Janesville employs reject contract offer

The company plans to close the Norwalk plant, putting about 300 workers, including hourly and salaried, out of work.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 3, 2013


Janesville Acoustics employees rejected the company's new contract proposal at a vote Tuesday afternoon.

"The last couple weeks, we've been negotiating items involving the plant closure and a severance package," said Casey Martin, union president.

Janesville management announced on Aug. 28 the closure of the Norwalk plant, putting about 300 workers, including hourly and salaried, out of work.

"As everyone knows, the company plans to phase out the Norwalk plant by the end of December 2014," Martin added. "The current contract is up Dec. 18, 2013 so we've been obviously trying to negotiate or extend something."

Martin said on Friday, the company made it's "last-final" contract offer.

A story about this subject was published Wednesday in the Norwalk Reflector.



They will just leave sooner.

Really are you ...

I think that the president/ CEO of Janesville may be bipolar.

At first, we are sorry, but...

Now, you are not worthy.


Run the union off now and maybe the plant will stay.


Or...since they are leaving & you folks have given already, less now would be less un-employment until you find new work.


When one is offered a severance package and one has little to no latitude in the matter, I'd suggest following the advice of comedian Henny Youngman:

"Nem de gelt"

(Take the money.)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: As much as I love debating. I also think it is important,to mind one's own business. Such as this case.

After all " corporate Janesville " has already decreed , no matter, what the state of Ohio or our fair city had to offer them,that they are leaving ( Can you believe, the bunch of ridiculous,disgusting, political B.S. a moronic U.S. Senator layed on them. Didn't change their mind's ? )So what could anyone not directly involved, say, to help this situation ?

Still after saying all that. I wholeheartedly applaud the ---soon to be former--- Janesville employee's for telling their greedy, uncaring bosse's to " shove it "

Sadly,as you note; Henny Youngman has,as he did so often, summed up the situation, in simple terms : " Nem de gelt " ( take the money )

Best of luck to all former Janesville employee's. Here's hoping the spunk you show here, leads all to a successful future.


Re: "Janesville employee's for telling their greedy, uncaring bosse's to 'shove it'"

IMO, as in this case, when one is not in control of the outcome; 50% (or whatever) of "something," is better than 100% of "nuthin'."

Nem de gelt.


As a spouse to a JA employee, the offer they made was crap. As was the obstacles they had to run through to get the crap they offered. It was unrealistic!!


And herein may be seen JA's true reason for leaving. Factories filled with union employees who chose to deamonize management rather than partner with them are a vanishing breed on our industrial landscape. Uncooperative labor compromises the company's ability to compete in today's global economy. Ultimately relocation or bankruptcy are the consequences of an overblown sense of entitlement.


Well said Whoop


They didn't have to offer ANYTHING. They have paid employees for services rendered for many, many years.
You can thank your union for JA leaving.

Cliff Cannon

@ Verbalkint & Whoopball. Although, I very much agree in principle with you both here. I must ask; If the person who shoved the knife into your back offered you a parting gift,before you died. Would you take it, or tell him to 'shove it' ?

Personally,despite my paycheck saying 'Norwalk Furniture' or whomever else I was selling my services to at the time. I always felt that, after they paid me on Friday we were even.

So despite having no axes to grind here. If I were selling my services to Janesville at this time. I'd do 2 things. Work hard to the last day. And tell management to ' shove it ' when it came to parting gifts.


This sounds like a case for Michael Moore.