Norwalk house raided

Three arrested after authorities raid Ford Avenue home, looking for drugs.
Cary Ashby
Sep 27, 2013


Members of the Huron County Drug Task Force seized multiple items of suspected drug paraphernalia as evidence when using a search warrant Wednesday morning at 11 Ford Ave.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the raid, click HERE.)

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said one of the arrested suspects admitted there had been prior heroin usage at the house, but blamed a person who already is in custody.

"We received several complaints from citizens and residents about suspected drug activity (at 11 Ford Ave.). They were not sure what type of narcotics was being abused," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Querin and Detective Josh Kaufman started their investigation Sunday and obtained a warrant Monday. Special Deputy Troy Kimball, who is a full-time officer with the Monroeville Police Department, assisted with the probe.

Howard said most drug investigations take much longer than this one did, but said Querin and Kaufman worked quickly to resolve the situation.

Three suspects were arrested Wednesday.

Seth T. Wells, 19, of 12903 Collins Road, Collins, was charged with possession of criminal tools. Querin said the felony is in connection with the suspect having digital scales used to weigh drugs.

Wells was transported to the Huron County Jail, where he later posted bond.

Renee Boyce, 23, of 4779 N. Old State Road, was arrested on a probation violation warrant through Norwalk Municipal Court and booked into the jail.

"She had not been keeping up with her payments," Querin said.

Officers contacted intensive probation officer Abby Keefer, whom Querin said authorized them to arrest Boyce.

Scott Alexander, 20, most recently of 11 Ford Ave., was arrested on an undisclosed Erie County warrant and released to the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

In addition to the drug task force, Huron County Dog Warden Gary Ousley also responded to the Ford Avenue residence after authorities received a tip about large dogs being on the property.

"Gary was able to secure one of (the dogs) as we entered the residence. We instructed the owner to secure the other ones. They have since been released to their owners," Querin said.

Howard added that one of the dogs approached officers upon their arrival, but they quickly determined the dog "ended up being rather docile."

Investigators expect to make more arrests once the seized items are tested.

Police officers from Monroeville, New London, Plymouth and Willard who are members of the drug task force were involved in Wednesday's raid.

"We continually encourage anybody who suspects there is a drug activity to call the sheriff's office. You can remain anonymous," Querin said.

Tipsters are encouraged to call the Huron County Sheriff's Office at (419) 663-2828.



Prayers go out to this Alexander kid's family. I know he has folks that love him. I hope he gets it together, and the F out of norwalk. Norwalk is a cess pool with ZERO opportunity for young adults like this. Get outta dodge, go to a bigger city where- even if you want to experiment, it wont get you arrested. Go to college, get up GO!!!


I know plenty of young people in this town who are making something of themselves without getting into a lick of trouble. Don't blame the whole town for these couple of f-ck ups.


read the paper, it's a cesspool for drugs. this kid has some potential, and he is surrounded by decay and misery.


If you think Norwalk is a cesspool then you obviously have never been outside of Norwalk. There are far worse places in this world. But all of these losers have something else to blame for their problems, never themselves.


u got me pegged. i've never been out of norwalk.


it has been for years. the people who actually do make something of themselves sure the f-ck don't stay in norwalk. i guess the phrase 'make something of yourself' is very subjective.

Scranton Tibbs

I'll be honest...some women should wear stretch pants, this is an example of one that should not.


Re: "stretch pants"

Not reported: She was also charged with improper use of polyester. :)

BULLISDEEP's picture

Looks like 2 females in the suspects pictures.

Scranton Tibbs

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Your comments never disappoint me :)


Thank you.


You always got your 2 cents of bull to throw in

Scranton Tibbs

Don't you have a trial to prepare for? And it's not bull. Look at that manatee in the multicolored crop top. You can almost make out the propeller scars.


propeller scars. now that's funny, I don't care who you are..


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sad that these young people are destroying there lives...


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I just asked if was Halloween yet? Get a grip.


Were you being insensitive? LOL


Uumm, well, no. :) I mean, I didn't refer to her clothing. just r' bow wig which I guess would be an accessory.


The hair is a definite giveaway!


So where's the drugs? If they come up empty handed very often the Judge is going to stop giving them search warrants for this. Two outstanding warrants and having digital scales isn't news worth much less a story with photos. That was alot of man hours, fuel and paper work for no more than they got. Now I'm all for getting drugs and drug dealers off the street but this was a fail. Howard himself said they didnt spend much time on this one and it shows by the lack of results.

Dr. Information

Its official. You most certainly have an axe to grind with the local law enforcement. They could slay 1000 meth dragons and it still wouldn't be good enough. Just stop posting the negative stuff out of spite.


your turn


Three suspects were arrested Wednesday.DUSTY Pull your head out the results are clear to everyone but YOU.Your attacks on the Sheriff are amusing and often filled with lies. 3 arrest but no results? Brilliant.


Okay, three arrested following a search warrant that was issued for paraphernalia or for "suspected drug activity"? Either way, that doesn't sound right to me. That would be like saying to the public that its okay if you have a problem with your neighbor or a person in general, because if you do you can report "suspected drug activity" or suspected "paraphernalia" possession and we'll dig up some kinda cockamamie BS in a day so that we can take care of them on *some* kind of charge for you. I'm not at all saying that I am not happy that they actually did pick up scum, but my point is that it sounds like there's less actual investigation than there is of just flat out insinuation of a crime. It just seems like whether or not I actually know of any drug use/selling going on, I can just cast a stone at any old person I want and they'll somehow get enough "factual information" to obtain a warrant to invade that persons home, and by affect of that, they're life. That seems a bit on the side of trying a too hard. To go *primarily* off of a persons word in a dishonest world just seems insane, let alone the fact that they are wasting their time and resources to *possibly* make an arrest. Now, for one more "weird" observation I made about this story. I noticed that there were actually *FOUR* people at the residence during the time of the raid/arrests. I know who she is from around town, but why was she there and why wasn't she arrested? The only logical answer to this question I ask, that I can come up with at least, was that she was being a nosy person. I can't believe that during, or even after, a drug raid the enforcement would let a civilian stand so close to the proximity.


That was my point I dont even see how they got the judge to sign a search warrant. They had nothing! Sure they got 3 people off the streets for about a hour or two. Any street cop could have done that and I didnt see one drug dog in any of the photos. Isn't Howards nephew a dog handler? Whats the point of having the dog if your going to leave it at home on a "Drug Bust" I can see there trying but there coming up empty. And how is it they always have a reporter with a camera with them?

sunshine 0604

Good think Chuck Sumers wasn't there he would have smoked those dogs...