Americans expect a gas price spike if U.S. attacks Syria

52% say increase will be between 16 and 50 cents per gallon.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 25, 2013


If  the U.S. attacks Syria how high might gas prices go?

It’s the question we’d like to avoid but warrants consideration once again, after President Barack Obama said Monday that he’s prepared to attack Syria, with or without a U.N. mandate. 

If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reneges on the U.S. –Russian deal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control, an attack could occur.When nearly 20,000 consumers were asked by GasBuddy how high they think local prices could go, 30 percent of respondents said they think a hike would push prices up between 16 and 30 cents per gallon and 22 percent said they thought prices would spike by 51 cents or more.

Here are the results:

1-15 cents per gallon           18%
16-30 cents per gallon          30%
31-50 cents per gallon          22%
51 cents per gallon or more     17%
No impact on fuel prices        11%

When asked to identify the time frame in which they believe a U.S. military action would be over, they responded as follows:
1 to 30 days                    12%
31 to 60 days                   8%
61 to 90 days                   5%
91 days or more         31%
No military action will occur   41%

“We’re hopeful that the 41 percent who believe no military action will occur are proven correct and that a political resolution will be found to avoid war in Syria,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.  “If there is a military response and a resulting fuel price spike, then we may soon be asking whether the President should tap the SPR to relieve prices.  Hopefully, that won’t be necessary.”


Really are you ...

We do not need and can not afford another foreign war. Not only would gas prices increase, but, food will increase at the grocery store even more. Look at the bigger pitcher, Syria is supported by Russia. Russia is backed by ChIna. China supports North Korea. WWIII, the conflict may last less than 30 days But after the nukes start flying, the price of gasoline would be the last thing for survivors to worry about.


Makes you wonder why gas spikes....when we EXPORT more oil than why are we importing oil from that area of tension? We refine our oil so again, no need for the tension in that area. WHY DOES THE PRICE GO UP when that area hiccups? Seems EVERY excuse the government (oh sorry the industry) has ever fed us has been exposed as LIES! Price per barrel. Supply and demand. Refinery maintenance. Hurricane. Tension in the Middle East. Alien life forces have invaded. When will the excuses STOP???


(the profanity filter would NOT let me use the word F A R T)


Who has you convinced we export more and refine enough? More like, we could IF? and there is not enough space on here to give all the reasons.


Not the Government, BIG MONEY OIL, Billionaire's and Millionaire's. Government does not set the prices.


Oh and isn't that price gouging that was found to be ILLEGAL after 9/11?


The oil companies will use ANY excuse to raise gas prices.


We should just take over their oil fields, then they will run out of money to fund their terrorism. Maybe we could give some of the money to the civilians who are good over there so they can get their life on track again. Then our troops will also save gas because they can just wait for the terrorists to come and attack them at the oil fields. (Yes, I know we can't do that, but it would be nice if we could).


Why would that be nice? Seriously, who are we to think we can just go into any country and take over what they have, if it's what we want? Isn't that the same stuff you preach about at school yards? We have it right here in the good ol' USA already. Just so many against getting it because it may disturb the moose migration or something like that! I do know where you come from, really i do. But that whole mentality, we are the good and everyone else is bad and we will dictate who else is good by our standards, is pure crap. We live in AMERICA because we want to be AMERICANS! those who move here, (legal/illegal) do not anymore. and neither do people who stay and want to live in there country. The whole world is messed up because of people, who constantly think they have all the answers to everyone else's life, living standards, and how their beliefs should be. We just need to get American's off AMERICAN'S back first! I am tired


If we get involved militarily,Bozo should be impeached for sure for helping his Muslim Brotherhood.There are no good Muslims,they will not accept any other religion,not even their own Christian Brothers.They have nothing to offer the world but oil.The Supreme Court has ruled impeachment can be process can be allowed.It will never happen any more than it did for Slick Willy !