Man killed by bullet fired through apartment wall

Bullet fatally hits Ohio man in the chest
TNS Regional News
Sep 23, 2013


A man was killed on the Far West Side yesterday when he was hit in the chest by a bullet after it passed through the wall of a neighboring apartment.

Jonathan Gardner, 28, died after being taken to Mount Carmel West hospital by paramedics.

Columbus fire and police were called to 1323 Burnham Drive at 12:50 p.m. after someone called 911 to say a man had been accidentally shot.

Columbus homicide detectives determined that an individual in a nearby apartment unintentionally fired a handgun and the bullet went through a wall, striking Gardner, police said.

The person who fired the gun had not been charged yesterday, police said.


By Jim Woods - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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Accidentally shooting a handgun inside? Who cares if he accidentally shot the gun, either way he killed a man.. a human being. he should be charged for something. nobody just takes out their gun and shoots.. makes no sense to me.


he will be charged. without a doubt. any type of homicide. maybe negligent homicide?


@ferbal does this sound familiar " What happens if I decide to shot and miss. how much danger do I possibly put my family and neighbors in? Bullets do travel a long way and I'm sure they can go through walls." and your response to my comment was.And I quote"I just lost brain cells reading need to get out of the bubble you live in and face reality. Ok I face reality,I want to be a responsible gun owner as I said before. and this story makes my point quite well.