600 people went back to work?

Huron Co. jobless rates improves to 8.6%
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 26, 2013


Huron County's employment situation has improved -- at least according to state officials.

After posting the state's fifth-worst jobless rate in July, Huron County dropped 10 spots to 15, according to the most recent statistics released this week by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

Of the 27,400 people in Huron County's estimated workforce, 2,400 -- or 8.6 percent -- were unemployed in August. That's a sharp improvement from July, when 3,000 of the 27,500 people (11 percent) in the estimated workforce were jobless.

So, according to ODJFS figures, 600 people went back to work last month in Huron County. (NOTE - A story about this subject, including comments from local officials, will be published in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.)

In June, Huron County had a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, ranking it 13th among Ohio's 88 counties. In August 2012, the county's rate checked in at 8.1 percent.

Ohio's unemployment rate was 7.3 percent in August, up from 7.2 percent in July, according to the ODJFS. Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employment decreased 8,200 over the month, from a revised 5,208,800 in July to 5,200,600 in August.

The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in August was 419,000, up 3,000 from 416,000 in July. The number of unemployed has increased by 9,000 in the past 12 months from 410,000. The August unemployment rate for Ohio was up from 7.2 percent in August 2012.

The U.S. unemployment rate for August was 7.3 percent, down from 7.4 percent in July and from 8.1 percent in August 2012.

Among the state's 88 counties, August 2013 unemployment rates ranged from a low of 4.3 percent in Mercer County to a high of 12.0 percent in Pike County. Rates declined in 86 of the 88 counties statewide.

Six counties had unemployment rates at or below 5.5 percent in August. The counties with the lowest rates, other than Mercer were: Holmes, 4.6 percent; Delaware, 5.1 percent; Auglaize, 5.2 percent; and Geauga and Union, 5.5 percent.

Meanwhile, seven counties had unemployment rates at or above 10.0 percent in August. The counties with the highest rates, other than Pike were: Meigs, 11.8 percent; Scioto, 10.8 percent; Adams, 10.3 percent; Morgan, 10.2 percent; and Jefferson and Monroe, 10.0 percent.

Ohio's nonagricultural wage and salary employment decreased 8,200 over the month, from a revised 5,208,800 in July 2013 to 5,200,600 in August, according to the latest business establishment survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in cooperation with ODJFS.

Goods-producing industries, at 843,600, lost 4,700 jobs over the month. Jobs decreased in manufacturing (-2,500), construction (-2,100), and mining and logging (-100). The private service-providing sector, at 3,608,800, lost 5,600 jobs. Employment decreased in leisure and hospitality (-7,100), educational and health services (-6,300), other services (-900), and information (-500). Gains were seen in trade, transportation, and utilities (+4,900), professional and business services (+3,900), and financial activities (+400). Government employment, at 748,200, increased 2,100. Local and federal government added 2,100 and 400 jobs respectively. State government lost 400 jobs.

From August 2012 to August 2013, nonagricultural wage and salary employment grew 32,500. Goods-producing industries decreased 3,000 over the year. Construction lost 6,100 jobs. Manufacturing gained 3,100 jobs in durable goods (+2,600) and nondurable goods (+500). Mining and logging did not change. The private service-providing sector added 42,800 jobs. Gains were posted in educational and health services (+13,100), trade, transportation, and utilities (+12,200), professional and business services (+9,900), leisure and hospitality (+7,400), other services (+2,100), and financial activities (+400). Information decreased 2,300. Government lost 7,300 jobs. Losses in local (-6,500) and federal (-1,900) government exceeded gains in state government (+1,100).

All data cited are produced in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Labor. Data sources include Current Population Survey (U.S. data); Current Employment Statistics Program (nonagricultural wage and salary employment data); and Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program (Ohio unemployment rates).




Re: "600 people went back to work?"

Nah. More people just stopped looking for work after they lost their unemployment benefits and don't show up in the numbers.


Yup. I think you may be right.


Hmmm. Guess that explains why the NEDC purchased their own building this week.


Re: "NEDC purchased their own building this week."

And since the NEDC is a 501(c)(3), yet ANOTHER downtown building taken off the property tax rolls.

Norwalk taxpayers are again getting fleeced with this partially publicly financed boondoggle.


Yea, I agree 600 people just dropped of the charts or left the county. I dont think the system for keeping track is very good.


Right, so the only unemployed stats are of people with unemployment compensation, because we all know you get unemployment when ever you get fired.... yea right! 600 people couldn't find jobs and there benefits expired, real big win.

Cliff Cannon

" 600 back to work ? " headline next to this headline : " Wal-Mart cutting orders due to unsold merchandise "

Which one do you find more telling ?

No matter. We all know, there are in fact, jobs to be had. Pay obviously, ain't what it used to be. Still, don't mean a hard working, driven man or women of courage, determination and perseverance can not make a good life for themselves, if only they try.


Re: "can not make a good life for themselves"

Your optimism is commendable; however, Norwalk/HC has become an economic desert.

IMO, the late Sam Kinison was on to supthin':



Would you take a job that you knew wouldn't pay your bills or would you try to find employment around the same pay so you can continue to pay for the house you built or how about life insurance. I'm not argue with you cliff and I do agree all it takes is intestinanal fortitude (guts), but some people aren't ready to give up a uc check that pays for these things vs going to a temp service for 9 bucks an hour? Now a lazy no gooder on the other hand is a diff story. I'm speaking from personal experience

Cliff Cannon

@justlisten & snoozer: I totally agree on not giving up an unemployment check for a job that won't pay the bills. That would be dumb,so why would anyone do it ?

