Bicyclist killed while raising money for MS

Accident happens when motorist tries to adjust sun visor due to sun glare and runs into back of 21-year-old woman riding bicycle.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 25, 2013


The state Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash that occurred at 7:23 p.m. Monday on Ohio 163 near the intersection of Nissen Road in Ottawa County.

Emily Gagnon, 21, of Holliston, Mass., was wearing a helmet and riding her Jamis Coda Sport bicycle west on Ohio 163, when she was struck from behind by a 2001 Ford Escape being driven by Lynne Smith, troopers said. Gagnon was thrown from her bicycle, while Smith brought her vehicle to a controlled stop

Gagnon suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash, troopers said.

Smith, 49, of Martin, was not injured in the crash and was wearing her seatbelt. Her vehicle sustained moderate damage and was towed from the scene by Terry’s Towing.

Smith told troopers was adjusting her sun visor due to the sun glare when she struck Gagnon. 

 Gagnon recently hadgraduated from Westfield State University and was riding her bicycle from her home in Holliston, Mass. to San Francisco while raising money for Multiple Sclerosis along her way. 

The crash remains under investigation, and neither speed nor alcohol are considered factors in the crash.

Ohio 163 was shut down for about four hours for the investigation. Troopers were assisted by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, Ohio Department of Transportation, Allen-Clay Fire, LifeFlight and Clay Township Police Department.                 



Sad. I a many times think about taking off on a few days ride, but it is just scary enough to cycle in Huron/Erie co. roads. Yet to have a dream riding across country would have been cool. Now dead? Not buying the story. With so many distractions people involve themselves in while driving! call me wrong, which i may be. but people ("should"/"can") see more than just a few seconds ahead.


I used to ride my bike all over the San Francisco bay area in the 70’s. Never came close to getting hit. NEVER! And the roads were as they are in big cities, busy. Through Oakland, never got hassled by blacks. Never any problems from the hippies no matter how stoned they were. All this stuff that’s going down these days is a crock. In regards to trucks and cars and idiot drivers…I’ve clocked them down Peru Center Road from the landfill road to route 20 at 94 mph. I’ve seen them pass on curves, and hills where you couldn’t have seen a ten foot high semi. I’ve almost seen my kid hit by a truck when he was on his bike. The people are driving bad. Now matter how good of a driver you are, it doesn’t matter. What wrong did the Bellevue lady do? What wrong did this 21 year old do? What did the man running on Everingin road do when he got hit and the person left the scene? Nothing. Look at these trucks with the mirrors that stick out 10 inches or more. I call em jogger hitters. Between the two mirrors and the truck, there’s no room for anyone on the road. We need to start breaking them off the trucks. We need to start following the idiots home and come here and post their address. I’ll start with the black truck that turns left off Peru Center Road and goes down Snyder. Or the black truck that speeds down Peru Center road between 7:15 and 7:30 am every day. Or the punk in the small red car that goes way over 80 down Peru Center road. We need too collectively clean up the roads. Not with road rage, but with posts that expose them. I’ve got my “Pocket Radar” gun I use for my sons pitching. It’s within 1 mile per hour accurate with car speeds of 55 mph. I have a camera that can zoom in the plate and car no matter how fast they go and how far they are away (within reason). I’m sick of it. I’d put God’s speed bumps (roadkill) in the road if it wouldn’t make some speeding fool go off the road. Maybe we’ll start a blog or Facebook page and post the pics and addresses of these people. Got to do something. It’s getting worse. I actually was next to a chick on 250 by McDonalds who was on the cellphone. I yelled out the loudest BLAAA! I’ve ever done. She totally dropped her phone on the floor. Gotta do something.


Well Olemag the guy that got clipped while running is a horrible driver. That's ironic isn't it?


I suppose you're talking about the man on Everingin Road. Leaving the scene of the accident is the bad of it, and it wasn't a "clip", it was a run over. There are horrible drivers everywhere. It's not like they are driving 1964 Impala SS's. cars back then, with the times they were driven in, was an easy trip to the Bit-Rite store. Now it's all a fricking gamble.