'Dog is not a human,' says man charged with animal cruelty

Man's German shepherd was found emaciated and covered with fleas.
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Oct 5, 2013


A Middletown man is in the Middletown Jail and charged with animal cruelty after his German shepherd was found emaciated and covered with fleas, according to Middletown police.

Officers and Butler County Dog Wardens responded to 4908 Roosevelt Ave., on Friday, Sept. 27, after receiving an anonymous complaint that a German shepherd and a Pomeranian were being mistreated at the home. Dog wardens said the German shepherd was tied to a tree and the Pomeranian was in an area fenced in with chicken wire.

Police said the German shepherd was chained to a fence and was “extremely emaciated and covered with fleas and ticks.”

A woman at the residence told police she would call her father, Jeremy Temple, who was the owner of the German shepherd, according to the police report.

Temple told officers he had had the dog for four years and in the summer months the dog normally lost a lot of weight, according to the report.

According to police, Temple said “the dog is not a human” when they questioned him further about the conditions the dog was living in.

The dog was released to PAWS Adoption Center, and Temple was transported to Middletown Jail where he was charge with cruelty to companion animal, unlicensed dog and improper chaining or tethering.

The dog, named Joey, has received veterinary treatment, according to the PAWS Facebook page.

Temple is scheduled to appear Oct. 14 in Middletown Municipal Court for a pre-trial hearing. He is free on $5,000 bond.


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Our ancestors knew how to deal with a imbecile like this - tar and feathers and then throw tics and fleas on him.


Good thing you idiot.The choice to have pets comes with responsibility to feed them and look after them.They are not human,they are a living being and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.MORON.

all fact or all...

I'm not sure he is human. If you don't want to take care of animals DON'T get any. Ours are part of the family and are treated as such.

Now The Rest of...

Tie this piece of trash to a tree, see how he likes it. The court should ban him from animal ownership, he doesn't deserve a dog.


I agree with all the above comments! What a low life creep.


you can tell the character of a person just on how well they treat animals.

Seen it All


nightroller's picture

What a clown .... he should not be aloud to own a animal


I agree with all the positive comments what did he do that was against the law??? I continue to send 35cents a day to africa for the 4yr old on t.v. with flys buzin around hid face and after 2months of it i see the commercial again still has flys on his face. There is an american standing right there waiting to videi a tear. And laughs cause he is getting paid standing under a shade umbrella in his dr.scholl shoes all comfy... and this guy gets in trouble for feeding animals????....wtf yo. And as if thats not. Loving enough he is also housing fleas! .....how are you gona lock someone up that wont even hurt a flea????


Next thing you know it will be a sex crime to smear peanutbutter on your sac and pass outunder the family christmas tree! Hey jack. If anyone is charged there it should be the dog . Not only is he living the life of a welfarian but now he is licking privates. Yuk!

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Isn't it sad that abortion is more acceptable (burning the baby, (or fetus, for the pro-abortionists) tearing the arms and legs apart while living the natural habitat of the mother) is more excusable than letting a dog have fleas. Shameful


Stick to the topic JMOP, this has NOTHING, to do with abortion. Dope.

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Dope? No thank you. I don't do drugs or drink.
I was sticking to the topic. The main headline they quoted him as saying "A dog is not a human". I, for one, am against curelty towards the innocent. Wether it be animals or kids.

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It is bizarre to see hypocrites like 44846GWP and all the other liberals, whine about fleas on a dog, but treat crushing and dismembering innocent, unwanted human beings like a trip to the dentist.

The Answer Person

If we had more abortions, then things like this where a poor defenseless animal's life of misery, pain and suffering might not ever happen again. Too bad this guy's parents were too stupid to abort.

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Great comment!

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Point taken. Maybe if more liberals were to have their way with gay marriage and abortion your kind will no longer exist.


The GS is more human than this lowlife is!! Mofo should be taken out and chained around a hornet's nest with lotsa pop poured on him.

I wouldn't waste the honey on him. Too Expensive.


Wow! It is disgusting how evil you are! I pray you find jesus hun


If he mistreated a human like this, It would be a stiff sentence and fines , His flippant disregard for the well being of this dog, tells us a lot about him. As for abortion, its protected under law, Dogs are humanely put down every day, this was not about abortion.