I also,understand ( from a different angle) the pain of losing what you've worked for. That not only stinks---the pain or at least the lesson--- stays with you all the days of your life, doesn't it?

Having said that. I should add, I am a very simple person, with very simple needs. Which means, that all too often,I see simple solutions to complex problems. So I should apologize for that. (I also, should remind myself often of that, before I write something.)

Still, I believe that working ( and I am talking about " a lazy no gooder on the other hand is a diff story " ) for your goals is a better life than doing nothing. And that if all I could make was 9 bucks an hour, which allowed me to split a home with other hard working member's of my family, friends, etc. Yet, still stand like a man taking care of his family. I believe, I would do that.

Further, I have a C.D.L. ( which means I have a little piece of gold in my wallet )and knowing how many people want/need truckdrivers. Admittedly,does also further skew my opinions.

Lastly, like Scarlett O'Hara looking at curtains and seeing an evening gown. I truly believe in improvising, which opens up yet another closely related, very important, field in the new world we find ourselves living in, doesn't it ?

Perhaps,' improvising ' is best summed up this way: Attitude is everything. And while a good one, won't feed the belly. It will feed the soul,which,hopefully will ultimately then turn the tide.


@ cliff I know what your saying but sometimes things are easier said than done.
If your not in that situation its easy to say theres jobs out there if you want to work. They must be lazy if they cant find a job huh!
Let me tell you its harder than you think.
I lost a great job 6 yrs ago when the recession hit and I couldnt find a job anywhere! well I did find a few jobs but they were very temporary 3 weeks here or a week here sort of thing nothing stable at all.
Well cliff I was on ue for 18 months during that time I applied for more than 30 jobs with no luck! So when my Unemployment ran out with no job I lost everything! Lost my home had to cash in my 401k and live off of that not to mention no insurance.
I finally got a decent paying job 3 yrs ago but the damage was already done! I lost my life savings my retirement fund my house and inevitably my marriage.
Im just one of millions that went thru that senario. Like i said cliff some things are easier said than done.


You hit it right! Snoozer!!!Where are any good paying fulltime jobs?Huron county job # are bull!Polly one on N west street has a help wanted sign out?for any one Looking.Good Luck !!!

Cliff Cannon

@ Snoozer : "I finally got a decent paying job 3 yrs ago but the damage was already done! I lost my life savings my retirement fund my house and inevitably my marriage.
Im just one of millions that went thru that scenario. Like I said cliff some things are easier said than done "

Not only well put Snoozer. But very educational if one truly reads it.Very sorry it happened to you.


JUSTLISTEN and SNOOZER: 1st Life insurance is a luxury not a right. Good idea, but not a need. 2nd sometimes it may take 2 of them low paying jobs to equal what you "had". Your time is precious, but so is eating. 3rd, if you get to the point of losing your house, cashing in 401, one would think you would see it coming, plan for it, make adjustments and if 30 job search with no luck, (or were you too good for them job at task?). You should have used the money to MOVE. and do NOT use the "not everyone can truck theory". Trucking is like having 2 low paying jobs combined into one when you add the hours. BUT PEOPLE DO IT. and do not use the family roots thing either. People relocate/transfer and get/or search for greener pastures all the time. You think your special?? go ahead sit around here and get with other like minded people, and boo hoo all day. Some are tired of hearing it!


Re: "People relocate/transfer and get/or search for greener pastures all the time."

Yep! Heard THAT one!

Originally left Norwalk oh so many decades ago; moving to different cities and different states each time for a better job.

H*ll, you can always come back to visit.

Currently the best GDP in the U.S.? Midland, TX.


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Midland,Texas ? Yuck ! I can barely conceive a more ugly area ,than West Texas. Still, for a good job. I suppose, one could make do,if they had too.


Re: "I suppose, one could make do,if they had too."

As my late-great father in law used to say:

The nerve that's connected to the hip pocket controls the body.

If I wanted to live in OH, I might check out Columbus. Pretty damn bustling every time I've been through there.

I've often said that: Considering it's location, Columbus is like a sewer for tax dollars.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I think your late great father in law, just might have been on to something.

I read a Yale study years ago of the top ten words which attracts the average person , no matter gender, race or religion.

The number one word was " Free" with " Sale " coming in second. Before asking people to guess the number one word. I always give them this clue " Sex " is number 6, which of course shocks the hades out of a lot off folks.


Re: "the top ten words,"

Wow! Blast from the past.

I once had this article or a facsimile hanging on my wall in an office. I would use it when designing ad copy for my marketing campaigns.

Yea, my father-in-law was the son of an Okie sharecropper. He went to Baptist seminary for an education, became a teacher and later went into business and did quite well for himself and his family.

He had a great western drawl and a Will Rogers-like sense of humor.

He was one h*ll of a guy. I miss him.


Midland is a pit..but?? or like i say. Drive/Haul garbage!
You may stink for 8 hrs. pays not bad and you'll always have a job 2marrow.


@ Cliff Cannon and truckin. It's nice to read good comments. Keep em coming. More people like you need to be vocal more often!


600 people off of UE rolls. That pretty much means what most think and know. They just ran out of benefits. When the UE rolls go down, check the next months rolls on welfare related things. I promise that you will find an up tick in that sector.

I other words, don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining, "state officials".

Dr. Information

Anyone else notice how coasterfan, deertracker, BDB and 4shizzle rarely post on the NR forum? I guess its because they actually moderate this forum and remove nearly every post they make because it contains nothing but trash. I wish the SR would do the same.