Heroin dealer wishes she 'hadn't ruined so many lives'

Defendant gives tearful statement, gets 10-month prison term
Cary Ashby
Sep 19, 2013


The mother thought that apologizing to the judge would be the most difficult part of her sentencing hearing.

But Susan F. Sokolowski said in letter it actually was tougher apologizing to her children for the wrongs she committed.

"I am sorry for the trouble I have caused," the 28-year-old Wooster resident said in a statement that Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway read in court Wednesday. "I wish I hadn't ruined so many lives."

Sokolowski, formerly of Willard, cried and wiped her eyes with tissues as the judge read her statement. Huron County Public Defender David Longo earlier said his client didn't think she could make it through reading the letter without breaking down. So at Sokolowski's request, the judge read the two-page statement.

She earlier pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in heroin for a Nov. 27 controlled drug buy coordinated by the Huron County Sheriff's Office. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed a second, similar charge in connection with a Jan. 24 incident.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said he sympathized with Sokolowski, whom he said has made several bad choices for her boyfriends over the years. However, the prosecutor said society can't have people selling heroin.

"She's had a rough go. I think she's a person who has been used a lot," Leffler said without going into specifics.

The judge sentenced Sokolowski to 10 months in prison.

Conway approved the defendant to be on the risk reduction program, meaning Sokolowski could get out after serving 80 percent of her term if she completes an in-house substance abuse program. The judge also approved her for the prison system's intensive probation program and transitional control.

Sokolowski must pay $70 in restitution to the Ohio Attorney General's Office to cover the cost of drug testing.

In August 2003, she was sentenced to 150 days in the Huron County Jail for aggravated assault. Placed on five years of probation, Sokolowski was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and pay a $1,000 fine and $193 in restitution to a male victim.

Conway said Wednesday even though Sokolowski completed a Wayne County substance abuse program, a prison term was appropriate because she unfortunately kept committing crimes.



Junk just lock her up.


Notice the word "childREN" not child, children! Boyfriends?? Not married with children'. Perfect example of society lack of personal responsibility. Do what i want, when i want, with whoever i want. and just a hunch, i bet her oldest child is over 10. with her 28. I truly feel this is good, not just for other adult junkies, but for the kids to see where and what drugs do to you. I have never seen anything good come from illegal drug use.


I am in no way defending her, but Truckin, iam sick of your demeaning comments to everyone. Are you perfect? Do you keep up to all of your responsibilities? What were you like when you were 18? You judge everyone on here when you have no idea what their circumstances are. You ASSume constantly. I am glad this woman is serving time since she is a repeat offender and I hope she gets help and turns her life around. Your constant negativity is sickening. He who is without sin should cast the first stone...


No matter the circumstances if you have never been arrested for DEALING DRUGS ...never mind NUMEROUS times, I think are able to make a comment or two about it. That does not mean you are perfect, it means you have made choices, GOOD choices to NOT BE A DRUGGIE. It is a CHOICE. I have no sympathy for her or those like her. If it comes off as demeaning or harsh, sorry. Wait, no I'm not sorry. They made their bed and now they get to lay in it. At 18 I was working 3 jobs, engaged to be married, living with my mother, and my "mistakes in life" was drinking beer with people in a garage or back yard. I was NOT dealing heroin. What "circumstance" would make HEROIN ok?


I wasn't talking to you, "ladydye". and I never once said her actions were good. In fact, I said they weren't, I don't even know her. She's a repeat offender and needs off the streets and in prison. I was talking about how Truckin is always negative and always down on everyone and always assumes people are on public assistance. I was asking if he directly was responsible always, pays all of his bills, etc. No directed to anyone but him. And made it clear this girl needs to do time and get help. It's never too late for anyone to turn it around.


FYI. never said perfect. But yes i have ALWAYS paid my bills, great credit, (u probably think it is unfair i get a better interest rate) paid my child support on a mistake, NEVER have done drugs, served my country USMC. I am just one of many (but most still keep quiet, not me) who are just SICK and tired of the generation welfare, with no self responsibility. It's easy to have cash for drugs, smokes, etc. when you don't have to worry about how you will pay your elec, or where your food will come from, or a roof over your head. SORRY, i just do NOT believe we have a TRUE poverty issue in this country, we have a dependant society who are perfectly happy, and overweight, with freebies everywhere. I am not so rich i can excuse this. I am of the working smucks, who make enough pay to NOT qualify, but yet after i pay for all my families care, I may have just been better off not working. I am sick of the waste in food stamps. If we have such a poverty boo hoo problem. Why are all the poverty with cell phones, overweight, multiple children and even have the cash for cigs, let alone DRUGS. Way to much free time, because they ARE NOT WORKING.
and I WILL speak out on blogs and yes, i am the butt who makes comments straight to people's faces while in the shopping line with there junk food. No More Silent. Truth hurts huh


I agree with you perfectly. I also think it's funny someone would think there aren't people out there who have always paid their bills. I know my husband works his butt off, and makes great money, and we just make it. We would be so rich if we didn't have to pay for electric, gas, rent, food, phones....I almost feel jealous, but at least we have pride.


I wondered about the "keeping up with the responsibilities" comment. Yes some people pay ALL the bills. Why is that such an ODD thought? Is that REALLY becoming a thing of the past? I didn't know that was really an option to NOT pay them? Do you get to pick which ones you do or don't pay? LOL. I agree if I didn't have to pay those I would have a lot of extra cash laying around.


pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in heroin..... Poisoning those around her and creating more heroin zombies for our law enforcement and tax dollars to deal with.Hope they keep her in prison the whole term.She just got charged once but how many times did the little drug dealer sell before she got caught?

Seen it All

I bet she just wishes she hadn't got caught!


They all are remorseful and cry once they are caught!
Well maybe not the first time, but the second time, I'm SOOO sorry!