Man faces felony in beating of pregnant girlfriend

Suspect accused of grabbing woman by hair and throwing her into washing machine, then getting on top of her and continuing the beating.
Cary Ashby
Sep 26, 2013


A rural Wakeman man faces a felony domestic violence charge in connection with an incident when the suspected victim was pregnant.

A Huron County grand jury indicted Mark A. Philpot, 30, of 2009 Wenz Road, on domestic violence Friday. The fifth-degree felony is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars. He entered a "not guilty plea" Monday to the suspected Aug. 10 incident.

"It's a first offense domestic violence charge," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said, but added it's a felony because the victim was pregnant.

"There was no injury to the unborn children," Longo said.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female subject on behalf of the victim.

"The victim and friend were in the house when the boyfriend, who was allegedly drunk, got home," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said earlier.

"The victim's friend suggested they were going to go outside for a walk and Philpot allegedly became hostile, told the friend to leave, grabbed his girlfriend by her hair and threw her into a washing machine, where she struck her stomach.

"The man then got on top of the victim and continued beating her," the sheriff's spokesman added.

When deputies arrived, Philpot was still on top of the woman and reportedly beating her. The victim's and Philpot's 1-year-old daughter was reportedly in a high-chair during the incident.

The woman, who was 3 1/2 months pregnant with twins, sustained injuries to her head and face.

"Her ear was swollen and she was bitten in the forehead. She was transported by ambulance to Fisher-Titus (Medical Center), where she was treated and released," Patrick said.

"He (Philpot) had a household. The alleged victim is in the household," Longo told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway at Monday's arraignment.

At the request of the state, Conway ruled Philpot is prohibited from having any direct or indirect contact with the victim if he posts a $10,000 bond. Longo said he didn't object to the court order, but informed the judge that the woman had visited the defendant twice in jail before his Norwalk Municipal Court preliminary hearing.

Conway stressed to Philpot the importance of not contacting the suspected victim.

"If she tries to contact you, you need to ignore that," the judge said.

Philpot, who has no prior felony convictions, has a trial set for Nov. 7.



She must be quite vertically challenged for him to throw her into the washing machine


This individual needs taken behind the wood shed and taught a very serious lesson, that no matter how bad or mad you may be YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN NEVER!!!!!!


Maybe its just my cynicism but I have a feeling that he will ignore her attempting to contact him the very day Hell freezes completely over.


I'm betting her friend feels pretty p.o.ed right about now to know the victim went to visit this worthless p.o.s. in jail. Obviously this girl doesn't think she is worthy of protection, but what about her babies?? Are we going to read here in a few months/years that some other guy beat or worse, killed them?? If she can't be wise enough now to stay away, what makes anyone think she will later? Lock her arse up too...


My guess is that we are paying for these people and their kids now and wil continue to in the future for a long time.


pull the kids from the home before he kills them.


Such a man. Those are just the qualities most women look for!


Sad thing is, this is what the younger generation has succumbed to, it is all about violence with them. Sadder thing is there was a 1 yr.old in a highchair watching the parent act like a two year old. All he is teaching is violence begets violence, but then add alcohol to the mix and what do you expect. Shame on the mother that she isn't thinking of the 1-year-old or the babies that she's carrying.

Scranton Tibbs

Better save the butter from your breakfast tray to keep that Kid Rock/DiCaprio hairstyle while in prison.


One issue that stands out to me is:

""There was no injury to the unborn children,"
So what is 'it', children or fetuses?
What defines 'it', what ever the prosecutor says 'it' is or the woman carrying 'it'?

Sorta makes one question its morality doesn't 'it'.


Are you kidding me? we know that if she continues with the pregnancy they will be children...they will not switch to puppies or kitties...
If you think that abortion is an easy answer you are wrong and for those that it is they shouldn't be parents to begin with! Unfortunately not all children are born white with blond hair and perfect toes and fingers so they aren't adoptable! Until all the people that the world is struggling to provide for now are taken care and all orphanges are empty can we let go of the abortion issue?


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What a tough guy! But, just like the Theory of a Deadman song goes, girls dont want a gentleman, they want a loser like him!