NEDC, Main Street Norwalk will move into new building

Decision comes after two years of study and research.
Joe Centers
Sep 28, 2013


The Norwalk Economic Development Corp. has announced plans to purchase the building and property at 12 Benedict Ave., according to Al Tegel, president of the NEDC board of directors.

The decision to purchase property came after two years of study and research by a special committee assigned to address the space needs of the corporation. The NEDC currently leases office space in the Huron County Chamber of Commerce building at 10 W. Main St.

A story about this subject was published on the front page of Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



Yep! Yet another downtown commercial building taken off the property tax rolls.

Just add this one to the parks and the govt. owned buildings.


Do some research. They will still be paying property taxes, just like the Chamber of Commerce. It takes more than civil disobedience to get out of paying property taxes.


Re: "They will still be paying property taxes,"

Not for profits don't pay property taxes.


Agree Contango....they don't seem to getting the message....sad, really sad.


Sorry Contango but your negative, half-empty view of the world doesn't hold up here. As I read it, a significant portion of the building will continue to be rented to unrelated tenants which will require taxes to be paid on that portion of the building. The income from these rentals will help underwrite the cost of increasingly important development efforts. It's a win win, better visibility and more productive space in a building that generates income for their mission.


Re: "help underwrite the cost of increasingly important development efforts."

Your hope and change fantasy is commendable, however;

Based on the past, current and ongoing negative jobs and employer picture, looks like the NEDC is DOA.


Contango, you must be a real fun person to be around. It looks to me like the real DOA is your spirit. The NEDC has helped bring over $14 million in low cost loans and grants to business in Norwalk. Just one business for instance, came to town because of Norwalk's development efforts and has contributed over $6 million in city income taxes, not to mention county taxes and payroll. Sure things are challenging, but where would we be if some people weren't committed to improving our community? Things aren't great but they are better than if nothing were being done. What have you done to help make Norwalk a better place to live and work?


Re: "The NEDC has helped bring over $14 million in low cost loans and grants to business in Norwalk."

“Low cost loans and grants”, i.e. taxpayer & publicly subsidized money.

Nuthin' to crow about funneling "life support" money to local govt.

The best and brightest college and HS students continue to join the Diaspora, leaving the poor, the elderly and those on fixed income to increasingly become the majority.

The tax base is dwindling.

This socio-economic dynamic is unsustainable.

Bailing a sinking boat with teaspoons - good luck!


Double post