species is not a cop in any way. He is not being treated as such either. As an auxillary "officer" you are simply a glorified volunteer. He had no lawful authority to do anything. So, before gathering around with your neighborhood gossip group in the future, maybe you should gather your facts and "stretched the truth" information. You are what is wrong with these silly small towns.


SHAME ON YOU Sandusky Register for titling this article as such. He is not a cop in any way, shape, or form. He is a volunteer. You should issue an apology and rerun this article.


I wonder if the Sandusky Register can see what you posted on the Norwalk Reflector site?


You bleading hart pice of crap, lovetoride.
Real cop auxiliary cop it does not matter.
The fact is he was on city payroll. And was compensated for the time he was by the city.
This " man" admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old girl that was under his care. Bellevue police did not handle this. Sheriffs department stepped in and took over the case. Good thing .. Otherwise he probably still be out. Local cop buddies Protecting each other wink wink. So don't try to defend this guy or The city of Bellevue .So get your facts straight! Volunteer or not . He still got paid. And had to go through an interview process, which apparently he passed.


Oh come on now you idiot. What you actually got out of that was that I was trying to "stick up" for a child molestor. Yes, he was a city employee but don't call him an ex-cop or a cop of any kind. He was never a cop in his entire life. He was a pipe fitter for the railroad for the last 16 years or so.
He was a volunteer for the city. I volunteer, so does that mean I am what I volunteer for. No, it means I take time out of my day to help out my community and not get paid for it. This guy was the same thing, only he happened to be a creep. Not like that is something that appears on your background check. If it did, half of the people in the community wouldn't have a job.
And your comment about Sandusky County Sherriff's, they were contacted to handle the case not "take over" it, because of the conflict of interest, as any person who uses their brain to think outside the box would have figured.
Once again, I am not defending this creep. I'm just saying, Sandusky register has a way of wording things so people like you can go around exaggerating events that happen. You know only what you want to know. Get a life douche.


Ill slap my pony on the @ss and ride to that!!!! You all stop sticking up for child molesters


Ill slap my pony on the @ss and ride to that!!!! You all stop sticking up for child molesters


Pretty sure the dude used to coach girls softball in the summer some time ago. Remember seeing him in Castalia.


Shameless is a Billy Joel song.


how can they post about this guy but not put Seth Frys name in paper?