Woman accused of trying to hide convicted dog killer

Pair arrested during search for man wanted on probation violation.
Cary Ashby
Oct 2, 2013


Two people were arrested early Tuesday when police were attempting to take an Erie County man into custody on a local probation violation warrant.

The Norwalk Police Department reported finding Kane M. Ortman, 21, of Huron, hiding in the attic above the apartment at 27A Bouscay Ave. after about a 30-minute search. He was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant and transported to the Huron County Jail.

A resident of that apartment, Ashley D. Ringle, 30, was arrested after police said "she made numerous attempts to mislead the officers with (the) purpose to prevent (Ortman's) discovery." She was charged with obstruction official business and also taken to jail.

Police arrived at 12:43 a.m. and were on the scene about one hour and 45 minutes.

Officers forwarded reports to the Norwalk Law Director's Office, probation officer Abby Keefer and Huron County Children Services for review.

In September 2011, Ortman and Aaron M. Friel each received a six-month jail term for animal cruelty stemming from an incident the previous month.

Prosecutors say the pair dug a hole at the Collins residence where Ortman lived at the time, tied a 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever to a nearby fence post and beat him to death with a shovel.

Then, in July 2012, Ortman was charged with driving under the influence after the one-vehicle crash in which he and a passenger were injured.

Ringle also previously was in the news for criminal activity.

In April, Ringle and another woman, along with a teen, were punished for misdemeanor crimes following a disturbance that took place at the Bouscay Avenue apartment complex.

Police were called there at 8:14 p.m. Sunday, April 7 to investigate a report of a fight involving a woman and a male teen. They determined the teen -- Kenneth Ansel II, now 19, of 16 E. Quail Hollow Drive -- had been drinking alcohol, so they arrested him. At the time, Ansel was in a drug-court program that would have allowed a felony conviction to be wiped from his record if he successfully completed it. That offer has been revoked, and Ansel is now behind bars following other criminal activity. (NOTE: A story about Ansel was published earlier this week. Click HERE to read it.)

While police were arresting Ansel, Ringle and Heather Randolph, 26, of 37 Bouscay Ave., Apt. A, caused problems, so they, too, were arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Huron County Jail, police said. (NOTE: To read the original story, which included the police report, click HERE.)

Witnesses told Ansel and Ringle had been physically fighting outside the apartment building before going into Ringle's apartment. Ansel came to the door with a bloodied nose, police said.

Ringle's two small children were removed from the apartment and given to her sister and brother.

Ringle, along with Ansel and Randolph, were convicted of multiple charges and sentenced in Norwalk Municipal Court.

Ringle was convicted of obstruction of official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. She received a 20-day jail term, with another 70 days suspended as part of two years' probation. She also was fined $200 for the resisting arrest conviction and $100 for each of the other two convictions, plus $197 in court costs.

Ansel was convicted of consuming underage and disorderly conduct. For that, he received a 20-day jail term, with another 70 days suspended as part of two years' probation. He also was fined $100 for each conviction, plus $126 in court costs.

Randolph was convicted of obstruction of official business and persistent disorderly conduct. She, too, received a 20-day jail term, with another 70 days suspended as part of two years' probation. She also was fined $100 for each conviction, plus $126 in court costs.



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